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  1. I just think that if you advertise in stream and on the site that it will be in a way, you can not change it 1 day before the update. Because it was not our fault that you were talking about the wrong information, so if you made a mistake, you had to pay the consequences and not the people.

    49 minutes ago, Liinxy said:



    Last week, on our stream and in a news post here, we told you about the gem changes we have in store. Our intention is to provide easier access, flexibility, and progression with the Hongmoon Gems, however we have to make some alterations to what was previously announced, which is: The Radiant Energy exchange will now provide 10 gold per, instead of the previously announced Hongmoon Gem Powder.


    Here’s why: The development team has taken a closer look into the Radiant Energy conversion rate as Antiques, and found an imbalance between the existing value of Radiant Energy compared to the Hongmoon Gem Powder which would have caused gems to be devalued significantly. Because we want to start this major (and positive) change to gems off right, the Antique exchange will instead provide 10 gold per Radiant Energy. We’re sorry about the last-minute changes, and hope that this won’t impact you too much – and to be clear, both powder and fragments are tradeable items.


    Thanks for understanding; we’ll closely monitor this new system and player feedback, so please let us know how you feel about it when the Rage of the Hive Queen update goes live!


    The Blade & Soul Team


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