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  1. After playing through the new expansion. And seeing the Hongmoon students in the in-between world gave me an idea. For all we know if we can get it... then so should something be able to come out. You play the start of the game the same way, but you die in Heavens Reach. You get struck by and killed by the mark of the black rose. The events unfold as they did normally. We just learn that you are the Hongmoon’s students polar opposite, if he is good you are bad, pure evil. your abilities focus around dark Chi. For this you would take all the old classes, and give them th
  2. I suppose so: not much it would be able to do in a dungeon like that. It would have to hit mostly with just its whip. Left click is your element activator and your ranged grab. So I suppose but it does not do damage. Hitting with the whip allow to stack the element in question. Since this class is DPS / opener its stance applies buffs. -> did not explain earlier since I forgot due to complexity but here goes poison: reduces enemy armour by 1% up to 10 stacks. (In poison mode). So the class in such an instance would have to be really play a debuff role
  3. PVE asspect as without dungeons should be do able to be with much ease. Since the whip damage is generally really high. For dungeons the snake dancer function is to open group combos. Kind of like how destroyer used to be able to pick up bosses. The entire group helps to incapacitate the boss. Then the snake dancer can begin to juggle the boss. The rest of the team can use their super charged hits. (The aerial F skills learned at lvl 50). If another snake dancer is in the party- it can continue to juggle the boss when the dancer has finished its combo. As such with 4 snake dancers it is
  4. The snake does attack but it's attack is relatively slow. (Not the king Kobra). The snake (both of them) act as your Iframe. As long as the snake is alive you can't really die. Kind of like the cat summoner has. The snake will sacrifice it self if you die and fully heal you. (50K health) The king kobra does not attack- it does the snake dance (like in a hat) when it heals. It is a long range healer. It does not attack. It's health is 50K. Defensive maneuvers are almost not existent. You can grab long range attacks by using left click (it acts both as elemental igni
  5. I know it may seem a little over the top. But it's totally do able with practice.
  6. In martial arts the whip was a massive weapon that was always used before 600BCE. I think it would be very neat to have some class that utilizes this. Diffeculty: 5 star (warning this class is all about combos it's meant to be harder the. KNFM by 3 times) Main Stance: Venom (PVP), FIRE/Storm/Wind (PVE) COMBO 1 (all steps must be excecuted in 3 seconds) to work X: Lock on target >F wind up> F lash enemy >X +1: Whip burn, X+2: quick lash 3 times, Z+F Throws enemy into air > right mouse: wraps around enemy foot: Right click: smashes i
  7. Elemental Monk or Elemental Priest stances: close range ranged (main stance) long ranged (of hand stance) diffeculty (4.3 stars) Tab: spirit of elements: Summon the ancient spirits of fallen who attack enemy for 6 seconds with storm switches to of hand stance main hand stances: Left mouse: shear, burn, freeze (increases attack speed) right mouse button: Gaze: deals damage and slows movements 1: Wind guard: blocks attacks for 0.5 second applies freeze (refreshes every min or on crit) 2: Fizzure: Makes the ground erupt knock
  8. Name: Death Vanguard Race: exclusive to Lyn and Gon Main weapons : Duel hatchets (Malee speed), of hand: Dark Bandle Diffeculty: 6 stars Approch kills: slip step, blink. slip: knocks down applies bleed. Slip: approaches and knocks down. Iframes: Counter (Like sin) e q ss 16 seconds main attacks: 1) Sharukin x20 each throw does 200 stunning for a second after doing so with option to vanish or slip to target 2) skull bash: cuts targets with hatchets stacking 30 bleeds if target moves inflicts 4x damage (1000
  9. I am sure this happened to everyone of you. I cut to chase. Development team make it so that if people leave the que in dungeon or in cross server realm to give them a stacking -100% to drops. This will punish people and stop them from running and being nasty and slowing people down.
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