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  1. Well I've never had this issue till after the Desolate Tomb patch. And it's not a game breaking issue its just bothersome when I'm in arena and I'm trying to spam helix. With the cast time I leave myself open with no dps going on. It's just bothersome. And I follow that rotation. All these things I know I just wasn't sure if I was experiencing a bug or not.
  2. That's exactly what I meant in a tldr version. So I guess I should just wait it out for it to be fixed.
  3. I apologize beforehand if there were notes of this in the skill patch but I didn't see anything relating to it. So, normally when you leech or use your 3 skill (Imprison), your V (Wingstorm) and 4 (Dragon Call, if you're spec'd for that) would turn blue and would cast instantly when selected. Now since the patch I only get to cast it instantly, sometimes. Randomly, I'll do a leech/imprison skill and Wingstorm combo but Wingstorm will do a casting period instead of insta-cast. Then other times it will instantly-cast. Not sure why. I'm positive the skill icon is blue, I wouldn't be able to cast it if it wasn't. Anyone else experiencing this? Is this an issue? Sorry if I couldn't explain it clearer, kinda difficult to do so.
  4. questions about servers

    A few weeks back they merged servers into groups. They call it a "link" but it's just a merge. Group 1 Master Hong, Gunma, Taywong Group 2 Mushin, Old Man Cho Group 3 Jiwan, Soha, Dochun Group 4 Poharan, Iksanun Group 5 Yehara, Hajoon, Onmyung Group 6 Juwol, Yunwa, Junghado
  5. Unless the devs decide to make it an actual thing than no. It's just a mod. And as a fair warning: modding the game can get you banned.
  6. worst event

    Agreeing with the majority here: you don't have to do 6v6. And if you do you can LFG for skilled players or withhold members to help you out. Prior to the event 6v6 was dead so I'm actually happy they brought it back. Also trove is not p2w as you can easily buy slots with HMcoins.
  7. Soloing Jinsoyun as WL?

    so I'm a 560AP WL with good crit/acc (don't recall since I'm offline atm) and I was trying to solo Jinsoyun for a solid 40 minutes last night but I can't seem to get past 70% HP. The things that kills me the most is her pull/grab-HP absorption move. Wondering if I can get any tips to avoid it? It always seems like my iframes (bastion, ss, quell(?)) are on cd when she hits this move. Are her moves just random or are they correlated to how much damage I'm putting? Really anything helps since I'm all out of ideas. Thanks!
  8. Setting Custom Character Info Picture?

    People used to be able to upload a custom picture in a folder in the game files but NC west has now removed that feature. Anyone who has it now are the only one able to do so.
  9. Probably. I've put in a good chunk of money and time in this game to the point where I'm satisfied/comfortable with my character. I can run any 4 man with a breeze and I have no problem keeping up when it comes to SSP/PvP. No other class interests me and there's no specific goal I have anymore. Sure I still collect mats so that I can upgrade my gear even further but it's not really necessary. I rushed into end game content and now I'm pretty bored. The community isn't that fun, no one ever does anything other than SSP, and it's all the same thing over and over. Sure they can release new content but there isn't much else from KR that can drastically change my personal opinion. If they add new dungeons well just get higher AP requirements. If they add new 24mans well just get channels full of lazy people who channel hop for main bosses. It's just the same. Honestly I do regret the money I've put in on costumes alone to only wear them for a week or so. I was so easily played by NC West ;^; edit; honestly though I do plan on playing longer only cause this game is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I enjoy seeing my character and his skills still to this day. And there are sometimes when I run dungeons and I have fun because maybe there a few mess ups and the boss becomes harder and the timer becomes lower. I guess in all I stay to expierence those types of things.
  10. Show off your characters!!

    Decided to put my cobalt widow wig away and gender change after much deliberation. So far I'm very happy about it! :D Strictly Business is literally my favorite, sooo suave! Badass! Along with summer~ One of the first time favorite outfits, so chic! School boy! Rouge mode, activated! Juwol?!
  11. Request: No race specific classes

    +1. I've been wanting to use my kun preset but I only like WL class. Would buy a race change in a second of all classes were unlocked.
  12. Phantom Catacombs

    There are a couple of dungeons/portals around the game that aren't anything right now so it's all a matter of if and when they'll open. It's so exciting to think about it and especially since they're incentive to trace back to other areas aside from silver frost!
  13. Hongmoon Dusker drop rate should be increased

    That's one of rng-related items I'm lucky about. When I was running the dungeon daily (sometimes more than once with resets) during the merchant event, I saw that costume SO many times it wasn't even funny. But it is pretty cool.
  14. Show off your characters!!

    Nothing new just some cute poses!
  15. back to game ( please help )

    Get to level 50, finish the story, upgrade your gear, run level 50 dungeons.