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  1. Story time

    So this just happened to me and this story is too gold, I need to share with other people. So, me (50 HM7 warlock with true pirate, 524 AP) and my wife (46 sin, awakened pirate, 405 AP, decent crit/acc) decided to do Naryu Lab for tomorrow's daily. First I tried to do dungeon finder but cound't find anyone, so I decided to recruit saying "Tomorrow's daily", and that's how we filled up a party. Our group consisted of lvl 50 HM7+s and my lvl 46 wife. I didn't do gear check because why would I? It's just NL, a lvl 45 dungeon. I didn't know my recruits were 550-600 AP pirate to scorpio, INCLUDING one with a damn LEGENDARY, having like 660+ AP... Anyway we roll in. We arrive at Mino. It goes damn slow. Mino stuck in the wall, can't be targeted. Lasers arrive. Mino enrages at like 20%. Party starts wiping, starting with wifey. Party wipes. I'm wondering, just HOW in the earth did a group that consists of so many high lvl people wipe on the first boss of Naryu. Then guess what happens, our legendary friend says "next time you decide to CARRY your friend, just go with a normal random group". This hits me hard. "Carry" I say? She's more then well-geared for this place. She's overleveled. I'm not carrying anyone. She's carrying herself. She's working hard. Carry? Just because she's not lvl 50+? Guys, for cricket's sake, NL was like the endgame lvl 45 content. I repeat, lvl 45. Don't tell me that my wife at lvl 46, with her gears, with her acc/crit/AP, is being CARRIED there. Carrying = expecting other people to work for you. If someone was carried there, then it certainly wasn't my friend. People think they can just burst everything down if they have enough AP. This case also shows how wrong they are! A group with such setups, wiping on Mino, I still can't believe it. Ahem anyway. Wiped. People leave. Only 1 person stays other than us both with my friend. I'm greatly pissed and banging my head in the wall over people's stupidity. I'll recruit 3 other randoms. One of them was a lvl 50 HM1 summ with 405 AP. (Yes same AP as my wife.) Other two people over 500 AP. We roll in. Mino melts like butter. So... Let's think about this whole "carrying" story again? How come we didn't fail this time? How come we could smoothly finish the dungeon with two 400+ AP? Probably because AP isn't everything? Hello? Bonus: After we finished NL, my wife told me we had a person with legendary, I'm like "no way. This is the joke of the year." I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it. I need to borrow some hands because double facepalm isn't enough to express my feelings. It looks like people over a certain AP level forget to use their brain. Mechanics? What mechanics? BURST EVERYTHING!!! ....Except that doesn't always work. There are certain places where you can't just burst everything. Or even if you can, I just prefer people actually KNOW what to do. (Like how people never stop dpsing yeti during cold phase. "Cruxes?? Whats that?? It has only 30% go burn it more hurr durr." Yes I'm aware you can survive but would it REALLY be that hard to just lift your fingers up from your keyboard, stop dpsing and do something that requires some knowledge?) Alright, that's all folks. Just another random story in BnS's book of fairy tales. Share yours, rant here if you want. I hope people will actually learn something in the end.
  2. Story time

