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  1. Alright BannaNinja, I'll admit I crunched my numbers off the event page, if an error was made on my part I'll accept my mistake and failings in that regard. If you mean to tell me that a person gets 4-5 Jack O' Lanterns per transmute that can change statistics by a large factor, which would make things more reasonable. There plenty of legit ways reasons for people to criticize NCWest, maybe (maybe being the key word) they dodge a bullet this time but things are far from peachy around here, you're kidding yourself if you believe otherwise. But alas this threa
  2. The current event is almost as bad as the Tidal event back in the summer. Just when I thought the Devs had learned from Tidal event mess, as the Tower of Memory event actually was balanced and allowed for everyone to partake in it and get prizes within reasonable time frames. The Devs roll out the Blade and Ghoul event, which is chore to do and alienates low level and moderate players alike. I crunched the numbers and what I discovered was depressing If you do all the designated dailies that drop candies thats 30 candies and there for 6 Jack O' Lanterns a day. So say a per
  3. Natose you've got some pretty solid ideas. Though as its been revealed, in other regions everyone gets wardrobe by default so I definitely thing that should be a given. Personally I'd really love to hear why NCWest is shafting us, the direct supports so much I mean doubt they have a good reason but I'd take any reason over no reason at all. But alas I'm getting off topic in my on topic. I had another idea, come to me recently. I think it would be nice if Premium could have its own separate forum where only premium members could view and post in.
  4. I think this event fails so hard its almost funny. I mean correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the whole point behind events for the community to have fun and enjoy event? Its bad enough the event can only really be taken advantage of by level 45+ players which basically is giving the middle finger to lower level players for no good reason. Of course out of the people who can do it you see many are spending tons of gold, silver and ncions on event weapons that have an upgrade system which has a failure rate so high that people should expect to fail when upgrading rather then succeed.
  5. I'm not sure in BnS will be dead in 18 months but NCWest certainly needs get their act together in a lot of areas if this game is gonna last nearly as long as it is in other regions. It doesn't help that the Devs are just barely listening to the player community, there is no designated spot for proper feedback and the ingame surveys are joke. I love BnS but NCWest is giving it a sour aftertaste with how they're handling things.
  6. Save your money don't renew your premium membership, our version of Premium is a rip off its not a good investment.
  7. Wow I'd heard murmurs of our Premium not being up to reasonable standards of other regions but this is unreal on just how much we're getting shafted. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit upset but who wouldn't be, we're basically getting scammed and being told we should be grateful for it too. I'm definitely not renewing my Premium once it expires if things stay the same, its not good investment.
  8. Agreed, wardrobe should be for everyone, it feels rather lazy and petty on the Devs part to just make it premium only thing. I'd also like the Devs to consider making a premium access only section for the forums where only premium members can view and post. This could also serve as an area for priority feedback for Devs. While I think everyone's feedback should matter I do think Premium members should have a bit more weight behind our feedback given the fact that we're investing non-mandatory money into this game with the desire of mutual benefits between us and the Devs.
  9. Glad to see some people around here actually understand stuff on a realistic and factual level and see that this pay wall and pay to win complaining is pure nonsense. Sadly the voice of reason is all to often drowned out by the cries of ignorance.
  10. I'm assuming this is regarding the remark I made about NCsoft being rather generous compared to other companies. If you're going tell me I'm wrong then you need to enlighten me as to why. So would you kindly enlighten me? I'm not being sarcastic I seriously want to know why you'd say that.
  11. Okay let me get this straight, Ninfu is mad because NCsoft won't allow us to do infinity tower infinitely aside from the free 1 run per 24 hours? Thats like whining about having to pay extra for more then 2 toppings on a 2 topping pizza. Further more this is a free to play game, which means Devs will find ways (some of them a bit ridiculous) to get players to cough up some cash that F2P 101. While I don't always agree with the prices NCsoft sets for some things I do think they've been rather generous compared to plenty of other companies in the same line of work. I think you're maki
  12. More good thoughts being poured into this, good job everyone. ChanChan you should start your own topic about things that should be for everyone not just Premium, you sound like you've got some reasonable ideas in that area. Sadly this topic is not so much about what everyone should be getting as much as it about what needs to fix and possibly improved in Premium to actually make it a reasonable financial investment. Further more I'd kindly ask that we all try and stay on topic, this thread is not here for Premium and none premium members to bicker over who deserves what
  13. More great ideas, excellent. I agree that wardrobe as it currently is being a premium thing only is crazy. I think that like some people have said it should be open for everyone. Seriously though I honestly think whole outfit access ticket to past outfits no longer in rotation is a brilliant idea. I'll admit if I wasn't already premium I'd have gone premium instantly if that was the case, mainly since due to PC problems I missed out on bunch of outfits at the opening and have always been a bit bitter that I've had no way get a 2nd shot at getting them. Now maybe th
  14. You've also got some good ideas going on there Alysha Hawkeye. All and all I'm glad to see most of the people posting here are putting some serious thought into this. The real question though is if the Devs are gonna take any of this too heart and implement it.
  15. These are all really good ideas people, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm glad I'm not the only person whose had this on their mind.
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