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  1. At this point I'm not even mad. In fact, I'm impressed.
  2. NCsoft just can't stop effing up. What am I supposed to do with the 55 haunted Halloween tokens that I farmed for now, dingdongs?
  3. And this is how you go from 13 servers to 1 in 4 years. I've never seen Ncsoft handle any of their mishaps with even a minimum of grace.
  4. Cool, 0 HMC compensation. Even if it wasn't just a hilarious typo it would still be what we've come to expect from you. How about refunding my 1 year premium membership from June, instead?
  5. Don't bother. The devs don't care about the game, GMs don't even exist anymore, and the only communication we get through here from NCsoft is stalling and lies.
  6. The simple answer is that the rewards are too small for the time it takes. First the gold nerf, then the moontide debacle. Players just don't feel like logging on.
  7. You had no problem deleting a bunch of our items, including ones obtained in your gambling boxes or through many months of gameplay, but when people are holding you to account, it's suddenly very complicated and difficult to undo your game killing mistake? You could have walked away from this the bigger man and let players reap the rewards of your own mistake instead of meting out a punishment that ultimately hurt even players who didn't "participate" in the "event". How many subscriptions is your "solution" worth to your team? Have any of you bothered to take out as mu
  8. The one thing that they did that made players enjoy the game again was by accident. What a bunch of muppets.
  9. Characters: Venus Blossom, Triumphant Glitter, Londo Chic, Moe Kamui, Tubelectric, Neon Doll Server:Jinsoyun EU
  10. If UE4 ever comes it it already looks like they're throwing the last bits of his art away to look like BDO and every other generic KMMO on the market.
  11. I tolerated the P2W, I tolerated the terrible performance of the game, I even tolerated the disgusting gambling system that Nsoft calls "events". But when they removed items that I legitimately got months ago, because players had fun for the first time in years in the game due to Nsoft's mistake, that's when I couldn't take it anymore.
  12. You can make nice looking characters thanks to Hyung-Tae Kim's early influence on the game. This is literally the only thing.
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