    Let me throw this in: if you don't have enough AP to burst down yeti before he sucks in the cruxes, well THAT is a waste of time. Cause if you don't have a BM or whatever to block all his attacks while you're still able to dps, instead lets say you have an FM with Frost or have to iframe, then you have to stop dpsing anyway until he finishes all 8 cruxes. That is a waste of time as well. Party settings are random unless you have a solid party of regulars but not all of us have the luxury. Another thing is I just dislike the whole room being filled with ice puddles. Yeti can push tank into the puddle or you just accidentally step in: again, waste of time. Long story short I never said it was impossible to cover the cruxes, quite the opposite, I could even quote myself. I just said I'd prefer people learn and use the mechanics because it's always better to rely on that instead of expecting people to keep up a solid dps/not lag/be able to do their rotation properly etc. Other story: one of my first yeti runs, people were discussing before the run, if they should step on the puddles or kill the mushrooms. There were two first timers, so I patiently sat down to explain them what to do. FM person over 600 AP: "stop wasting my time, I'll cover the cruxes, you don't have to care about it" and charges in before I could finish explaining/grab dragon heart etc. First... "stop wasting my time". Aren't we all wasting hours on this game daily anyway? Does 3 minutes of explaining REALLY matter as much? Isn't it a lot more time if we happen to wipe and start again? Second, why did she even pug then? Could've just joined a premade if she was in suuuuch a hurry. Third. Why should I skip explaining? She claims to cover the cruxes, which I honestly don't think she can, but those two newbies won't always run with her and how about just... help them learn the mechanics? Maybe it will be more useful for them later on? Needless to say we wiped, our lovely FM friend lagged. That's all. You lag once and the whole concept of covering the cruxes is ruined. (Plus she rushed and we didn't have time to get dragonblood either. And, of course, always the low AP person will be blamed, especially if they lie on the ground dead.) That's why you should rather rely on the mechanics rather than just roll your face on your keyboard because you're over 600 AP and did yeti over 500 times. Not everyone lives in the server room to have 20 ping, not all of us have high end PC either. It's a cricketing MMO, which means you play with other people and it's expected for all of us to be considerate of each other. If people decide to be selfish and just do whatever they want (like, people rushing ahead in blue daily dungeons, finishing the quests while people are still loading... or pugging narrows on daily and leaving low lvl people behind... etc etc) they should just go play a freakin solo offline game instead. It might seem like that right now, but I don't automatically go offensive against high AP people. But sometimes it's just ridiculous how high-and-mighty they act. In the said Naryu run that I failed with my wife, I remember her saying "so many high levels, I feel overwhelmed". And she was right about that because she got blamed right away when we wiped. Just because she has "low" AP. (Again, 405 AP for naryu is pretty decent??? We saw people in naryu gateway, higher lvl than her, with about 380 AP or even less) People should stop relying on AP or think AP is the thing that defines someone's existence. I wish I had a screenshot of faction chat but usually when people get into arguments in /f, they do a profile check and start pointing fingers at the one with lower AP. "You're only 500 AP, you're just a waste of bandwidth, you have no rights to be in this game, go uninstall you scum". That's pretty upsetting to see, especially since I consider 500 AP actually pretty high, because I also had to put a lot of time and effort to reach over 500 AP on my mains.
  3. Story time

    BnS dungeons aren't even hard if you learn how to do them. Seriously even a Beshmundir Temple in Aion is harder than most purple dungeons in BnS... Naryu isn't that hard either, it's just long and that's what makes it a struggle. There are only 3 bosses. With Minou, you just make sure it runs to the red wall to get debuffed. With my group though, Minou was running up and down in the room, not going to the red wall. After a while it was stuck in Iron Wall, it started to stack, the room was full of lasers and Minou enraged. That's because people just dps'd it without letting it run to the red wall. Be Ido is easy, you gotta have 1 person tank 1 add because if all of them attacks the tank, it's painful. One person is assigned as "bomb". You stand next to the add with the different color shield as the boss. Get 10 stacks of debuff, until you see a timer over your head count back from 5. Run to boss, the bomb will blow up, the boss's defense disappears and that's when you do the actual damage. Fujin and Raijin are pretty straightforward. Those are the bosses where bursting down actually DOES work.
  4. Story time

    Speaking about "carrying", ever since I hit 500+ AP usually I join premade groups in the lobby in opposed to dungeon finder, so I don't end up with bots. But honestly most of the times these premade groups fail a lot because people just go in and afk. You can't kick them. They will just get carried, bid on loot and leave. You can't even report them. Seriously, is that why people grind so hard in this game for gears? So they will just afk at daily challenge dungeons? What are people even playing this game for anymore??
  5. RIP me. Time to try send a ticket to suggest both free and paid keys to have the same proc rate, I guess.
  6. Gems

    It's very unfair to put items in an rng box which cannot be obtained otherwise from ingame....... Way to ruin an otherwise fun game with bad decisions.
  7. Did I miss something?

