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  1. Yeah Naryu Labrinth. I guess if I suck enough I can wait until everybody has left and practice when it is empty. I did that for Blackram Supply. Now it doesn't bother me. Don't judge - I had to practice to get it down. I realize everybody but me can just soar right through that stuff, but it isn't all that easy for me.
  2. No, the ones where you have to figure out the angle, precisely jump on some other piece, pray you don't fall then jump again only to miss and waste your time getting back into place, figure out the angle, jump to another object .. Oh. I assume you mean Blackram Supply Chain. Yes, I've run and completed that regularly. I still hate it. It adds nothing to game play.
  3. The reason I am about to leave it is two-fold. One, I need soulstones. Two, I have to do the idiotic jumping Old Man Cho piles of dung quests if I am not PVPing which of course I can't because I can't upgrade my gear because ... endless loop.
  4. Pure evil looks great and I've hung on to it. Ancient Talus is nice, too. Cerulean Officer is sweet. Which ones are you having the most trouble with liking on your Char? Oh, is this a pet thing? I don't play a summoner so I have no idea how to assist.
  5. I find out I am not qualified for dungeons because I didn't complete the old man cho quests. The reason is because I would rather bash myself in the face with a cast iron pan than deal with the jumping puzzles. It made me quit GW2. I suspect I'll be quitting and canceling my subscription (hey, NCSOFT, you got some cash out of me) because I cannot stand them. It's not challenging, it's just additional aggravation that you have to learn each one and then jump, meanwhile, you have the hell annoyed out of you. They aren't fun, and I haven't found a single person that finds them fun
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