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  1. they should honestly like make it buyable with warrior tokens. 10k or more warrior tokens kind of thing cuz what else are you gonna spend those on
  2. aint looking to cap crusader aye.. barely touched it only level 4 to be fair though wasn't looking to cap everything in BnS either, just progress without resorting to buying moonstones :c
  3. when moonwater used to be endgame and it was soulstones that were harder to get, sure it took effort but i was willing to do it. i grinded soulstones and tears to make moonwater transformation stones. even if it left me with almost nothing each time, it was doable and i could upgrade gear slowly but surely. i also got the satisfaction of farming my own mats, making my own transformation stones for myself and friends. now that silverfrost is endgame it is so much worse. i have too low gears, too much lag, and am melee class, grinding SSP gets little or no rewards. too undergeared f
  4. ahh i feel bad.. got the outfit drop and didn't even know there was an outfit drop in Zaiwei Ruins, was like the heck is this..? then got it again just the other day o_o; maybe stop farming for it specifically and you will get it.. i wish so much that you could sell outfits on the marketplace or trade them with players.. so i could have given you the extra one rather than sell it to the npc for 1 copper!! feels like such a waste to get extra outfits in this game, can't salvage them in NA either. so disappointing. it does look like rags but i think it's cute with the hoo
  5. This post just makes me want to say, welcome to the life of an Iksanun Ceru before merge. Yeah I might be a bit salty, but can you blame me? Really? You're complaining about Ceru dominating since merge, but Crim dominated Iksanun since launch!!! It might be more overwhelming now since giant Poharan server is included, but before merge there was at LEAST 2x reds to blues, maybe even 3x reds to blues or more. I will admit I haven't done SSP a huge amount of times, so there may have been peaceful times between factions that I wasn't present for. However, every single time without fail t
  6. welcome to the life of people with good ping Q_Q i feel you, my character moves at least half this speed maybe less than half. dps and dodging suffer a lot because of delay :c
  7. whAaAaAAaaAaaAAT??!?!?!!?!?! @_@ what th- what wh them money dollas is what it is. sad thing, if more stuff was account bound we'd have more players investing time into alts. and if the wardrobe was free (like other regions) we'd have more players who don't want to buy premium buying outfits from the store, and going back to the less populated areas to farm outfits for collection. this whole thread is so depressing
  8. if it's not the summoner it sometimes might be a warlock, maybe. in CS today we were stuck and just the warlock escaped and then it fixed for everyone else. idk if it's something to do with thrall? and if it's already desummoned can SS fix it? idk x_x
  9. really depends on your character cuz different outfits will look good with different character appearance P: i like yellow dahlia and prime time on jin male though. and dark sandstorm kinda.. or maybe i just like that outfit in general. stinger cloth headgear looks best on jin male out of all the races, just the colour doesn't really match with most stuff.
  10. they could be a bot but they could also be someone's alt.. or a new player, or a casual player. summoner is one of the easiest if not actual easiest class to solo content and clear content at lower levels so it's a popular pick for alt you don't wanna spend as much time and effort on. yeti/necro/lair are doable at 400-420AP soooo yup.
  11. If you see whispers like these send a ticket to support with screenshot, also of the person's gear etc like this and mention that it's probably a player who's fallen for the phishing scam and account been compromised. I noticed a whisper like this and sent a ticket about it saying the player was probably innocent and fell for scam, and told support i'm saying this on the chance they can return that account to the rightful owner. Then, week or so later ran with that same player in a dungeon, so it seems like they were able to get their account back c: Sometimes you can tell whe
  12. They should put moonstones in the rewards of 24man, give PvErs a way to get them outside of OWPvP, and people who lag too much for SSP. Ta-dah 24man alive again.
  13. cooldown is 45 seconds.. not lasts 45 seconds... it only lasts 3 seconds. this isn't adding a new skill to BD. Maelstrom (TAB) gives BD 60% speed boost for 6 seconds and resist for 2 seconds. - You might see BD using this in arena. HM Maelstrom (TAB) gives PARTY 100% speed boost and resist for 3 seconds. - People probably aren't gonna use HM Maelstrom in arena, it's a party buff skill. The skill OP is talking about, is Guardian Tempest (Z). Tier 3 stage 1 = resist 5 attacks/5 seconds = you will see BD using this in arena. Tier 3 stage 2 = P
  14. ayee wanna work this out buying ncoins, 80 ncoins is 1USD 4950 ncoins for 50 boxes = about 60USD if you get the premium discount 3960 ncoins for 50 boxes = 49.50USD you opened 302 boxes that's like 300USD with the discount, or 360USD without it i never bought premium and so in my country, with the exchange rate, that would cost me $500 to buy the amount of boxes you did HOLY S#!% but ya you can't deny there's some P2W cuz with this kind of money spending you can progress so much faster with gear, HM skills and stats and so can just stomp on the F2P players i
  15. i agree it would have been nice if it was posted on the main site. but there's nothing stopping you from following his twitter. you don't even need a twitter account just visit the page every now and then. it was in the store just inside the RNG box - it was still available in the store. just this time, it could be outside the box. so it's still returning to the store. pretty much all outfits are gonna return at some point or another unless it's stated as exclusive, NC changes their policy, or the game gets shut down.
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