    Apparently new players only start with 1 gem slot and have to open them with gem hammers. RIP new players. Very new player/alt unfriendly game and decisions.......
  8. WTFast Worth it for BnS? Y/N

    Uh I tried WTFast for BnS but when I used it, I couldn't see/use faction chat, party chat and clan chat. I was only able to see normal chat. WTFast support couldn't find any solution for my problem. That was a waste of 1 month subscription. I was using WTFast for Aion for months?Years? without problem. With BnS I had problem, but maybe it was just me.
  9. The game's current content caps at like 550 AP yet I saw people buying 1k+ (most I saw was 4500 box which means 450$) just to get a gem with +6 AP. GUYS I BEG YOU START USING YOUR BRAIN ALREADY. Same goes to people who bulk bought CS resets for "gem hunt". Believe me, it doesn't worth. (But I know people will still do it just so they can troll others in faction chat, saying "You have no right to talk, you're only 500 AP, you're a loser and waste of bandwidth, go uninstall".) I bought a 10 box bundle to try my luck. I got 2 frozen stingers, 1 moonstone, 1 sts, exp charm fragments and the ugly sunglasses. You can say I was lucky with the sunglasses, but.... it's ugly......... I didn't want it. So yea a heads up, please don't waste money on the boxes. It really, really doesn't worth it. I regret wasting money on it as well. Edit: Will there be a trove event again?! God save us. That event almost made me quit game before. It's very unfair that the free keys don't give you the same chance as the reset keys you could buy for real money. That is very unfair for "free to play" players and gives an unfair advance for wallet warriors. That almost can be considered "pay to win". I really hope NC doesn't pull that again, unless they give the same proc chance for free key users.
  10. Suggestion: option for buying outfit sets.

    Maybe the smart people who put these sets in the market believe we'll buy the set for a higher price even if we don't want one of the set items. But in reality, they will just keep us from paying anything at all. Because hell I won't waste 1400 nc when I just want that damn hat. I don't want yo ugly swimsuit!! I would pay 400 NC for the hat itself. But if it's like this, I won't pay anything, that's for sure. What's better, a fix 5 or 10$ for separated items? Or trying to force people to buy a set for higher price, and hope they will choose to buy? (Which, again, for sure I won't.)
  11. Patch Notes

    I was wondering the same and I really do hope so. Also, if they would increase gold reward rather than exp reward for arena/battleground, more people would be doing them. Let's face the fact, you need more gold in this game than exp. Other than this, I welcome these changes. Absolutely positive.
  12. New Requirements for Hongmoon Skills.

    I just wonder if any of the staff is reading through forum and considers our complaints. :I
  13. New Requirements for Hongmoon Skills.

    This is exactly why I don't understand why most people look down on alts so much or why they dislike leveling, saying "it's boring and you have to do the same thing over and over". Since, how different is that lvl 50+? You do the same content over and over again, lol... Multiple times.... Thousands of times.... because of upgrade requirements... achievement requirements... Only difference is if you do a 4man instead of a 6man.... (Also, I would gladly level another and another alt just to do the mission together with Yu Chun again. Wahahah....)
  14. New Requirements for Hongmoon Skills.

    Most games try hard to get new players by making things easier for them or put tempting content for them. (Like Aion, which is another NCSoft game, lol.) BnS is so unfriendly to new players, it makes me not recommend to anyone to try it. Even though it's an awesome game and I love it, but the way this company handles it makes me cry. For a short time green dungeons will be filled with Soulfighters... maybe? Hopefully? But what's after that. (Especially if the rumors are true and you can start at lvl 45??) I know it's a bit apart from the topic's theme, but it's also saddening how 1-50 is being looked at like the "neccessary bad" which has to happen before you "will be able to enjoy the game". ????? Is this really the goal of a game?? To make us waste our time from lvl 1-50 until we can do anything "enjoyable"?? I do love lvling, I love the lower areas (okay except cinderlands but who likes that lol), lower lvl players should be appreciated the same way as 50+ players. I already facepalmed with the Daily Challenge thing being over lvl 50. Would it really be SO HARD to help lower lvl players by putting daily challenge for them as well?? Maybe help them prepare for that insane money drain they will experience when trying to gear for endgame? Lower lvl players are looked down on so much it hurts. Not only by NCSoft but also other players. Yesterday in faction chat asked for help with misty woods faction quests and been laughed at by everyone, saying "how can you be so lame to do misty woods, why aren't you doing SSP, it's your own fault you get rekt because you waste your time with shitty lvl45 content". Smh......
  15. New Requirements for Hongmoon Skills.

