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  1. Hello. If I remember correctly you can go to floor 9 already if you have defeated Mushin's first or second phase in floor 8, you don't need to do all three of them. However I am afraid this won't probably solve your problem in the short term. Floors 9 to 12 are very easy... if there is no enrage timer on them, which I don't know. In floor 13 you can have a very easy boss or a really hard one, 50% chance here. Floor 14 seems hard on the first two or three tries but the boss' rotation is fairly simple and you will get the gist of it rather quickly. Here you might get a moonstone, but the chances
  2. I don't know the real chances of success or failure. I did some wild estimations and then a little of math (very little in fact, because it is not that hard). If we assume a 50% chance of success for every stage which, I know, might be a little high, but lets just be generous here, then the result is as follows: Stage 2: 50 % Stage 3: 25 % Stage 4: 12,5 % Stage 5: 6,25 % Stage 6: 3,13 % Stage 7: 1,56 % Stage 8: 0,78 % This means that if want to get stage 7, for example, you have a 1,56 % to get it on every oceanic weapon you buy. Another way of looking at it
  3. I think I have a better idea. They should remove completely the feature that permits the players to see the gear and stats of other players because, let's be honest, the ap obsession is as ridiculous as useless, and people would begin to care more about making a balanced build than just mindlessly boosting that stupid number.
  4. A couple days ago I asked some questions to the community hoping that they might lead someone to dedicate a little of time to think about the things they do in this game and why they do them, so they can weight properly if their behaviour is helping themselves to have a better experience in this game or a worse one. Sometimes I mix those questions with my personal opinions as well but, as such, remember they are just muy personal opinions, and I don't pretend you or anybody else to agree with me. So here is my question for today: Why do you log in to the game? In my case, I log in
  5. First of all, I want to thank you all for sharing your thoughts about the issues I brought up. I understand your points, but that leads me to some other doubts. If "pay to win" has to be translated to "pay to get advantage", the question then is: what do you understand for having an "advantage" in this game? Since it is mostly a cooperative PVE based game, in what sense does it become a sort of "competition" in which someone has and "advantage" to "compete" better? Yes, I am aware of the problems in SSP, they are caused mostly by greed from some players and incompetence from NCSoft
  6. After playing this game for some months and reading quite a lot of threads in these forums there are still several things that I don't understand, so I will do what I always do when there is something that I don't understand: I will ask. When you speak about "pay to win", what do you exactly mean by "win" in this game? When do you think that someone has "won"? If someone has "won", who has "lost", and why? What is the reason behind that obsession with the attack power? What is the reason that drives so many players to compare themselves with the other players and draw c
  7. Well, now that I see what people mean by "whale" I don't know really how to classify myself XD. Because I have paid a one year subscription to support the game, since I know it is a free to play game, but I like it, I have the money and I think it is fair to give the developers some money in return for their job. However I don't have any high ap toon, and I don't care since my main toon has more than enough to do all of the current content in the game, and I don't care if I group with subscribers or free to play players, and I don't care if some members of the party in a dungeon ha
  8. I mostly agree with you. I wrote this post just yesterday morning, check it out: It is not a question of pleasing one group of players over another. The question is that it seems that they are trying to take advantage of a problem in their game to milk the players instead of solving the problem in the first place. It seems that they are trying to deceive us and, to be honest, looking at the answers of some people I would say that they are being pretty successful at it.
  9. It looks like you have some difficulties to understand written text, so let me help you a bit, ¿ok? In my third paragraph I say this: "that decision shows your priorities: your first priority is to milk the players, while the quality of your game stays in a second place at best. If you had fixed the problems in ssp before selling moonstones in the cash shop I would have nothing to say about it, because then you would have proven clearly that your first priority is the quality of the game." So, let me say it once again: that decision shows that the first priority is to m
  10. Thank you Shawovv for bringing up some of the reasons that convinced me to support this game with my money. I have played some other MMO's for more than 10 years now, mainly subscription based games, and you are absolutely right in one thing: most of the problems I found in those games were caused by the community's greed, impatience and arrogance. The way those problems were solved, however, was quite different than this particular one: they implemented fixes in the game so that those greedy members of the community could not keep on with their ways, and they did it in quite a short time (two
  11. Please, tell me, where in my post am I speaking about "p2w"? Because that is not the issue here. The issue is that the quality of the game is not the priority for NCSoft and the possibility that they are deliberately producing flaws in the game in order to milk the players. Is it really that hard to understand or are you just trolling?
  12. First of all, I am perfectly aware that you are a company, and I am perfectly aware that the final goal of every company is to earn money, and that is absolutely legit. Howerver, some of the ways to earn money can be considered more legit than others, and some of them can even be considered a fraud. For example, if a company creates a high quality product that results more attractive to the potential customers than other products of the same type then that high quality product will be well received and the company will make money out of it. That would be considered a legit way of e
  13. This post is a mixture of facts and personal opinions. If you want to challenge my opinions then I am fine with it but, please, don't ignore the facts while you do so. Fact: You need to do a certain amount of damage to a boss in Soulstone plains in order to get credit for that kill. I am not sure of the threshold, I think it is 1% of the boss' HP, but I might be wrong on the percentage. Fact: The amount of damage, in terms of boss' HP percentage, that a person can make is inversely proportional to the number of people dealing damage to that same boss. What this means is
  14. I would say, fix the problems in ssp first, so that everybody can have a chance to farm the moonstones in game. If they sell moonstones after fixing the problems in ssp, then fair enough. However, if they begin to sell moonstones in the cash shop before fixing the problems in ssp then I will probably quit the game. Why? Well, because the smell of it all is awful. Let me explain: First they merge the servers. Fine. There were 7 or 8 channels in ssp the first day. Fine. Then, all of the sudden, there are never more than 3 channels. The number of people in each channel is beyond extreme
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