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  1. High in game ms

    Hello. My friend is having some serious issues with BnS lately, and i decided to look here for some answers, mby some of you guys had same problems, becasue in game support hasnt been able to help her so far. Since she got here new PC, she gets some creazy 600-700 in game ms despite having both good ping and fps. I dont remember exact PC specs but its win 10, top i5 kaby lake processor, 16GB RAM with 750Ti (Ya, i know its overkill, but she got that strong processor only for BnS to play smooth with 24 mam) with Gigabyte motherboard. Weird thing is that 600ms lag sometimes happens in cross server, and game works fine in open world, and sometimes its the opposite. FPS are always around 70-80 in combat, and ping with ping command shows 30ish ms. Anyone has any idea what can cause such things?
  2. Dragoncall better then Helix or is it me?

    dv/Helix is much more ping/fps dependent, cos you have to constantly spam 4f during wingstorm, and also use volley/salvo+ mantra when you are not spamming 4f. And when you have bad ping, its hard to hit volley-->salvo timings correctly, and its essential for your dps outside soulburn.
  3. Dragoncall better then Helix or is it me?

    First of all, with lastest sb and awaken skill changes dragoncall became significantly stronger than it was before. In overall dps both builds are quite similar in terms of dps, i would say in perfect conditions helix is mby 10-20% stronger, but you need to have hm rmb skill, good fps and ping, to achive that. Not mentioning dv + helix build is much harder to use, and master. And second thing is this build have different characteristics. Dragoncall is more bursty build, with hudge burst while sb and siphoned status, and doing little dmg between them. Helix has more sustainable dmg. Also you will get much more dps on dragoncall when the fight is short (below 1 min). Also due to the fact dragoncall is giving you 25% crit rate for 5s on hit it will help to boost your dps, even though 55% is not that bad. But ya, helix is overall stronger, especially with green badge giving helix warlocks hudge buffs when siphoned ( it is in fact almost as good as sb for us)
  4. HM RMB

    Yes, you were correct about baleful not reseting leech.. But it is not about reseting leech, its mostly about reseting imprison, which lowers the cd for leech by 6s (6 stage seraph lowers the cd of leech by about 7s). And with bale u will get something like 1 reset/min, plus u got 5%more helix dmg+ it resets the crit rate/crit dmg buff on the legendary, + that 150% ap dmg buff (that one is the least significant).So now going seraph over baleful you trade roughly 6s of siphoned status every minute for 5% helix+ reset of the crit buff+ reset of all the skills+ that shitty 150%ap dmg buff. Yaa, with new salvo soul badge going seraph has more sense, than before it, but baleful is still better of the two legendarys we have right now in terms of dps, at least imo.
  5. hm RMB needed for helix build ?

    Bombard+Helix build is indeed very crit reliant, but i have been using it for a long time, and now, with 59% crit chance i bearly have any dps gaps, when i am out of focus, but i still use non instant bombard from time to time. First of all note that i am using the left rapture tree, and gettin most of the focus from up there. My rotation is when using wingstorm v-4-f-4 spamming rmb when possible (i stop it only to use 4 or f), and without wingstorm rmb-rmb-rmb-f-4 (since i learned that there is literally no way i wont get crit on bombard after 3 attacks, so i can rapture, and the third rmb is usally non instatnt, cos the target buff from rapture is expired. But if u have better fps/ping than me, u can get rapture after second rmb already most of the times.) The biggest flow of this build is that there is like 10-15s gap, when u dont have wingstorm, and you wont get helix crit. Than u have to build up 3 orbs just from raptures, after bombard crits. But since i got beaful a week ago, skill reset helps to fill this gap quite a lot, even though it is random. And obviously the skill rotation for max dps is v-f(leech)-v-3-v-sb-v an so on. And remember to w8 untill all 3 hits from the wingstorm are used before u reset it, cos using 2 wingstorms at one time u make the dps gap bigger, and your burst is only slightly better. My dps with this build is more or less equal to FMs with the same stats as me (679AP over 59% crit chance both), and when we're going with random parties i literally dont remember when me or my clanmate FM got out dpsed.
  6. Volley+helix and bombardment+helix dps

    You might be right Dresmyr. My m8 also compared my bombardment+ helix build to bombardment+dragoncall, and for true scorpio dragoncall dealed 15-20% less dmg. Dunno how it will be about seraph since it doesnt reset the skills, like beaful does, but when u hit like 20-25% cd reduction on leech it can be true. And it will have much more sense when they will add leech hangmoon to the game, since it will have the chance to give you up to 50% crit dmg when siphoned, and with cd reduction of leech on 3 u will have like 28-30s cd without sb, and 22-24 with it. And that would mean u would be siphoned almost half of the time hitting the boss, which is awsome! But it is future for now
  7. Volley+helix and bombardment+helix dps

    Hello. I wanted to ask, if there is some end-game geared warlock who mastered both this builds, and was compering them through the plug-in dps meter. I presonally use bombardment+ helix build (i have hm for helix), i was using it for quite a long time, and i think i pretty much mastered it. But then i wanted to try this full dark volley, played it a few hours, and after that my friend helped my to check my dps on both builds with dmg-meter, on the wooden doll at mushin. I was hitting it for 2 minutes in both cases. And what scared me, is that i did almost twice more dmg on my bombardment build. I uderstand that volley is harder to master, and i was wondering about learning it, but i doubt mastering it will double the dmg, and it will require a lot of my time to learn it. So my question is if anyone is good with both builds, and compered it with dmg-meter.
  8. nerf Sin

    Genius! Lock cant be compared to any calsses, cos nerf, only PvE clas atm, but no need to balance anything.. And if you happened to be a lock, who wants to play pvp, well, then f**k you! Seems legit. All this rock paper scissors in 1v1 matches looks like worst idea ever. What is the point of playing PvP, if 80% of the result is what class are you fighting with.. You can pretty much predict the result of some matchups, unless there is massive difference in player skills.
  9. Option to freely kick in dungeons

    Well, I think you are right about people going for dungeons only to get carried, not meeting any requirements. Yes, they are annoying, and they make it harder for the rest of the group. But giving us the choice about kicking someone online from the party can cause another issues. Imagine, you are going for a 4 man Necro run with random people. Boss drops lets say skill book for lock worth roughly 250g. And your party members decide, they dont want to split the money for 3, because 250/2 is much better deal, so they kick you out. I dunno about you, but i would be furious. Soo yeah, lazy guys with 320AP going for Yeti runs are not good, but making us able to kick anyone at any time is no solution either.