    Not to mention the skill is lvl 45.... and Nexus is recommended lvl 50 HM6+... Insane indeed.
  16. New Requirements for Hongmoon Skills.

    It would be NC's responsibility to make a game attractive to new players/alts. Isn't it a game's purpose to make it playable as long as they can? Instead, it feels like they're trying to milk off as much money as they can off of the current player base before they completely ruin the game with their way of managing it. It's the same thing as I said. Of course it's easier if people only have 1 character to manage. But guess what, I do like my alts... Many people love their alts... So instead of concentrating on one single character only, I somehow try to manage my times between them. It's the same in every game. Why is BnS the only exception where I would be "forced" to make a "smart" decision and not level any alts when I do love having alts. It shouldn't be me having to limit myself into having only 1 character. Wouldn't it make more sense for NCsoft too to encourage alts (=longer playtime=more money earning chances)? I honestly don't understand their way of thinking. I still have to disagree with that, BnS has quite a few thousand players, your way of thinking won't automatically apply for all of us, since we all have different stories. I appreciate your reply though.
  17. New Requirements for Hongmoon Skills.

    @Grimoir Wait I don't understand something, please explain. " if you had so much time to level it to 50, you have enough time to do the proper dungeons now " Imagine yourself with having like 4 hours of free time each day. No matter how many characters you have, that 4 hours will remain 4 hours. If you have two characters, that won't increase to 8 hours.... So saying "you have enough time" doesn't make any sense. Leveling an alt means you take away time from your main. My story is the following: I've always struggled with trying to earn money. I'm a busy housewife with barely enough free time. I have two mains which I gear at the same time to the same level. I cried, I literally cried at times because if was so cricketing hard to make money in this game. It made me stressed. I felt my clan people/friends are going to leave me behind. I had no other choice but to sell NCoin to make the first step towards cricketing 400 AP. After that, I could finally slowly SLOWLY go up the hill towards NOT getting kicked out of raids. I slowly got good enough to have around 50g on my characters. Yes, 50g. I assume it's ridiculous but to me it's a lot because it's not easy to get enough with my free time. Yes, I have two characters with 502 AP that would be good enough to run sh*t with. But my free time won't multiply with my number of alts. Nowadays I only have time to do misty woods/bulmu (yeah there are still losers who do misty, even though people in faction chat laugh at them saying why do they even care about lvl45 content. I do care cause that's what drains my time the least.) and maybe 1-2 runs of endgame purples. If lucky, a daily challenge. Long story short, don't give me the " dont start saying "its to expensive to upgrade" "bullshit, you have no idea about other players' lives, you have no idea how much free time they have. I don't care how much you have and how are you able to manage it, for ME and for others around it's just not enough, it's not easy to keep up with things. Also, just because some people are fine with having only 1 single character or maybe two, shouldn't expect everyone's playstyle will be the same. Your opinion is not an ultimate truth you can just pull on everyone. Instead of reading the replies and saying "oh I see, other people have struggles, well I feel sorry for them", you just go around being high-and-mighty, practically insulting them about their choice of having alts and believing you actually do know how much time they're able to spend on playing/upgrading. Most of my clan members quit/take a break from BnS because the upgrading was so stressful. Guess that tells enough. I'm still sad about it. Someone said " another alt unfriendly utility ". Apparently, alt-unfriendly community as well.
  18. To clear up some confusion on Yeti...

