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  1. Oh no no no, it's good like this. I don't support the idea of putting a DPS meter in 6-man dungeons, and I was really relieved when I saw it's not getting one. Putting a DPS meter in 4-man dungeons is understandable, because there everyone has to put their maximum, and if people are aiming on building static groups, they have to know if someone's slacking off. Solo and 24-man dungeons give a good insight for you about your own DPS, compare it to other people and see where you need to work more or try a new build. Putting a DPS meter in 6-man dungeons would just only bring unnecessary stress/rage though. Remember, not everyone lives in the server room to be able to pull 10 ping. Remember, not everyone has high-end PC to run BnS. There are people out there who have to play on 1s settings and still lag like hell. And shhh, shhhhh..... before you might start saying "you should uninstall/kill yourself then" (like people in my faction chat do), remember it's a free to play game and people might still want to play this game even if they lag or have connection problems. In a 6-man group people can aid each other enough to compensate the DPS loss if one member isn't able to give 100%. Because, please understand this, many many people aren't able to put their 100% because of their connection or PC. Even if they do their very very best. And knowing our toxic community, these people will be shouted at, called lazy, idiot, told to kill themselves, etc. Oh no, please no one needs this. I know many people are just slacking off, but please protect the people who are actually giving their best even though they have a lot harder than people with low ping and high end PC. Please don't put DPS meter in 6-man dungeons!
  2. Summer treasure trove YAY!

    Rooting for same chances on free and market keys!! Let's hope the best!
  3. Summer treasure trove YAY!

    I agree! I would LOVE to see events where you have to WORK for good things with equal chances! (Like the vipercap event where even low lvls could get good stuffs for free if they put some effort!) More ingame events, less rng market crap please!
  4. Act 7

  5. Summer treasure trove YAY!

    I'm complaining because of the way Trove 1.0 was made and I'm afraid they didn't change it the least. If they did, i'll apologize later! Trove 1.0 pulled a line between the "rich" and the "poor" people. It didn't give equal chances to all players to get good items. If you're rich? Yes, you can get market keys with max proc chance/more trove slots so you can get even more rich!! If you're poor? Oh no prob, here have this free key, it will probably give you a nice choice between 3 pirate emblems or 5 hongmoon unsealing charms! OH DID YOU THINK FREE KEY HAS THE SAME CHANCE? HAHAHA YOU SILLY. Unless you're rich, don't even think about getting nice items. THAT IS MY PROBLEM WITH THE TROVE!! That it doesn't give equal chances to all players! Rich people/ncoin users don't give a damn about this because rarely any people have empathy towards people who can't afford key resets and have to stick with the free key that gives literally nothing. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE AN EVENT WHERE THE POOR PEOPLE ACTUALLY HAVE A CHANCE TO CATCH UP. NOT THIS CRAPPY TROVE EVENT WHERE THE RICH WILL JUST GET RICHER AND JUST MAKE THE POOR PEOPLE FEEL SHIT EVERY DAY BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE THE SAME CHANCE TO GET GOOD ITEMS. If they give the free keys the same proc chance, I'd be fine with this event. Not happy, but fine. That would mean poor people will have chance to get something useful too. But if the free keys will keep giving crap, AND the daily dash is taken away too, that's just a spit in the casual "free-to-play" people's face.
  6. Summer treasure trove YAY!

