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  1. Their stories with "Draken neck"

    all these people complaining about RNG of a legendary necklace although.... they are right there should be various ways to receive the current best item in the game as long as these ways are not "easy". I sometimes wonder if they ever stop to think about the frustrations of the people who have not even attempted or tried to dung yet because of gear requirements and toxic community. O wait I forgot there is no new people in BnS Carry on.
  2. I agree with you Thats the sad truth, out of 6 people, only 1-2 people really needs to do the "flowers" and pop the antidote... if your group is exp you don't even need the antidote, that is why I think they created the dung and did not make the "antidote" mandatory like ivory dragon scale..... because its not "required" to start/finish the dung it just helps you finish the last boss smoother and easier.
  3. October 5th patch

    Can someone explain to me what they KFM change is? I dont get it... is it a nerf or buff?
  4. Awesome unknown tool! (+ guide)

  5. I also agree there should be some type of limit to rejoin the same lobby group if you are kicked, Whats the point of kicking someone if they are just going 2 spam rejoin over and over to annoy you. I disagree on the longer matchmaking for the sake of not letting people you have blocked in your party.... that is like getting rid of one problem and starting another, it fixes nothing and I dont think anyone is going to enjoy waiting 5 or 10+ min to find a group...... +1 to be able to see an icon on someone in lobby if you have blocked them, and.... please ncsoft if you do decide to do something like this, dont mess it up like the 6v6 kick, please do it right.
  6. Awesome unknown tool! (+ guide)

    I legit did not know you could pass on all, I always press pass on every single item on the list, thank you! I am enlightened.
  7. Yeah a reminder would be nice, don't really want them to make it mandatory ... if they do this they should give us the option to buy the antidote from the merchant or inside the dung/ect. I always forgot to bring or buy antidote, so I end up tanking like 2-5 flowers with pots and general healing via skills throughout the entire fight so I don't be "that guy"
  8. Being tricked during bidding

    Also another thing you can do is go into a portal that leads to another area of the dung(before the bidding ends). but yeah the best thing to do is manually type your bid instead of pressing "Y"
  9. Share your experience hunting for Drakan Knecklace

    me: 0runs and 0necklace 4man or 6 man? and yes if you have truly run the dung 179 times and not one single Drakan necklace has dropped you should unistall :P is it really that rare? I have seen a few people in cross server with the legendary necklace
  10. The worst outfits in the rotation again

    this man speaks the truth.
  11. Ivory Dragon Scale

    yeah I think they will go up after the event is over. Hopefully the price of scale will in the future be close too if not equal to the income gained from the dung(daily gold) so that the people who used their scale dont feel used and abused, specifically when someone hijacks their "loot".
  12. B&S - jumping puzzle shi*. Not FUN at all.

    The old man cho quests are there for a reason they are suppose to teach you the basics of jumping and flying before the real hard stuff starts. BTW they do get a bit worse as the game progresses so if you cant handle something simple as climbing a tree or wall, then this might not be the game for you. Naryu Lab is hard because people rush and fly threw it, finished the dung in like 5min with a 600+ AP party the other day. The community and most people dont give a fuk about new players so its not your fault in your regard. my advice is: take your time, and I suggest practicing in the open world instead of dungs, explore the world ... blade and soul world is very beautiful.climb trees, buildings, ect ect mess around XD, Here is my personal experience with jumping mechs: First time I did BSH, on the first jump platform after the first miniboss, I fell down into the water and everyone laughed at me. First time in Naryu Lab, that room where your suppose to find the door, I kept trying to go down and dying, until people started calling me a noob and finally someone had the common sense to show me the right way. First time in Nexus I died during the puzzle race to the chest thingy I didn't know that the floor was a fire hell of death. You are not alone, most of us all failed our first jumps, don't give up so easily it honestly gets easy after a while p.s. Nexus is my fav dung now and I honestly get upset if I don't win the race to the chests every single run.
  13. Wind build>Fire build KFM

    I use fire build too because its easier for me and I am used to it I also wonder sometimes why people use wind over fire in pve btw do you have the asura ember hongmoon skill?
  14. Blade and Soul 2: Rise of the Machines

    yeah, you are right its easy to tell in some dungs such as Necro because they walk threw the first set of mobs instead of "flying", I also notice the "obvious signs"... but its not 100% fool proof like I stated from my example. also not much you can do about afk people, if BnS implements kick feature, I am sure someone somewhere will find a way to exploit/ abuse it. All these problems originate from the lobby feature, which is 100% great and a time saver.... Imagine how long it would take trying to manually find 5 other people that want to do a dung with you like the good old days XD! the party invite works... if you turn it off, you will not see any party invites, I personally turn it off when doing dailies in some areas so bots cant annoy me XD
  15. Blade and Soul 2: Rise of the Machines

    if only the obvious afkers and bots were so obvious. The other day I though we had a bot in our 6man dung soguns run, so I called him/her out and guess what turns out they were a real person /shock. p.s. I think there is also an option to auto decline guild invite, correct me if I am wrong.