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  1. new in game.

    First underline you respect other people opinion by calling them out? you can discuss this in PM like i did with you my dear friend. Oh and ( unskilled banan disregarding every single "bad opinion" and calling them kids and trolls. You also disregarding every single "bad opinion" and call them toxic. Pots calling the kettles black~) Second underline please tell me those 100 reasons. I would like to know. You said that you state fact in every of your post am I correct my dear friend? So please state those 100 reasons as you said or I will call you a liar my dear friend :). On topic: 1 F2p 2 Quest 3 yes indeed I'm still waiting on those 100 reasons though. 4 there are some video guides on youtube or you can also go to bladeandsouldojo
  2. Rep Suggestions?

    You want to take the green thumb. You want to take the soul warden. You want to take the merry potter. You want to take the wood cutter. basically that's all you need to be able to survive and also make some profit. Mainly because of the transformation stones. Just make sure to level it up. You can find some guides here and there.
  3. BNS dead?

    No the game is pretty much alive for me. Also those people who tell others to go play something else is plain stupid for me. Yes ncsoft reduced the population but you are also responsible for it by acting like a kid. I don't mind people coming because they might become my friends in game. Let them try and let them experience the game so they can decide by themselves. No,I'm not ncsoft's white knight as you can see from my other forum post. I'm also F2P and currently sitting at hm 9 with awakened scorpion with playing time of 4 hours a day and 6hours on weekend. Why do you guys even complain about those so called wallet warrior they keep the server alive for people like me who don't spend anything. If you don't spend anything then you will gain nothing. Simple as that. No pain no gain. To those who said "this gaem no worthy my tiem me want quit you go play soemthing elsee bruh" just go ahead and quit for real. You can't even quit for real so frankly people like you don't worth anyone's time. To those newcomers I welcome you to try the game. Sure it's not a smooth silky road for you,you will find some problems here and there. But there is always something positive so stick to it,find new friends. I'm sure this game will be a good game despite the negative sides.
  4. Spoiler!do not click! question regarding act V and VI

    Can anyone tell me what happened to loli Jinsoyun? Is she dead? T-the feels ugh
  5. An idea to change the game.

    Hello everyone. I created this topic because i'm not sure if this is a good idea. You all can see how toxic the community of this game is. At the Q&A topic i posted a question that I think is the most important question that should be addressed in the live streaming. Turns out it didn't make it. if they don't want to care we as the players must at least try to care. The idea: 1. I want to make a thread with IGN of people from each server that want to help new players in dungeons. So new players can come to the forum and instead of making thread about how bad the community is they will see the thread and find people that want to help from their server. i saw that there are quite a lot of players with a good heart in the forum. 2. We can also make a discord channel for a purpose of gathering and finding party from all servers. Instead of teaming up with toxic people or random leechers. i think this is a good idea. This will reduce the chance of finding bad team in cross server and you can enjoy the game more without having to deal with the toxic community. Feel free to give me your opinion. Pros and cons or anything else. i warn you though,please post only if you can contribute something. I will see the response from the people here before i make a move.
  6. Late game dungeons melee-unfriendly?

    My main is a HM 9 BD,and it's quite fun to play. However you gotta consider these factors: 1.Ping,lag,fps-->very important if your ping is high do not play BD I have 230+ myself so I know what i'm talking about. You cannot use your "full potential" to ani cancel. 2.Your guts--> whatever people say about "oh most boss skill target range or range has it hard too" I call B(n)S. All of the "range mechanics" have an announcement or notification and they don't happen all of the time. Let's be honest here. it's melee that has to "suffer" maybe 70% of the time. But no,I with 230+ ping do not suffer in any dungeons,none. You just have to know your class. BD has a lot of I frame,that helps. Playing melee is harder no matter what people say. I do not say that playing range is super easy. No,playing range is also hard. But melee is harder. Let's face it even 1 close range normal slap from boss hurts. Do you have to deal with it as range? No 3.Do you like challenges? Go back to number 2 and reconsider. 4.Are you sure? Go back to number 3 and reconsider. 5.If you love BD you should go for it,however if you like BD only because of the loli flat chest. FM can be a loli flat chest too.
  7. Producer's Letter – 6/09 Livestream Questions

    Q: Do you have plans to increase the numbers of new players? If you don't have new players this game will die soon,however the toxic community makes it hard for new players to actually have fun. I love this game and I hope this game will last for years like the eastern counterpart.
  8. this is why ncsoft needs to put in a gear check!

    I understand the point of this topic and I agree. We do need requirements. However the developers need to put that not the players. Because the safest hands are no longer our own. While I got the point I want to point out that OP,you are being toxic. Sure it's annoying when it happens,but bitching about it or even flaming that guy won't help. If he has the balls to lfp with that gear he has the balls to stay. Telling him to leave will not make him leave. You should also grow up,called him plebs or any other things you did (telling people to leave your post because you didnt like people giving their opposite POV) showed us what kind of person you are. By clicking LFP you are risking yourself of getting people with no knowledge or gear. The same goes by making this thread you risk yourself of having to read opposite POV post.
  9. Chibi freeb

    Here is my cute Lyn~