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  1. Assasins: Too much stealth Blade Masters: Too much blocking and ass-wall sticking Blade Dancers: Too much spinning and air combo. Destroyers: Too much spinning and destroying brust Soul Fighter: Too much healing. Summoner: Too much healing. Force Master: Too much healing. KFM: Too much blocking and macros. Warlock: Too much Thrall-Hiding.
  2. don't know how they didn't translate it since the begining, since it's more spoken than german and french. There are many spanish ppl playing on EU and many latinos surely playing on NA, but well, it's NC xd But also I heard that in Germany or France (don'0t remember wihch or if both) games must be translated bec of law or something like that
  3. nope, while he's fighting teammates can assist and heal too. seen it
  4. it's really worse than fm, if u take longer than 1m to kill someone from their team they just assist and heal them and themselves too, it's really a buncch of trash
  5. What's with that *cricket*ing heal it has? Are BnS game designers monkeys? It's impossible to kill its party members, it's always healing them, this is even worse than summoner now. Nerf this shit or something pls lol
  6. Kyrax

    Gz NC

    Finally you're doing the servers merge, gz. Hopefully rest of problems will get solved soon too
  7. Yeah bec it's much harder to gear a new toon than a toon with true pirate or true breeze lol. Maybe they should make an event to give free HM skills for new toons too
  8. I don't see why only SF would have the event upgrade. As if other players weren't part of the game, you want a new char, you gear it as the rest of us, easy.
  9. No one likes this awful looking market with those useless and annoying arrows and the bold blurred font. Before it was fine. Please NC listen to us for once and put the old market back in next update.
  10. Doesn't matter the brand. If your computer has some software to "imrpove" game connection or whatever, it could be interfering. Just Google your brand
  11. I haven't had any dc since I disabled this https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/41hg3o/psa_if_you_have_extreme_pingskill_lag_in_blade/
  12. This kinda worked for me https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/41hg3o/psa_if_you_have_extreme_pingskill_lag_in_blade/ read comments bec Nvidia can give problems too
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