    Let's just really, really really hope ncsoft / the staff revamped the system and gave the free/bought keys the same proc chance..... If not, well that's disgusting. So the rich gets richer and the poor remains poor. People who don't have to pay bills irl or can afford spending money on BnS are in advance. (As for me, I'm in debt for like 3 months because of house renovation. Yay adult obligations!) Or alternatively, you can sell your gold for HMcoins. If you HAVE, that is! I literally have like 10 gold on my account overall, because 1) I didn't have time to play lately cause I was desperately trying to make money irl 2) I had to use my oceanic nebulas I got from the event on 3 characters and the upgrade took my money. SO even if I sell all my 10 gold to buy keys, and my keys proc, I won't even be able to buy good things from the trove! Ridiculous. I know not everyone in BnS is in a similar situation as me, but I've seen enough people complain to see trove event spits in the poor people's face, and it's NOT how events should be made. Events should give EVERYONE the SAME chances for obtaining things!!! (Then people are like "YAY TROVE EVENT IS HERE, I GET TO SPEND MY IRL/HARD EARNED INGAME MONEY, BEST EVENT EVER!!!!!" .......ARE YOU GUYS SANE?? Really, that is what you expect from a free-to-play game's ingame event???? )
  7. Summer treasure trove YAY!

    Summer Treasure Trove-- NAY!!! When the first treasure trove event came, I almost quit the game because I was just a poor unfortunate soul, unable to afford ncoin/HMcoin keys, while everyone around me kept rubbing their awesome things in my face they got for their market keys. Yes, you got free keys once a day? THEY DIDN'T WORTH CRAP. FREE KEYS NEVER PROC'D ON ME. ONLY MARKET KEYS PROC'D AND IT'S DISGUSTING. IT MEANS YOU HAVE TO PAY TO GET BETTER STUFFS. YES I CONSIDER THAT PAY2WIN. I honestly think people should support the game they like to play BUT NOT LIKE THIS. Buy costumes, buy pouches, petnip, brilliant keys, designs, idk crap like that, BUT WHY WOULD THEY PUT THINGS IN THE TROVE WHICH YOU CAN'T GET FROM ANYWHERE ELSE, then give a damn free key daily which gave you ABSOLUTE CRAP. And people are lured into the trap because I keep seeing people all "yay yay" about the trove, but it just means more spending!! Because the free keys don't give you shit! So either you waste irl money on the troves or sell your ingame gold (IF you have). So the rich becomes richer, as usual? That shouldn't be like this. I REALLY HOPE they revamped the trove system or atleast gave the free keys the same proc chance because this event is the MOST DISGUSTING of all the BnS events.
  8. summer trove?

    I would like to know about this too so I could bomb the NC support with tickets, asking to make free keys just as useful as store-bought keys. The spring trove event almost made me quit the game because I found it too unfair. I don't mind if people pay for extra keys to get extra items, but to make the free keys practically USELESS was something that greatly pissed me off. Honestly I wanna see more ingame events instead of store moneysink events, but if there REALLY is a trove event in the future, I need to start sending support tickets to make the proc chances the same for free and storebought keys. Lol
  9. Prolonged maintenance

    I'm from EU and play on NA server so I didn't know that Q^Q I can only play late night anyway...
  10. I'm from EU and my NCoin prices are converted into € while NA people can purchase it for $. The problem is, an € is more expensive than an USD. For me, 400 NC is 5€, 800 is 10€ etc. NA people pay 5$ for 400 NC etc. 1.00 EUR = 1.10052 USD If I buy 800 NC, there's 1 $ difference. I usually buy 1600, that's 2USD more that I have to pay compared to NA people. 2 USD is like the price of 2 hamburgers which I could eat with my husband if we go out. That's the price of 1 and an half canned catfood. The price of a meal for my bernese mountain dog. Why do you do this. That's unfair. Please fix.
  11. Why does NCSoft hate EU people?

    Q^Q BnS has EU servers too though... I'm not sure how overseas taxes work, but it would be nice if they put an explanation on it so I could atleast understand and accept it, instead of thinking "10 € is a round number just like 10$, doesn't matter that it worth more".
  12. Prolonged maintenance

    Maybe it's just me but I'm sure there are plenty of things to do while waiting for BnS to be up. Help your mom, do the dishes, clean your room, feed your pets, go do the laundry, brush your teeth, do 100 pushups, COME ON PEOPLE DO SOMETHING OFFLINE TOO FOR ONCE.
  13. Prolonged maintenance

    Isn't it like only 10 mins over time? That's not a catastrophe... Go clean your room while waiting or reply your emails
  14. heaven's mandate *ETIQUETTE*

    People get free 3g from the daily, they get loot from their daily box, without having to farm Zaiwei. It's not fair for them to complain if you wanna take a damn honorary ornament for yourself.
  15. Why does NCSoft hate EU people?

