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  1. It currently costs ~24.2k gold to max out a pet if you count pet pods to be 100g each, They are 120g each right now on F5, so ~29k gold. If you compare that to maxing out a soul from stage 5 normal all the way to true cosmic/true transcendent, it costs roughly 46.8k gold if you were to buy all sacred oils at 288g each (current market price). (Note: this is including the basic costs for upgrades as well). So basically maxing a pet costs about 60% of what maxing a soul costs, yet we have literally no possible way of upgrading them without amassing dozens of thousands of gold and buyi
  2. Friendly reminder that many of these items should and need to be addressed. I've seen a few other topics posted recently mentioning a lot of the things I've outlined in this thread, and the only way we'll have a shot in the dark of any of this becoming a reality is if we make our voices louder.
  3. Fortunately it's been brought to my attention somewhere in my reddit thread of this that they actually *are* revamping the premium system. Apparently it's controversial in RU and we're at risk of being triggered depending on whether or not we receive the same system as there, but at least we can know for certain that it won't be left as it currently is. Sadly I don't know specific details of what they are going to be doing.
  4. I was going to reply to CharlieIsBoss until I realised they were just trolling. Almost fell for the bait lmao. Deathrainer, I honestly think the concept of HM skills is cool but implemented horribly. It shouldn't be something you purchase, it should be something you earn from unlocking. They should be 100% based off of things you've done ingame via achievements/unlocks. So ultimately I partially agree and disagree.
  5. Thanks for the feedback and support everybody! @Milennin Raven soul shields have been a lot easier to obtain lately with feathers being handed out so casually from a lot of sources and with BT being way easier to complete and find groups for. There is currently a really awkward situation right now for newer players where they have to waste all of their resources on soul shields that shouldn't really be requiring them to get in the first place. If other sets had a key system as well it would make sense but it's just bizarre for this particular soul shield set to be the o
  6. Hello all! I'm posting this as per suggestion on reddit where the original thread is. If you want to read it there, here is the link: https://redd.it/77pmin Today I've had a good 2 hours to kill so I thought I'd do what I've wanted to do for a while and just plaster some of my ideas and suggestions out there that I think this game either really strongly needs or would be much better with. It's quite a long thread so I apologise about that in advance. If you'd like tl;dr versions for it all, just read the underlined text for each numbered section.
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