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  1. burst with sb.... hmmm gunner sin/des fm/sf it varies on situation...
  2. I submit a ticket and support reply after 48hrs. and did not even fix the issue and just me for follow up question... and I replied as soon as I got the message... now it’s been another 48hrs and still no reply from them!!!!!!!!!! it’s so stupid and annoying!!!!
  3. it does need 3 brilliant keys or hongmoon brilliant key.... the tradable and the non tradable brilliant key is the same... they are just categorized differently to distinguished to be tradable or not... I used the hongmoon one to open the box so no worries on that...
  4. LOL are you even close to end game? summoner easy? probably you only know to mash that lmb+rmb... however if you think it’s all about mashing buttons then your wrong.... I would not bother explaining something to someone that would not understand about it at all... go research more and come back...
  5. 7d prem YAY(sarcasm) suppose to be atleast 30d and you giving it away when? today? next patch? or will chane mind because we are gonna devalue the benefits of it?
  6. how about the square gems that used to be hazagonal gems that they devalued?
  7. this show how this company does not care at all... did you guys forget that you are the one that devalue most of our money before? all the past troves were we paid 100g ea for hexagonal gems + real money for keys and you all change them to what a lower grade gems... then put all our gems back to where they at before... if your changing the stats it's your systems fault we paid for hexagonal and you people devalued them and change the stats for us to be forced to exchange them...
  8. lightning sin here... I really needed some tips... for soul badge mystic badge and bracelet combination... thanks
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