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  1. No offense but did you read what you just wrote? You just said a portion of the event is not for the entire player base yet then you use 2 specific words "achievement and cosmetics"......things most people want in your game. And world pvp? do you even bns? World pvp is a who hits 1st to one shot you encounter. Not sure why you thought this reply was good on a thread that clearly points out the flaws of an event that is supposed to celebrate you know "affection". What better way to show your affection then to kill someone in the process. This will be one Bloody and Sou
  2. No its not us, its this unoptimized , buggy game and their 2 cents servers. The dungeon is doable if you are a brain dead individual whit good ping and high resistance to repetitive mechanics. But that does not change the fact that this event will have many players left whit one question : is there a reason for me to continue playing? And considering how things look like, the answer tends to lean towards no. But hey feel free to continue blaming the players, i am sure when the servers will be empty all you pro players can hold hands and brag about your skill and achievem
  3. Game is not in a perfect condition but its not close to dead or anything. Na has 2 servers not 1 . And there is enough population to do the raids and dungeons and anything else you need to do. So to make is short you will still have people to play whit when u get back home :)
  4. Like others already mentioned i think its time we stop this conversation since its clear we will never get to an agreement. What i suggest ,and i hope someone from staff will read this before the thread is closed, is for the company to start a conversation whit their player base , get their opinions on the current direction of the game and maybe relate some of those to Korean developers. In the end i think we deserve that even if we are a secondary market.
  5. I think the one who has a hard time understanding a simple fact is you. While we kept our stats, the content lvl was increased without offering new gear or ways to "increase" our stats. That is the only issue. Your gear, stats are the same but they are less effective. On new content it would make sense but what is the new content? 2 dungeons and a raid? Why increase the lvl of old dungeons that most new players require to complete to even dream of getting access to the new content. So yes we did lose value and once you understand that maybe you and anyone else here arg
  6. Not sure why people even debate this. Developers decided that this is their version of making the game more competitive on the pve side. No other games ever took this route without offering new systems or tiers of gear to compensate for the increase in difficulty for the new content. This is simple . They had noting to offer so decided to do this ridiculous move. This can't be defended or considered a good change or good development of the game because the change in difficulty is not based on a progression. While i can still improve the stats of my character others who
  7. The so called nerf to gunners is minimal and if you look at the overall picture they just moved around values. There are some small changes in it's base but it won't make big difference in the end result. So overall gunner will still be top dps and we will still see complains about it and requests to be nerfed even more.
  8. Over the last months arena has become a wasteland , players only do it for the Dc and even so it takes long to find opponents. In my opinion and maybe others will not share it , i think reason is players have no real incentive to pvp. Some will say hm skills are a good reason but the Duelist bundle provides most of the necessary items needed for those skills. This game and its developers seem to be proud of its pvp yet they do nothing to populate it's Arena. Why not add better rewards for arena? More cosmetics and items that would incentivise the entire population to join?
  9. @MassiveEgo Both European Convention of Human Rights and the U.S First Amendment have zero value on a private platform be it a private forum, a game chat or even things like Twitch, Twitter , Facebook etc. Freedom of speech and expression end the moment you join a private or public platform that has its own rules. That platform will decide what goes or not , and they have the freedom to remove you for violating any of their rules. And no legal actions can change that outcome. Best example is Twitch where broadcasters can moderate their chat and impose any rules they want . Als
  10. Whit exchange reaching 1:1 this game also reached the low tier (don't bother to play ) genre. It joined all the other mmo's that are in a state of hibernation,played by those who either have extra income and can spend it in game or those who have way to much time on their hands. This company's greed and the ignorance of it's player base turn this into something i would never recommend to anyone. While i understand this is a business and they need to make a profit i think they are just making same mistakes they and other companies did in the past. You can give value to nccoins in ma
  11. You do realize a new upgrade path was added that does not require pistols at all. Might want to check it out.
  12. What i notice here is that many of you reacted to their 1st announcement without waiting for any updates or replies. Maybe just maybe next time you wait. Considering the reaction of the community it was expected they would increase the gold amount. Next time things like this will happen(and they will) just wait for an update.
  13. I do not blame the end game players(and i chose the term whale poorly in my previous post..i apologize) for being there. I blame the game developer/publisher for how they designed the event. Not taking in consideration their new and not so hardcore players. Anyway sorry for my previous post was just a bit upset about this event is all.
  14. NCSOFT didn't learn anything in all these years ...Nothing....new players have less to no chance to get any of the good stuff. Now i know why i left this game 1st time. The game has very poor optimization and the events seem to be targeted towards end game geared players. I do not mind farming for my items but aside bosses being dead in no time the drops from regular monsters are next to ZERO. I farmed for 2 hours and got nothing. If all future events are going to be this way ,might as well just put a 1000 credits entry fee so all the whales can just enjoy them without further interference fr
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