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  1. I ask for help here because from tickets or messages i get same answer all time, but nothing of information.
  2. Hello. I want more information about this metter, how is possible i have my account blocked since one week, and i cant recive any information of this. i send my appeals so many times, and the last was this http://imgur.com/VrZw70N "If currently under suspension, the account will be playable after the suspension expires." my account will be playable again?. I asked ask how long it takes for the suspension expires, and i recive this: http://imgur.com/UMAHCvq i ask is so hard give me some information, and why say permanently? It is so serious failure for not being able to even ap
  3. I get bann too, appeal@ncsoft.com is dont help i see automatics anwers of there, u.u any moderator or support team can help us about this metter. ?
  4. any moderator !! D: pls help us, why get bann? :c
  5. And now what we can do for recover the acount ?, appeal@ncsoft.com dont give me answer i dont know what happend for get block.
  6. yes my 2 accounts has ben blocked, but i dont get any infomation about this. I create 2 acounts at start of the game, but i only played at one of both, when i get block in my main account, i check the other account and it have blcok too, both at same time, :c
  7. Pls i need help. I have 2 accounts and both was blocked at same time, why i get block at 2 acounts? I want to recover this account i have more than 5 mouht from game start inverted on this account, i will do everything to ask me but pls help me whit this. I send ticket but i dont get any help, pls if a moderator or ncsoft team is there send a inbox i need help :c
  8. Hello Youmukon. i have banned of my 2 accounts at same time. I dont used nothing for get block. it will be for use 2 accounts at same ip? if is for this, tell me what i can say on ticket or email, for appeal this ? i send emails, but i dont get any help of this, my acounts are still blocked :c
  9. i wrote there and dont get any help
  10. Hello. pls if there any moderator or suport team, GM something pls, help to recover my account: andrs_6969@hotmail.com I get bann i dont know if it was a wrong or something. pls tell me if this is temporal or what, i dont want just to lose my account, help pls.
  11. I send tikets but they respond the same all time " We have reviewed the above action and found it and the associated penalty to be consistent with our policies. We ask that you review our terms and rules of conduct, which are available here: http://us.ncsoft.com/en/legal/user-agreements/. This action against the account will not be removed and the penalty will stand. " pls if ur are a gm or suport team or something help i dont belive it, why i get block, and bots hackers and spamers are all time in the game whit so many reports, i rlly want recover my account :c tell me whats the wrong
  12. Hello, I need help for know if there is a chance to revoer my account, i was blocked but i was not using anything or hack bots third-party programs or altering the client. pls help me whit this, I want my case well revied, and if posible talk whit a staff team, i have not done anything wrong for get perma block. My acc : andrs_6969@hotmail.com
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