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  1. How do you get the secret agent again? :C Thanks anyways for the info! Congrats @Trilioh
  2. Ikr? I couldn´t get this year Halloween costume...I only saw it once and wasn´t the colour I wanted. Even so, I bought it, now I want that update where we can change colours and patterns to our outfits :c
  3. I see what devs did here... :c So, are they trying to make a melee class out of our hybrid one? I know that melee is supposed to be stronger at all times but why melee buffs only? Are they encouraging us to be melee at all times? At least, they could have kept the snowball/ripple punch bonus as they are the basic attacks in ranged mode. Is not the end of the world, is true that we are stronger at melee. Even so, I prefer to be range sometimes when I have lag for obvious reasons. We also have badges that focus on range so we can feel that "balance" yet. This is only
  4. Jospx

    My Orb, My Loot

    Sometimes people don't even get the chance to put their own orb or agree to the "rule" because those greedies run off to put the orb and claim MOML, and spect you to follow it. I prefer to save my orbs and use them with clannies and friends.
  5. Hope so haha, maybe I can start with the hype :D
  6. Glad it helped. Also, people say that shadow gunner is less ping dependent.
  7. Well, that's almost always the case with new classes. They need to make them appealing for the players to play them or it wouldn't make sense. On the other hand, I don't know about the plan for gunner but, almost always that new class is nerfed too, to "balance out" the classes. Warlock got nerfed already if I'm not wrong (and it's still op, I think). And...soul fighter...too?
  8. This, I thought it was a separate buff like @NinjaZombie. Tyvm. Need those 25 more Desolates for my 9AP bonus attribute.
  9. I have both the sin and the gunner but don't main them. If I'm correct, both of them have high dps. The sin can protect the party, do taxi (you can troll with it haha) and has blue buff which it's welcomed in any party. It can also be invisible most of the time and has lots of cc. The gunner can reset the cooldown of some skills like soul burn of the warlocks and ress of the soul fighter every 5 mins, it also have too many dodges. IMO you should consider your ping, it's easier to play ranged with high ping, you will be safe most of the times if a lag spike h
  10. Go for the class you enjoy the most, you will be stuck with it for a while. If you are thinking of making a warlock, soul fighter or gunner, try them out. Nowadays it's easy to hit 50 in 1-4 days depending on your time to play. I don't have a warlock. It is supposedly the most broken class in pvp and it has soul burn that help you and the party to explode anything for 15 secs. On the other hand, I do have a soul fighter and gunner and I enjoy them both but I don't pvp. Both of them have burst damage, a lot of dodges compared to other classes, the 5 sec immun
  11. Even though I don't have top gear yet, I heard that Earth has higher dps than Ice for only a little. So people prefer ice because is easier to play and not so lower than earth in dps. It's no secret that like 90% of the SF population is using ice. IMO, if you need to choose, choose the element you enjoy the most. A difference of 5k dps only, even with variants, is not a big deal, I know the gap could be higher with more testing, but that isn't my point here >< I don't get why some people need to see a high dps in their characters, I, personally, prefer to enjoy wh
  12. Yep, those are good ones but, at this time I don't think they will change anything.
  13. This one is so-so but I don't feel like complaining, after all, it is free stuff and we had a really good one before this.
  14. It depends on what you want. SF is like a jack of all trades, you can block, attack at melee or ranged, heal and revive your party members. I feel it has more options than a BM, where everyone expect you to tank the boss if there are no KFM. You can also protect the party with a shield. Anyways, I like swords and just for that reason I could pick BM. Problem is, I started as a Blade Dancer so I don't feel the need of a BM. My strongest 2 of my 6 chars are a SF and a BD.
  15. I get your points and I can agree to all of them. Even so, I think I'm just accustomed and didn't really pay attention. For the "S"alvaje, " D"iscard and "U"se, I'm pretty sure there is an option to disable them but I prefer to keep them activated...just in case.
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