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  1. Decided to put my cobalt widow wig away and gender change after much deliberation. So far I'm very happy about it! :D Strictly Business is literally my favorite, sooo suave! Badass! Along with summer~ One of the first time favorite outfits, so chic! School boy! Rouge mode, activated! Juwol?!
  2. Nothing special just some screenshots I thought were cool: I've never seen the cobalt wig actually stay in place on the shoulder! On the top of House of Pleasures!
  3. Her face is so cute! Chai skipping classes to go to the beach!
  4. One of my favorite places in-game is Mushin's burial site; I'm so sad I cannot revisit that place past the story however I got to go again on my alt, Kisu!
  5. So I finally got a merchant selling the Cobalt Wig! So happy I didn't break and spend 200g buying if from the Achievement Vendor! (Before) (After! Stylish as ever!)
  6. Merchant of Wonders has been really nice for Chai! Got Horns, Frisky Ears, Wind God, and the Necro Outfit. Plus plent of soul stones, moonstones, and stinger bundles! I got something in my eye... Miau~ Feeling powerful! Got this drop yesterday! Full on Warlock! And say hello to Oneji! My new FM ready for the wave of SFs coming the 22nd!
  7. Was doing my last daily for the day, BSH, and the mask dropped! Only got it for 8g! So happy!
  8. Chai doing some fashion shoots! Battle Mode! Spending some time with dokkaebis~ Hunting at Misty Forest! Questing Time!
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