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  1. Jinsoplayer here, and yesterday the lag was so powerful i couldn't even move. Got disconnected about 8 times and having to restart the client every single time is kinda painful. But wait, there's more: today i can't even enter the game cause it is stuck at the BnS logo before the pin enter and ToS. Not gonna renew my premium till we get a serious service, cause i work hard to make money and i don't like to waste them on bad services.
  2. Hyped for Soul Fighter tomorrow <3

    Hype hype hype for SF woohoo! Plus i'd like to share with you this nice vid.
  3. Your friend has a social life? This is no good. Stop going outside and play games, kids! Real life is overrated.
  4. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    Man this guy looks very cool! Way to go.
  5. Congratz NCSOFT you are the best

    There are plenty of things you can blame to NCwest, but this is just player fault by falling into such silly scam.
  6. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    This will be my char. He's currently in PvP stance, this stance is called 私を傷つけるしないでください、私は誤ってアリーナに参加しました (translation: please don't hurt me i joined arena by mistake)
  7. look i know you had to spend some money

    @Mythic +1 i agree with this guy: it is a bad idea to force mix pvp and pve. People should be free to choose to pve or pvp or maybe both, but being forced to do something you don't like, to be able to progress, is a pretty downside that makes the game a little frustrating.
  8. Why do you still play this game?

    1) Combat system is the one i find most entertaining and challenging among many other mmo's i played where you just go auto rotation and auto attack things brainless. 2) Storyline is pretty cool 3) I like the fact that you can wear any outfit you wish without having to equip a specific ugly looking equip piece for stats, just SS and dance. 4) The satisfaction to solo a field boss or a dung. 5) Helping new players and make friends. 6) Killing summoner's cats. 7) Boobs. 8) The graphic is nice and i like the view of the areas. 9) Curiosity to see if NCwest will ever fix some of the game problems. 10) The fun of seeing ppl crying about everything (but this happens in every game, so...) 11) The craft is simple so i don't have to spend days watching at my character standing in a place building a piece of wood for 20 hours. 12) The fact that you upgrade your equip, not like other games where you spend months trying to drop a weapon, over the dramas with the other party members who wanted that weapon too, and then a new patch comes and you have to drop that weapon to farm a new one. The biggest problem to me is about the bots and not so stable ping, but it is something i've seen already in other games, so i can't really blame BnS at 100%. P.S. this is a little OT but i'd love so much an option where you could hide KFM and SF gloves and just go punching bare fists pew pew.
  9. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    I like Seolju yep yep.
  10. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    I like the preset 1 :D
  11. Show off your characters!!

    @Tabasco dat as*
  12. What did you think of the SF stream?

    I hate to say it cause i don't like to complain and speak bad about people, but i must admit it was pretty painful to watch. That Bajheera guy had no clue about any single thing of the game and made my eyes bleed. I think instead of getting a random clueless streamer they should had made a contest and invite a random player to their place to test the SF in live stream. Please no more Bajheera. There are plenty of streamers playing BnS and this guy just play WoW (WoW... I mean... WoW... WoW and BnS are really the same thing... Yeah...).
  13. Super +1 to this. That is one of my fav weap skins around.
  14. seriously? come on...

    It reminds me of SWTOR. My SWTOR mailbox used to be full of letters from ppl named zgsbr shabbr shaghwnsba etc. Asking me to check my account and/or buy gold on some wierd asiatic site. I got more mails from GS than from my parents in my whole life
  15. SoulFighter Information

    1) Actually SF (at least the one i tested on TW) is very good in pvp, it is better in pvp than in pve. I won plenty of pvp with SF and i suck in pvp by DNA. But the skills changes region by region, as the mobs hp and dung difficulties, so we don't know what kind of SF we will get 2) By my esperience the SF ranged stance deal very good damages, of course not as a pure FM, but the SF dps is very high. 3) SF is a class that can be played correctly even with a high ping, since his rotation is way easier than KFM and if you spec in a particular tree, all you have to do is pratically keeping the RMB pushed and dps the hell out of the mob stacking your chi points. But, as i said before, we don't know if EU/NA will make modifications to the class, so we can only wait and test it with our hands.