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  1. what is the drop rate basically how many time you run 16-19
  2. Do the bracelets drop from floors 16-19 or only from 20 ?!
  3. the quest here to there and back again and again wich act it is ?
  4. so basically you dont get any AP and Hp from leveling hm ?
  5. still the same... yes it an isuusie because its around 20-30 extra AP
  6. what i meant was base attack power.
  7. so i just lvled from hm 1 to hm 11 in like 5 min i had bunch of 1mil exp but i notice no stat change what so ever my AP stayed the same. btw i didnt finish the story yet. still in ziewi
  8. I have like 10 pages of unpacked items in my mail box and when i try to unpack them it says not a veiled item .. did it happen to someone ?!
  9. if i have the old bundles but did not open them yet wil they be transformed to the new once or i will be able to buy the new onces separately?
  10. How many pet pods needed to get max pet ?!
  11. yea so its better to wait and than get ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up even more.
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