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  1. they should honestly like make it buyable with warrior tokens. 10k or more warrior tokens kind of thing cuz what else are you gonna spend those on
  2. aint looking to cap crusader aye.. barely touched it only level 4 to be fair though wasn't looking to cap everything in BnS either, just progress without resorting to buying moonstones :c
  3. when moonwater used to be endgame and it was soulstones that were harder to get, sure it took effort but i was willing to do it. i grinded soulstones and tears to make moonwater transformation stones. even if it left me with almost nothing each time, it was doable and i could upgrade gear slowly but surely. i also got the satisfaction of farming my own mats, making my own transformation stones for myself and friends. now that silverfrost is endgame it is so much worse. i have too low gears, too much lag, and am melee class, grinding SSP gets little or no rewards. too undergeared f
  4. This post just makes me want to say, welcome to the life of an Iksanun Ceru before merge. Yeah I might be a bit salty, but can you blame me? Really? You're complaining about Ceru dominating since merge, but Crim dominated Iksanun since launch!!! It might be more overwhelming now since giant Poharan server is included, but before merge there was at LEAST 2x reds to blues, maybe even 3x reds to blues or more. I will admit I haven't done SSP a huge amount of times, so there may have been peaceful times between factions that I wasn't present for. However, every single time without fail t
  5. In their last Q&A Livestream NCSoft NA said they had no plans to change anything to do with SSP and faction imbalance. Their response to SSP was "don't go there until you have end game gear" and "buy moonstones off the marketplace". Their response to faction imbalance was "just join the other faction" and "put an alt in the other faction". Yupppppppp.
  6. I got the merchant that has Cobalt Widow Wig twice in Heaven's Mandate. He had all the same items both times too. I don't buy resets it was just for daily quest run. Main is a boy though so... got the blindfold and the gangplank wig instead lol.
  7. All these people saying they don't have enough keys for boxes.. I can't even get a box lol. The only drop I got from SSP so far is 1 key and no boxes to use it on ; ~ ; Not being able to get moonstones really hurts because I hate buying materials for upgrades. I wanna farm it myself and feel like I earned it rather than just buying from the marketplace :c But if I don't buy it, my gear will get further and further behind everyone else doing SSP and I will have even less chance to get loot.
  8. What it looks like from your gifs is that he's missing just one half of his facial idle animations. I played this gif next to my BD in game and he has the same expression rotation as your character here ^^ he does the same pout-y mouth thing. What I've found though is, and I don't know if it's just Lyn M or all races, they do certain idles facing left and then different idles facing right. This one his body is turned to the right (his left) and it seems to be working correctly. This one though his body is turned to the left (his right) and it looks like just that face idle is miss
  9. Made it! Top of Rural Outfitters I'm the king of the world!! Me in that same snow place you went to. My best friend helped me get there though, he's the best climber. Here we are on one of the windmills in Hogshead. And in the Dragonscale place like you went to as well. I only climb because of him :P
  10. I can back this up too. Looking through old screenshots my character used to do faces like this below - slightly closing eyes and smiling. Also blinking and some other expressions. Now all he does is this below - only blank stare until he goes into the full-body idle animation. Even when he switches to looking at the camera, it's only ever a blank stare. It wouldn't bother me if the blank stare is just included as part of the cycle, but it's the fact that all the other expressions and blinking is now completely gone. I take a lot of screenshots and it's definitely noticeabl
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