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  1. I personally dont think that is the case. not the rhythm they released content but the fact all of the materials needed to upgrade to the content were highly unacessible. usually in most games what they do when they release content they also make older and overall content easier so you can keep up and still be relevant, something which did not happen for this version. Most people felt overwhelmed by everything and lost hope and left. :)
  2. its because it was where the original outfit was sold but... oopsie NCwest decided to put in their store most likely and gain a buck or 2.
  3. is related to the topic as long it was in reference to the lyn race specifically and your point eludes me. Where did i say I dont like it.
  4. do you understand the term cross breed? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossbreed oh yeah typical LYN right there alright.. PS:
  5. do you find hong to be a typical lyn or are all lyns cross breeds with gon ? and you forgot about iksanun... and yeah they do look childish type.. chibi . sexualizing them is disturbing.
  6. then you picked the wrong game I believe. Go give guildwars 2 a spin... it might be better for your own style than this game :)
  7. sometimes you win sometimes you lose... cant always win and if they focus you constantly then your positioning is at fault.
  8. listen up here... when you play games with open world pvp , where you drop gear regardless if you are flaged or colored or not and you have to constantly watch your back from players or just simply other guilds hunting you.. then come and complain about how cruel pvp is. Block those dbags and go on with your life.. You know what they say? In love and war everything is allowed. if you cant handle Pvp.. dont involve yourself in it :).
  9. Im sorry but all i see is you excusing yourself for a subar performance It's a matter of perspective and with that mindset you already lost. You are probably burned out. Go take a brake and do other stuff. maybe you will regain your focus and figure out how to do other stuff to supply for the things that you lack of.
  10. it all depends what your goals are. switch tactics. play a class you want and enjoy not because it can farm and find a bunch of friends and a nice guild. now all yoru problems are solved. No ppl to do with? call the guild. nobody to spam a dungeon for a sexy outfit? find a friend who shares your passion.. you cant do ssp? it's ok.. you can do other stuff instead. you cant find equal ppl in 1v1? do 6v6 or tag team and this is a dungeon based game so yeah most will be.. lets farm some dungeons.
  11. If you dont have the time to play a lot that's fine and understandable but ..play smarter. with current prices and your ap you coul easily do around 15-20g/. hour :). you cant do ssp but you can farm other stuff and buy them.
  12. thats a lie... not once while I was at 400 ap anyone has ever said anything about my crit being 55% or my acc being 115% or my crit dmg being 200%.. they all cried about my low ap...regardless,..and bashed me when they were not a whole lot better.. like 435 ap with crappy stats..
  13. you guys... are never pleased regardless.. It was asked before and so many wished for this change.... do you know that saying.. :" be careful what you wish for?" https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/search/?&q=low%20population&page=1 A new era has begun..
  14. thanks for demonstrating what everyone should already know already. Now hopefully I will see less moaning about AP requirements and actually look at crit/crit dmg/ acc first..
  15. Im sorry but I'm pro merge. It is time for ppl to learn how to *cricket*ing share stuff. there are 6 channels in ssp in group 3 atm... they can very easily split 3 and 3 like every single other version does. it's not a big deal but noooooooo.. lets whine and *cricket* that we cannot farm all 6 channels... pfft.. suits you right. I am happy to see more people and have more around in fact. so there!
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