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  1. @Hime Is it possible to add the armory keys separately it would be much more convenient for players that need 1-2 keys tbh it's a waste and unreasonable to be forced to buy a pack for only 1-2 keys it would be amazing if this can be done.
  2. Well that would be amazing to have here i hope they will deliver it quick and not after a 7 or 10 months cuz for new players without the C2A event they are really stuck and will fall behind even more with the new weapon and gear which we will get soon so they need to do something about that.
  3. I wish that i needed 2 keys, am still at stage 6 sadly with my calculations by the end i will hopefully have enough to get stage 10 so i will still need 2 keys which i can't get. I will be honest if this event was mentioned in the emails we get from the newsletter i would have played early but unfortunately it wasn't mentioned so i started late. I also think that it's better for the game and the players to put the keys separately this way more players would have the incentive to buy them.
  4. Well was hoping it could get extended but that's okay thanks for answering tho. Is there any possibility to add keys separately It would help a lot for players that only need 1-2 keys.
  5. It would be great if the event could get extended for 1 more week because it's one of the main reasons me and my friends came back to the game but we knew about it late because nothing about it was mentioned in the newsletter and it's a great chance for new and returning players to catch up a bit.
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