    Ohh you're absolutely right about that, guess I'll try the shrooms next time! I main both a WL and a FM and guess I need to learn how to be more useful with my FM about protecting the party as well, but I still need to learn what exactly is "double stun" and when to pop V incase people miss their iframes. OnO;; so much to learn!
  19. To clear up some confusion on Yeti...

    Oh god this, this so much. This. THIS. Also I've been wondering, or more like worrying, isn't it slower to go to the slide to kill shrooms for fire than to suck up the ice pools? I'm worried that the whole running/killing/throwing will be too slow and I run out of time. Haven't done Yeti awhile because my ISP is acting up and I get lagfreeze, but I remember there's not much time for that.
  20. AP and be a human being

    Reading these replies is what actually gives hope and makes me continue to play. Because I know there are people who think skills > AP. Of course AP is very important but you do need to have a brain to actually get a good use of it. Last night I ragequitted a Cold Storage because some idiot jumped on the boss while half of the group wasn't even in the dungeon yet. He claimed he used to duo it, and that I should've helped him (ony we two could make it to the boss). He didn't seem to understand why I wanted to wait for the other party members. If you can duo it, then go and duo it lol. Pretty sure there were first-timers in that group as well who would've loved to learn how to do the dungeon, but Mr. I-Can-Duo-Dis decided to just do whatever the cricket he wants, because why should he give a damn about anyone else in this game but himself. Elitists.... ugh. Makes me cringe. But ahem, again, I'm glad there are people who still think otherwise. I'm glad I wasn't kicked out from Yeti with 420 AP on my first try. I could learn the instance. Because the party members were nice enough to give me a chance and, actually, if there's 1 person with low AP and 5 members with high AP, might as well help the lowbie? If they're willing to work and not expect to be carried, that is. Lobby AP requirements are ridiculous. "BSC 550AP+" what the hell. The only more ridiculous thing was when people kept recruiting high AP members for Frozen Vipercap...........
  21. Green dailies dungeon gone?

    This game is anything but alt (or newbie) -friendly. You can be social with the x-server party members too, sometimes they're even nicer than the ones in faction chat. Let's be honest, most people who are spamming the faction chat are usually the ones with legendary weaps who have zero alts and don't care about them, so they will just tell them to "reroll as summoner to solo", or "just stop playing in general because this game is dead anyway". On my server/faction the community who writes in faction chat is very, very toxic. They never help, never give advices, rude and spread fake info. Joining a clan which recruits newbies isn't easy either, because most people don't have the patience to help and explain things to newbs. Or most clans recruit True breeze+ anyway. I have no idea why NC does this. With the current updates they are going to slowly killing this game. They ruin it for newbies, make it hard for alts, instead they push out another and another endgame content instead and exp events to "rush to lvl 50", instead of caring about the inbetween levels and encouraging people to level alts. On another note, what they made with gem hammers is ridiculous. New characters will only have 1 gem slot! Also, they increased the gem hammer requirement from 1 to 3 at the noobest Blight weapon. If it's 3 at a Blight, how many will I need later?! It was expensive enough at the time when I just needed one. Not even mentioning, that it was "only" 3 gold in the market at that time, which let's be honest, very, VERY hard to make for a new player who has no experience in money-making OR doesn't have premium. Now, gem hammers are ca. 6 gold ea, which means I need 18 gold to unlock my 4th weapon socket. 18 gold for a lvl 25 character. NC what the hell are you thinking?! Ooooh yes I could F10 and buy the gem hammers for NCoins but y'know it would be pretty nice if they weren't pushing us to spend cash on a "free" game so much just because it's impossible to make that money ingame at that level. Especially those who don't have high level mains. NC, I beg you, at least bring those damn green instances back to F8. If you ruin everything else for noobs/alts, at least don't take this away from us. (Edit: Actually I know the solution. Just do those parties with any horde of bots NC fails to do something about. Yes, bots would be a more important issue than removing a low-lvl-friendly thing from the game.)