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  1. Like the topic says. After the new patch things went south they nerfed the fun out of it it became unintresting to do DC or the purple train. - Nerf Gold income - Nerf Loot - Removed boxes in higher dungeons Is like they want to get rid of the players because the PVE changes are beyond stupid dev must have a screw loose that they think this is what players want we. Wonder if they listen us players or the investers.... I hope they see that their great idea is killing the game and rollback or changes things for the beter new and mid tier players w
  2. Saw a video seems damage difference between normal kingfist and Asura Kingfist not big i guess Dragon Bracelet will give the boost 440% Kingfist and 1440% Asura Kingfist
  3. Like the title says was looking what the update did in Korea for SF but cannot find any information what Asura Kingfist and Glacial frost storm does and what AP modifier it has they talk about a stronger version but how much stronger. Any Info is welcome :)
  4. I had a suggestion make those stones account bound with Trove and events i have them on different charcacters but would be nice if you could mail them to a character that really needs them. Just my thoughts.
  5. Some PVE/PVP suggestions to Cobalt Punch HM give more attack to grab and phantom grip (not intresting) what about the golden dragon buff would do something. Exsample: Base Cobalt Punch mod. 4.0 HM Cobalt mod 5.3 Suggested effect during Golden Dragon Cobalt Punch deals additional 2.0 damage while at 3 golden dragon stack Cobalt Punch Crital hits reduce Iron Shoulder cooldown by 1 sec. Maybe Breaking Claw same effect while at 3 stack golden dragon Crit chance goes from 1% to 3%. Golden Dragon Buff is only used on 2 skills would be nice that it will be use
  6. have been looking at BnS Tree what is the beter badge Undying Soul Badge or Limitless Soul Badge? Any Info is welcome :)
  7. I was looking at earth SF HM Cobalt punch it comes to restrain skill what if HM Cobalt gave 0.5 sec cooldown reduction on Iron Shoulder on hit.
  8. Hongmoon skills can be cast be like once per 4 or 5 or maybe more mins it takes time to collect those 10000 hongmoon energy.
  9. Gunner DPS is fine its a pure DPS class with only 1 buff that also potion can do other DPS classes brings buffs and debuffs to a party only thing i would love to see give a FM also party wide damage buff with Burn doesn't have to be big. Something like 5% damage and xx AP extra agians bosses. Just some random though :)
  10. Was wondering what you do mean with FM solo damage is it bad for doing stuff like Mushin Tower, ToI or run CB solo ?
  11. Maybe make it a Transmute future to be able to transmute a Obsidian element to other you like.
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