    Again, my point is, which you might've missed, that NCsoft makes EU people to pay more for the same thing NA people get for a lower price. Which is not good.
  16. heaven's mandate *ETIQUETTE*

    I always make my own party for HM and I always advertise it as "my scale = my loot" and the party fills in like 2 seconds. I make sure to tell them if costume or stinger bundle drops, they're free to bid (have to rethink that now that a scale is damn 6g and a stinger is 49s tho...) Yet there are still idiots who don't even read and just keep bidding on everything. There was a time when I was busy typing "please stop bidding, it was said in the recruit message that the loot is mine" and the bid expired so the dude got the stinger while I was busy asking him not to bid. Other time, I wanted to take the mirage crystal and the person kept bidding on it. I was very pissed, I needed that crystal for crafting and in the end that jackass pushed it up for 60s. Screw Heaven's Mandate. Screw people who are so stupid. Just take out the scale requirement because no one ever does 24man instances. Or for cricket's sake, do something to make 24man instances more appealing to do (daily challenge isn't good for that, lol).
  17. Things wrong with Blade & Soul

    I don't mind the current daily challenge as it is, because I can do all of the instances (haven't been to asura but with 524 AP I technically would be able to do it). I recommended this because I know many people can't do asura/nexus if they prefer not to pvp, like how it's stated in the OP's post. I still think it would be nice to invent daily challenge for lower lvls though, I don't really like the current setting of "the fun only starts after lvl 50, before lvl 50 is just a necessary struggle". (For different rewards, of course)
  18. Things wrong with Blade & Soul

    You aren't exactly forced, as you only need 4 dailies to complete the challenge, so you can ignore the pvp one. While I agree not everyone can do that, since many dailies have quite high requirements (asura etc). There are easy pvp dailies like "participate 3 times", while others are ridiculous (like the 6v6 daily because no one ever does 6v6) My suggestion would be to break down dailies for lower and higher HM lvls. ALSO to expand daily challenge for ALL levels, actually. Here are my points: * To make it easier for lower lvl (newbies and alts) to gear up and gain money, also to make lower areas populated, lower lvl daily challenges could be added. Over lvl 50, there could be an "easier" version and a "harder" version for people under 400 and over 400 AP or something. * It's nice that you're only flagged for pvp when you wear your faction outfit, but it's really not nice that even to upgrade your PvE weapon you need to do PvP related things. That's basically forced PvP and very unfriendly to players who are here for the story/visuals etc. *Trove event. People got a free key which had basically no chance to proc and you could buy keys from the store which almost always proc'd. That's disgusting and puts free players in unfair disadvantage. Free to play? Yes. Pay to advance? Yes. And that's very wrong. *Player support. Does reporting work anything? Do our words reach the support? I don't feel they do. If you file a support ticket, you're given a generic copy/paste reply and most of the time your problems aren't even solved. Great difference between Aion and BnS, it's hard to believe both games hosted by the same company..... (Aion support is the most helpful ever, they reply right away, do everything they can to solve your problem, while I hear BnS support only helps people who invested massive amount of money? Not all of us can do that.)
  19. Suggestion about improving the chat system

