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  1. [Crimson] TBL recruiting 45+ (or really active low lvls)

    Up! We had a little internal PVP random tournament last weekend, here proudly presents! Also, I would like to point that yes still recruiting and yes still Crimson. About the recruit tho, we need to make it less casual for now. You see, there are the kinds if people that will join, do not talk much, not participate much, do not join teamspeak, and then they disappear randomly without making any bounds to the community. If you are like that we do not need you. If you are opposite of that we do! Also, people that apply here, or trough our forums or come forwards to us already signify way bigger initiative then those using the ingame LFG finder, so if you are interested, show it right here.
  2. [Crimson] TBL recruiting 45+ (or really active low lvls)

    Up! Yeah, we still live, we grow and we are Crimson, probably last ones but still are! Edit: Moe tax:
  3. Shared server group 2 EU.

    This is all due to the system being completely broken. It is a PVE event aka do as much damage to PVE targets as possible to gain rewards. The PVP is just hindrance. There is no motivation to fight, there is no benefit. It is more worthy to just give up and join the winning side for the profit. This should change. You have 3x more people? Good, you will get 3x less profit. Also, the faction membership balance should be based around active members, not raw members. Cause on Greenhollow we have more Crimson members but those were all alts and bots. In reality 99% of players were Ceru and Crimson could not do anything and people just kept leaving it cause why even bother. The reward system needs full rework IMHO. First it should reward pvp more over PVE, and the "have to do 1% to the boss to contribute" also needs to disappear. Aka person that has kills in PVP obviously contributed more than the FM that nuked the boss from distance for a bit. Etc, etc, etc....
  4. [Crimson] TBL recruiting 45+ (or really active low lvls)

    Rise and shine my minions!
  5. [Crimson] TBL recruiting 45+ (or really active low lvls)

    Bump. We are still looking for brave Lyn! (ok fine, others too... if you are cute). I'm in nee of a very serious PVP morale boosting.
  6. [Crimson] TBL recruiting 45+ (or really active low lvls)

    Come on, I need more cute catgirls, and boys! Come to us We have cookies.
  7. [Crimson] TBL recruiting 45+ (or really active low lvls)

    Come on guys, I need more Lyn companions!
  8. [Crimson] TBL recruiting 45+ (or really active low lvls)

    Tss personality.... Of all things TBL you have to deal with me! If you can do that, nothing in this world can stand in your way! Yeah, and do not call people plebs, only I can do that. Morte precisely, I will decide your social status based on your race, looks, and skills. Ps. Why the hell its not possible to edit anything in this account, cannot even set my own avatar! This is an outrage! Whoever is the admin of this place is obviously a heretic and needs to be brought to justice which I'm willing to provide.