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  1. West NCsoft can adjust the dps requirment for field boss, or you can call the contribution dps of each players while fighting field boss, this will solve the reward box problem, as well as poorly optimise problem. but West NCsoft choose not to do it in that way, instead of it, put heavy RNG to solve it out, well, I knew many idiots will buy it, because these idiots love to be manipulated by game. what a pathetic.
  2. 4men only designed for legendary weapon materials, do you have legendary weapon yet? do you have moonstone yet? if not, screw 4 men.
  3. stupid BG, why I am bothered to go in there? sort out moonstone problems first.
  4. since servers merged, ssp has been so crowd than ever, many ppl won't get quest rewards or the ssp reward box which contained a special key to open moonstone box, ofc game badly optimised as well, resulted in lag/freeze low dps output, this remind me one thing, I was once played on Japanese server, that was few years ago, when moonwater updated, many ppl won't get reward for upgrade profane weapon, exactly the same problem as moonstone, what the JP Ncsoft did was reduced the contributing requirement for field boss, which mean the required dps for players get reward box has been reduced, someth
  5. can you adjust the moonstones drop rate or a better way of obtain it please? so far the moonstone is so difficulty to obtains, and it is very important materials for player with 550AP to 680AP, the only way to get moonstone is soulstone plain, and this lead to another question: can you optimize the game as TOP priority before you release any more updates please? the game lag/freeze/fps drop are really really bad, I haven't seen any MMORPG like this, I have solid 80fps, but in soulstone plain, I can max 3-4 hit the final boss King Grindtooth, then the fps drop to 7, screen freeze 5-
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