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  1. Im sorry Natsy, it seems like this whole thing has just kinda died. Gold / Owy just told me his IRL condition does not allow him to do it ATM, and without him its kinda dead, I cant carry it on my own shoulders alone. ATM none in the pub so it appears the only serious interested one was you. Im sorry for creating false hope and wasting your time yesterday, it seem like this thing is not going to happen now. :/
  2. Remember, it will be at Greenhollow pub. Alternatively if you cant get there, just whisper Larrantina.
  3. Well the plan is Ill be online from 7PM GMT+1 on Saturday and see who shows up. Can repeat that on Sunday, assuming I get all the Christmas presents packed tss tss.
  4. Oh wait wait wait, mushin bless me, what is this? Are you guys... now? Originally we did not get that far, as there was a lack of interested towards full RP clan, and we ended up being just 3. But if you guys are really serious and we know Nup is still interested, well perhaps the fire can be rekindled.
  5. Chpf, uneducated humans. Us Yun are genetically superior to the other races. In practice we can mate with whatever humanoid we want, but our genes are are always the dominant ones so the resulting children is always Yun female. It is possible to adapt some traits from the father, yes, but only the usable ones off course!
  6. Bump! Niiiiii! I need more Lyn! Why are the lyn avoiding me!
  7. Bump! Why do we still live? Why do we still dream... Is this all just a dream? Will I ever wake to know...
  8. The day of our judgement draws near! Im bumping this because I need more Lyn around to cheer up the morale before we depart! These pointy-eared princesses they... tend to get weepy at times.
  9. Magnificent! Oh... most magnificent.... May this most noble of quests reach a status of glory unheard of in this world! May your path be clear of any dirty humans and full of light and clarity. In case anyone is wondering yes it is my hands up to be joining this quest for glory. Ill be controlling nice and pure Yun girl Larantina, and I'm looking forward to this... hopeful... *swallows hard* friendship. Some may call us mad for attempting this, but let the madness spread, we cannot fail as long as our quest is righteous one!
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