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  1. I think him want to be able to "sell" itens from anywhere
  2. My game launcher won't even start up.
  3. 46k ncoin on last trove and i'm still not a whale T_T
  4. Really? it's always been like that, except for last trove that they delayed it. But be sure next week we have trove again.
  5. Try looking for it on Reddit or Bladeandsoul Doojo. And yes, it helps alot of people, i have premium rank10 aswell.
  6. Maybe it has something to do with Memory Ram... I think you need at least 8GB of ram to use 64bit client. Im not sure if thats true.
  7. Hmm It has taken the 1+F combo from Warlock(to insta cast dragoncall/wingstorm) It was good to recover my skill rotation in case i screw it up
  8. Depends on which class you're playing. I, for example am Warlock and going to reroll Seraph then go Riftwalker, since Leech CD reduction is great to me(can make perfect rotation skills with it). So far i know of these classes, Destroyer, BD, Sum. All these 3 class i mentioned are people from my guild that actually made Riftwalker and gave me a positive feedback. Edit: I went Baleful at first cuz the content we had before was all about dmg burst(baleful is great for burst).
  9. Have you tried to OC your Ryzen? If you, OC it to 4.2Ghz and you should be fine.
  10. All bosses drop the Pouch and inside it has the event chest(there has one chest that is special and gives % to extra itens, probably from last hit), there is no percentage, if u do a single hit on boss, u're able to get chest as drop. The Heavenly Fruit (event currency) you can check the Dragon Express tab from Inventory and see the itens that you exchange for as: Flawless Sparkling Hexagonal Amethyst - 20 fruits Flawless Brilliant Hexagonal Amethyst - 60 fruits / You can use +90 fruits to transmute into a Flawless Sparkling Hexagonal Amethyst (+12AP, 250Life Drain on crit)
  11. Yeah, noticed it, thanks. No, i'm still running Windows 7 (5 months ago i had Win10, but dropped it due to fps problems)
  12. Hello, after today's maintenance i had a drop in FPS (while no changes were made to my hardware, neither software, except for game update, 150mb + 17mb repair files?) Also i can see on bottom right side something like mic + refresh icon (similar to voice chat), here is a pic bellow http://prntscr.com/f3o424
  13. If you play since beta and has mediocre gear, there must be something wrong with you, unless you play 1h a day and is a very casual player. Most ppl from guild has decent gear and play since game released(most of them haven't played another region like me). I myself play since release, have played TW region 1 year before NA come officially, i spent around $2.5k dollars into this game playing Trove + RNG Chests (sadly i'm not lucky) and i haven't achieved the gear some free players from my guild has, some of them are on endgame gear(except for Octagonal Gems, they're on Sparkling Hept
  14. Now add some hours to it, and it will last all day ^^
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