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  1. PVE Build since patch?

    That skill break down makes no sense unless your opponent was grabbed most of the time and you held lmb instead of f, you never once used repulse either which is the stronger hit on rmb for shadow build.... In my experiences of using shadow build wrath isn't even worth using most of the time unless you need focus. The damage of repulse is higher and the attack speed of eradicate/repulse is the same as the shadow wrath.
  2. A lot of people in this thread are just talking without knowing a thing about what they're talking about. If you do actual testing you will see that upgrading your weapon is the best thing you can do. The accessories that drop in dungeons are extremely good for zero cost. Examples for my destroyer on a dummy: Stage 4 legendary, max accessories, no soul shield. 696 ap, 36.24% crit rate, 205.89% crit damage 17k average dps over 2 minutes. Ice axe, max accessories, 5/3 asura tomb. 503 ap, 57.36% crit rate, 219.89% crit damage 13.5k dps over 2 minutes. Stage 4 legendary, random crit damage accessories, 5/3 asura/tomb. 619 ap, 53.90% crit rate, 222.97% crit damage 17.5k dps over 2 minutes. Stage 4 legendary, random crit rate accessories, 5/3 asura/tomb. 640 ap, 61.56% crit rate, 183.80% crit damage. 16k dps over 2 minutes Stage 4 legendary, max accessories, 5/3 asura/tomb. 701 ap, 57.86% crit rate, 219.89% crit damage 20k dps over 2 minutes. Stage 4 legendary, max accessories with asura bracelet, 5/3 asura/tomb. 682 ap, 53.24% crit rate, 235.54% crit damage 21k dps over 2 minutes. Stage 4 legenday, max ring/earring with asura bracelet and threat/488 crit damage tomb necklace, 5/3 asura/tomb. 662 ap, 53.24% crit chance, 239.15% crit damage 20k dps over 2 minutes. Stage 4 legendary, max accessories with asura bracelet, 5/3 asura/tomb. (took out ap gems and took off soul to lower ap.) 625 ap, 53.24% crit chance, 235.54% crit rate. 18k dps over 2 minutes. TLDR: AP/crit or AP/crit damage are the biggest factors in your dps. Other than rotation. Classes with crit dependant skills like warlock and sin ap/crit rate are the biggest factors, while classes like destroyer and kfm ap/crit damage effects your dps more. Weapon is the single best upgrade you can do while using dungeon dropped accessories until you're weapon is true scorpio or legendary.
  3. Destroyers need some lovin too

    A lot of people are bad, if you think the class is the problem reroll and wait for a buff.
  4. It's so rude to be satisfied with your class and not agree with everything people who aren't satisfied with it say, gosh. /eyeroll
  5. Honestly, rushing weapon and ring is the best way to upgrade. Bracelet, earring, and necklace from dungeons are so good that it's the most cost effective way to get more dps. python/breeze/asura/tomb with crit rate, ap, crit damage are very very good and give you more crit rate than you'd having upgrading the hongmoon things with similar crit damage and ap. Most of my alt characters start out geared like this, and you won't find me pulling under 15k on just about any class with these stats. Doing proper rotations with dungeon dropped accessories you can easily complete every dungeon in the game if you know how to play the class and do the mechanics.
  6. Legendaty wep??

    It's super rare for it to take more than 30-45 seconds for me to get a reset on 1 target, on multiple it's stupidly fast.
  7. Destroyers need some lovin too

    That's because you are bad, not the class. Seriously, just quit or reroll already. I'm willing to bet you complain about any class you eventually reroll to just as much.
  8. Blade dancers have an instant 30sec knockout?!

    They have to stun your cat first, so they are using 2 ccs when they do it.
  9. Why is Ice Build not popular in F8?

    Not sure why I do more with my rotation, the only thing I can really think of is the instant double inferno. If I do purely l/r/f vs l/r/1 then force blast beats it out, but when I do the full rotation the way I've been doing it-it just puts out more dps than force blast. s1t5 vs s1t3 lmb is a very small difference really, around 150 damage max per hit, then the tiny auto detonate damage every few hits. The badge would be ok, but really Ice rain needs a buff.
  10. I don't feel I'm suffering at all, I say again. What can all the other classes do that a destroyer can't? We can solo everything everyone else can, we can 2 man everything everyone else can, we can 4/6 man everything everyone else can. Our dps is high enough to do all of the content, just because other people do more dps doesn't mean we suffer.
  11. I said it in another topic and I'll say it again. I challenge you to find something every other class can do that a destroyer can't.
  12. Why is Ice Build not popular in F8?

    I tried using lmb/rmb/1 as my main rotation with auto detonate and it was around 4-6k less dps than this variation. The instant inferno doing 80k+ damage brought my dps up a lot more than I lost using fury. I noticed that using all 3 cold snap and getting 5 seconds of ice rain or spacing out it out and getting 12-13 seconds of it really didn't change my dps by more than 1k.
  13. Why is Ice Build not popular in F8? Little video for the most effective way I've found to play ice build above, maybe I'm just doing something wrong, but after a lot of testing that's how I get the most dps. It's very similar to fire build, but the F skills do less. 19-22k with ice build on the dummy where with fire I do 24-26k.
  14. Doubt about attributes to boost a KFM !!

    The game is all about dps and iframes, by end game aim for 120% accuracy and as much crit damage as possible for pve.
  15. Why is Ice Build not popular in F8?

    I played a 400 ap kfm to get similar buffs to what you had in your screen shot while my friend played fm, we got 2 ice phases.
  16. Seraph or Baylful

    Baleful, the extra damage on your most spammed skills and the resets are great. Cooldown reduction really doesn't help as you can just use seed shroud to get photosynthesis.
  17. Why is Ice Build not popular in F8?

    20k dps is kinda meh for those stats really. If there is 1 warlock I do near 30k, if there's a grab class I'll do near 25k, if it's just a solo/duo with no buff classes it's 19-21/22 depending on how well I play and my stats are lower than yours, frost build does ok damage because FM is so strong, but it simply doesn't compete with burn. Stats/gear of the FM I play.
  18. You should quit the game already, every time you type it's negative. Find a game that doesn't give you a heart attack every day.
  19. summoner nerfed :/ wow

    Bees only lowers the cooldown during soulburn now doesn't it? I used to get more dps with bees vs sunflower, but after the last nerf my sunflower is doing about 2k more.
  20. The solo content yeah, and as for my experience they can. But when you get into soloing party things I don't think I've ever played a game where classes are equal in that. Sundered Nexus is a good example, every class can reach the dps to solo it, but even with that dps some won't be able to simply because they can't spec for joint cc of every type.
  21. Different class, my comparison was for same class different player.
  22. Classes should only be judged on max capability IMO, if someone can't do something at the same stats/gear as another person it doesn't mean the class is/was bad, it just means the player should improve. I know I'm in the minority when I say things like this, but IMO if 1 person can do something everyone should be able to do it with the same gear.
  23. Mushin's 10-14

    You should have more than enough to clear everything there quite easily actually, I see your soul shields could use a big improvement, but you're definitely geared enough to run the full tower. Perfect your rotation on the dummy and you'll have it easily.
  24. I don't remember ever failing anything due to enrage timers leveling and gearing up. Was able to do Naksun with 400 ap, was able to do floors 8.1-8.3 with it too.
  25. Bm and summoner are a bit ahead of the curve right now no doubt, once you're full end game geared and skilled. The other classes not so much, warlock dps is up there too, but that doesn't make destroyer useless. Excluding those 2 very powerful classes everything else is around the same level in my experience.