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  1. Getting the 1250 achievement points is pretty quick, a lot faster than farming the monsters.
  2. The only things BD has in common with destroyer is it can spin and grab.... how is that a clone? They don't play similarly in the slightest. I've seen every class fail at soloing yeti with over 700 ap because they aren't doing enough dps, and a destroyer succeed with sub 650. According to your logic there that means destroyer is the strongest. What you can do and what you've seen others do doesn't mean they're playing the class to the maximum potential it can be played, just as other people can't always play their class perfectly all the time and think if they rerolled they'd be better. Destroyer got a HUGE party dps buff in the form of restrain grab, and yes it is better than a BDs in the average party, do an actual comparison and you'll see that people critting 95-100% of the time vs 50-70% of the time during the grab is a large difference. I've had people do more damage in 1 grab on my destroyer than using both on my bd purely because of the crit losing the RNG factor. I've saved countless people in dungeons/msp who run out of iframes simply because even if you run out of iframes on a destroyer you have your defense spin that makes you almost invincible, or your taunt that forces targets onto you every 12 seconds, a shield that reduces damage by 50% for 8+ seconds, and the revival cage.
  3. State of summoners in the game right now?

    Summoners are still very strong and extremely versatile, you can solo anything any other class can and more. Not everyone can do Sundered Nexus solo, but summoner can. Sunflower is still the way to go.
  4. Needing advice

    Full legendary or 5 piece legendary with 3 oblivion are the end goal. Before that 5 piece Ebondrake/Asura/MSP and 3 piece be ido/oblivion are all pretty close to equal.
  5. If you use icon mode to look at your skills the # of points you have in each skill is now very difficult to read.
  6. DO NOT "fix" Asura accessories.

    Asura accessories have always been good alternatives to save money, the earring actually got a huge nerf, but Be Ido and Oblivion earrings can make up for that. The new stats on the ring/bracelet/necklace just got WAY better now, haha.
  7. If people take the time to learn mechanics 6 man asura and under can be completed with a group of fresh 50s. Every class is capable of pulling 7-8k+ dps with 400 ap. 6 people playing correctly at 400 ap can do almost anything easily enough.
  8. Requirements for solo Yeti

    You only have to average around 14.3k dps to solo with bleed stacking. Without bleeds he heals for something like 11k every 2 seconds so that's like having an extra 2.2 million hp over the entire fight which would mean you'd need to have an average of 19.8k dps with no bleeds.
  9. DragonCall Volume 2 (Skill Book)

    Join a guild, make some friends, or just click the LFP button.
  10. Need advice when facing WL in 1v1

    Any skills that pierce defense and give you defense are good vs a warlock.
  11. Explain something to me: Sunflower stacks

    You only get stacks during pin, d'n'b, or briar.
  12. Sunflower

    A lot of your dps will come from super sunflower, if you aren't getting super sunflower every 10 attacks or every time seed shroud is available you need to work on that.
  13. what are the best AP increasing items?

    Rushing your weapon and using dungeon dropped accessories is actually the biggest dps/price boost you can get. Keep your soul shield up to date with the highest crit/accuracy you can while you upgrade your weapon and you'll be much better off.
  14. What needs to happen to make Des playable

    All 3 solos are from last patch. They all have/had the same gear.
  15. What needs to happen to make Des playable

    Your numbers are pretty far off there, go to youtube, look up Arashel OuO, tungmath, or mada. All 3 have Shattered masts solos and other videos and similar gear. In a solo setting the dps isn't much different.
  16. Please tell me this is your last topic because you finally quit.
  17. Lightning Combo: Wich way to go?

    You should have no focus issues with 4/RMB/F, 4 recovers 3 focus, the cost of rmb/f, and is useable after every F with 5 poison stacks and every 2nd F with less poison stacks. Shadow drain should be more than enough to cover the focus cost if you get low, X can also be used to recover 2 focus. If you really have a hard time doing 4/rmb/f you can switch to lightning crash and just rmb/f with no issues.
  18. How do I catch up...?

    Press F8, choose the dungeon you want, press the LFP button. It works for every single dungeon.
  19. [KR] New Skillbuild in Testserver

    As a destroyer you have something like 10 skills that can pierce block/parry, including your main dps skill, cleave.... stop being bad.
  20. Can a summoner have the same DPS as FM or WL?

    Some of these skills have multiple effects, can be used twice, some are situational, but either way summoner has insane amounts of CC and you don't have to sacrifice much damage for it. 1. Entangle (RMB) 2. briar patch 3. ankle biter/surprise gift 4. uppercut 5. play time 6. strike 7. headbutt 8. thorn strike 9. grasping roots/weed whack 10. evade 11. beckon 12/13. power pounce/kd after 10 seconds 14. lunge 15. hammer spin To do decent dps on a summoner all you have to do it spam lmb/rmb and your 2 f skills every 8 seconds or so, anything else just adds a few % extra. It's insanely simple.
  21. PvE Sunflower/Bees Builds

    It's nice not having to run around all the time anymore to make bees work, haha. Shame it got nerfed so hard tho.
  22. Can a summoner have the same DPS as FM or WL?

    You have that backwards man, if a FM uses only 2 buttons it's losing over 50% of it's dps, unless you mean inferno/meteor as the 2 buttons, if a summoner uses 2 buttons it's not missing out on much in comparison. The tab kd/daze takes a long time to cast for fm and makes it lose quite a bit of dps, summoners can double kd with cat and not lose much of anything, or 1 daze/kd cat/summoner each and hardly lose anything, or double stun with cat and again.... hardly lose anything. I'd say FM is rated above summoner in difficulty because it requires an actual rotation or your dps is going to be garbage, you can't just spam lmb/rmb and do 80/90% of your classes potential dps.
  23. Can a summoner have the same DPS as FM or WL?

    Just no. On things that take only 1 cc to be effective, such as TOI, summoner destroys fm in terms of utility. They have something like 14/15 different ccs, some of which are able to be reset every 8 seconds.
  24. PVE Build since patch?

    Hmm, I get 7/8 lmbs off during q/x each and 14/15 during e. I get the same amount of RMB off during fury as I do lmb. My shadow wrath lmb does 10-11.5k during fury, eradicate/repulse do 9.5-15k and galeforce 25k. In 32 hits of LMB and q/x/e I'm doing around 300-330k, in 32 hits of RMB and q/x/e/f I'm doing over 400k. Both take the same amount of time. My ms right now is only around 160-200, so not sure how you're doing more LMB overall than RMB. Given the amount of hits you did in the fight I'd guess it only lasted around 1.5 minutes for the first one and 2 minutes the 2nd one.
  25. PVE Build since patch?

    I forgot about soulburn. I'll have to mess around with it more later, my in game ping is over 1k lately.