    Oh I was just about to make a new topic regarding account-wide block list, but you did that before me, along with other suggestions. That's really great! This awesome linked-server idea only linked all annoying gold spammers together. I only logged in twice today, just to block 12 bots (6-6 both login). Doing that on all my alts is pretty annoying. If we have a shared friendlist, why can't we have a shared blocklist? Isn't it obvious that if I wouldn't like to talk to a person on one character, I wouldn't want to talk to them on my other character as well? Oh speaking about friendlist. The "report bots who add you to their friendlist" function isn't working at all. The same bots keep adding me even though I "report" them every time.
  20. OBJECTION! It's not hard to gear up at lower lvl areas, it only gets hard once you reach the Silverfrost content. You get a bunch of free stuffs from surveys. Even free brilliant keys. The only thing that makes me flip tables is the reduced gem slots, because gem hammer prices are ridiculous, but it's not like gems give such a huge bonus (only the AP gems maybe, but you can insert them into the 1 free slot). Yes, indeed it's a huge money sink after you reach Silverfrost. That is why I said cost reduction would be nice. Or, making the mats (siren/pirate emblems, warrior tokens, moonwater refining stones) account bound, that would be nice as well. So, I can't agree with lower areas are empty because it's hard to gear up, because IT IS NOT HARD TO GEAR UP UNTIL SILVERFORST. Another thing to consider: having many alts, even if they are only lvl 20, help a lot. I have 3 alts under lvl 25 that I'm actively using for crafting/gathering. You can get them all the cinderland mats/crafts. You can teach them to craft transform stones. Even if you don't play/gear them, alts are basically a gold mine, if you put some thought into them.
  21. Don't tell me to "geez, relax" right after you slapped me with "you lied". Like if you know anything. I'm not going to go around prove how much I play RO or know about it when you obviously have your very own thoughts about people you don't even know anything about. It's just a waste of time and it's not even connecting to the topic.
  22. I play on iRO and played on euRO... Both original servers. Yes I do understand.... But if it's more comfortable for you, I'm going to leave you in the belief of me "lying", lol. Whatever makes you happy, friend. I still maintain my opinion about accessory trading.
  23. Oh my, you wouldn't believe how much I know about RO. I wouldn't bring RO as example because you couldn't switch gears fully freely between characters since most of them had level/class restriction, or just plainly useless for your class. Unless it was a Thara shield or an Adventurer's suit with Marc maybe, but those were for special occasions like WoE. Maybe you could have a "beginner gear set" like Pupa/Thief bug egg etc gears for your novice, but now that you get free Eden group gears, it's not really important anymore. You had to farm the same cards for each of your alts again and again since they wear different armor types. RO aside; I understand your point about "it's the same gears and it's boring and time consuming to re-farm them", but I still don't think tradeable accessories would solve the current problems in BnS. Tradeable mats would be one solution. Reducing costs would be another. If you only had to farm accessories once, no one would ever run the low lvl instances for gears again. RIP game.
  24. Can you give example games for this? I played many many online games before, and I'm a person with a serious alt-itis (yes my accounts are full of alts) yet I never ran into a game which enabled gear sharing between alts... nor did I feel the need for it. I'm not even fully sure how would a game work where gear sharing is enabled. Like.. what would you do? What would you work for? What would give you the joy of achieving something, the joy of seeing the result of your hard work? If you want something like that, wouldn't it just be easier to get a maxed out lvl 50 HM 15 with full gears? Then... why do you play a game? Seriously, I don't understand. Why do you play a game if you don't want to play it?? I'm a busy housewife with work/housework/fulltime family obligations, I have a very very limited playtime, yet I still have 2 mains and a bunch of alts. Did I suffer? Yeh I did. Did it take a long time? Oh yes it did. But why should I rush? It's a game, I should PLAY it, I should ENJOY it instead of pushing myself through it like if it was a necessary bad thing. If gear sharing between alts would be enabled, that would certainly kill the purpose of the low lvl areas/instances. My opinion might not be very popular but you know I enjoy going through the low level areas, see as my character improves, feel I get stronger and stronger. That is the reason I play a game for: the feeling of achievement, the feeling of success. (And pretty costumes, of course, I'm not even hiding the fact.) Even if gears would be tradeable, I would probably refarm everything again, because for sure I won't go through the trouble of having to keep sending everything between my 8372468376 alts back and forth. Tradeable accessories isn't a solution. Reducing mat/gold requirement would be one. Especially for low levels because it's ridiculously hard to make money on low levels.