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  1. I don't think class change should be implemented and they'll never do it. Why won't they ever implement it? Easy. They can make more money if you create more chars bec you want another class and you'd probably buy slots expansions. Also think of the wep, they'd have to make a system too to change the wep to your new class. On the other hand, if you just change sex or race, it's just a appearance alter in deep, which shouldn't have been hard for them to implement since it's just modifying a bit the appearance alter voucher behavior and make a new item out of it. And I don't think
  2. I think it's conditioned to your class but idk :/
  3. Hinata: Naruto: Sasuke: Sasuke second stage seal: Pain (couldn't find a better hair lol): Saitama (creepy): Jins don't have full bald head, and for gon the eyes can't be bigger so I chose that hair
  4. Your char's face looks like he's mentally fapping thinking on those girls xD
  5. My assasin that I tried to make like Sasuke :p And my super kawaii warlock alt ^^
  6. Lets keep this thread or another related one always up until they ******ing hear us
  7. So is NCSoft even a serious company? Or just some people who don't even know a bit about computers?! How the heck could you have your european servers in Texas?? Put them somewhere in Europe lol. Sometimes there are so big lag spikes that we can't even play, I even got dc 2 times today. And don't come telling me shi t like it's my ISP because I have 300mb bandwitdh and in other MMO it's totally perfect. Are you waiting for the players to leave before acting? lol act now still that you have some players still. It's more worth playing other version than this one if our
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