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  1. on your skill page "k" change thrall to enhance party (not the soulburn skill).
  2. if a bid war opens and gets to 1 gold i bid up to 3.5 and keep it to myself unless some pays higher, i also like my achiecments. but i'm not geting the lord kill, i rather pay 3.5 for it than receive some silvers.
  3. I don't speak Ling-Ling, but i liked it.
  4. Can we really do Naryu Sanctum on a pt full of fresh out of story chars? I know we were able to do it with similar stats before but the bosses weren't lvl 55. a char fresh out of story shoul have around 40% crit, 200 crit dmg, close to no elemental dmg and not even 120% acc. where have the threads complaining about the boss stat increase gone? @OP but just just becouse you can be carried doesn't mean you should do it. But in the end it depends on the carry himself, i've carried people before on NS and have no problçems on doing it again, i don't even have problems spending 10 min exp
  5. no. you will have to go for the legendary accessories, there is no way around that (ring/earring are from skybrake spire raid, the best replacment till you get those are black dawn ring from desolate tomb and xanos earrings from naryu sanctum, as they give elemental dmg, legendary ring form ebondrake citadel is not worth over the purple one from desolate tomb as it is somthing you will change and anyways elemental dmg > AP) legendary accessories require legendary jewels for upgrade (the same way you used blue acc for upgrading siren acc back then) IF you finish
  6. i, am one of those people, i rather save it for heaven's mandate, than doing kaari lord simply becouse i get nothing out of it, and i am not doing it for the exp also. but i do bid to up 3,50 g for it.
  7. I beleive this is true. considering that i came back to this game on the week lvl cap was raised, i play 2/3 hours daily most of it lvling a 3rd toon, and yes i bought around 300 keys from trove, but had a friend lend me about 700g (wich was all for gems) but got enough evolved stones to make soul awakened cosmic (i farmed the mats and gold to craft my own oils (4 i got from vipercap) from soul stage 6, and had to rerrol homgmoon>cosmic), made my weapon from baleful 9 to dawn+3 (i used pts for the 10/11/12 baleful, of wich only 1 came from trove). and still managed to pay my debt on the wee
  8. For frost WL you also (more important than LMB) need the chilling flame elixir for dragoncall, wich can also be obtained through pvp
  9. Astarae, i see you are a newish player to the game. you still have orbs from quests. the issue is when you run out of yours, when that happens you will see why most people rage. they aren't a easy thing to comeby, and you would most likely get more profit from selling them than to run the dungeon (daily quest+loot). If i have to buy 1 to get the daily done, i wont even press f8, i solo it.
  10. It's cheaper to go dawn/rift. But is alwys nice knowing it
  11. The dungeon is fun, to the point where after doing all dungeons from EC onwards, that was the only that represents some challenge. It needs no nerf. As for the rewards, cosmetics are really easy to farm for, but i think we should be able to make at least hexagonal from doing it once a day (we need to run the dungeon @40 more times for that alone) . The exp charms are a joke tbh, as we get only combs for 2 charms.
  12. I'll be honest, i was kinda scared as so many peeps, were raging about how hard it was(and tbh barely rembered the mechs from back in the day xD), and today i did it for the first time. my performance wasn't 100%. but me and my bud did it with a party of ramdons. IT WAS ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ING AMAZING. For something that has no lockdown, this dungeon has just the right type of dificculty. And gives better rewards than 100% of the remaining dungeons lol. This dungeon shouldn't be an event, they should increased the required combs for the tradeble items by 2 or 3 times and make it a perman
  13. If by 12 man dung you mean weekly, i do all of them on my 900 AP alts, if you mean the raids, then ya you shlouldnt even think of them for now as they are end game
  14. Then ill be honest, quit right now becouse if not, you will quit once you get your wepon to +12 Oh and yesterday, i was "carried" in one of those 1k + dungeon by a team of 900+ ap guys. And it was due to lag so my dps was like less than 10k, so ya 5, 900 AP guys did naryu foundry
  15. What? Before they even added those naryu coin chests, if you wanted to try rolling additional sockets you add to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing buy a scale burn wepon and then do the breaktrough. It costed more than 10 gold doing that. And i've seen "old" players with 5 socket dawnforged and above. And the upgrade paths kept beeing nerfed just so newbies can catch up. You don't even need pts for baleful/seraph +12 anymore.
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