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  1. General rule for gunner was that fire does burst but shadow beast fire in a sustained damage i.e DPS is higher for shadow in a fight that lasts 5min(?) or longer. Is this still true? After buffs to unload in the fire build, fire gunners prefer cosmic soul and so their sustained damage ends up being pretty high. I am yet to see a shadow gunner beat a fire gunner in sustained dps in this meta.
  2. Eternity Soul Badge

    You don't get infinite focus when you use moonshine without the badge. It builds up and keeps recovering over 8 seconds, the badge lets you do full damage with Bulletstorm for 3 seconds as you use moonshine if you have the badge. In the current patch, I think bluemoon and eternity badge are the strongest with blue moon taking priority.
  3. Shadow rotation

    For max dps do i light speed whenever my tab/moonshine is up or do I never let lightspeed happen? Also if i do lightspeed, do i still f+4 or jusr rmb?
  4. So I'm lvl 55, finished the whole story and on Baleful Pistols level 2. I cannot LFP in dungeon finder for Naryu Sanctum because apparently I do not meet the requirements. This is what the dungeon looks like for me: Is it the Unrefiened Scaleburn Pistols that are preventing me? If so then how do I get them?