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  1. Asura's Return

    It used to tell you which quest was required to unlock the daily if you highlighted over the X.
  2. Asura's Return

    Why not? It's just a dungeon that requires a few mechanics. If people are willing to teach/learn the ap/dps required is quite low. Fresh 50s can complete it.
  3. The best set bonus we could receive is being able to move and cleave. :)
  4. Complain About Gear Upgrade

    I'm amazed people are still complaining about how hard it is to gear up, I started a new character and played it for 4 days and it's maxed out other than legendary. You get all of your accessories in 3 dungeon runs more often than not, and by the end of the story quests they give you all the gear you need to run every dungeon if everyone understands the mechanics. You are strong enough now by the end of the story to 2-3 man every dungeon but the top 3 hard ones. As for upgrading the weapon you only need 2!!! tormented weapons, find 1-3 friends and go for the 100 run Avalanche Den ap achievement and you'll have the weapons before you complete it. Each run takes less than 10 minutes.
  5. SF yeti solo

    Well, my new soul fighter is about 4 days old now and I got it all the pinnacle gear and True Ivorymoon stage 10 so I thought I'd see what it can do. 635 ap, 58% crit rate, 233% crit damage.
  6. The 600 AP Wall

    This is the best advice so far. Ignore accessory upgrading, use ivorymoon/lucent/pinnacle. Spam yeti for 2 tormented weapons and its soul shields. Do msp/dkv, and use the LFP button. Go to Mushin's tower training dummy and learn your rotations. Join a guild, make some friends.
  7. Dps

    I'm only 3 days into my SF now, but it's just about maxed gear other than legendary and earth is 2-4k dps higher than ice on average, even with all HM skills. Haven't bought the badge yet, waiting to get better soul shields to see how much a higher crit rate changes that.
  8. Rerolling is easier than it's ever been. Please do it with every single class until you find one you don't completely change suck at.
  9. HM Earring Alternative?

    Be ido. Tomb can drop some good ones too.
  10. Combat and Dodging

    Tera probably has the best free combat system of the games I've played.
  11. Combat and Dodging

    I find it annoying too, but not enough to be a deal breaker. There aren't many mmos with decent hitbox detection.
  12. New character extremely weak

    Haha, if you want I'll do it again without the gems as I said. Your only problem is you must suck at the game to not be able to do these things. At most the gems at low levels add a 30% dps boost. Learning to survive and do the mechanics is more impotant. There are no enrage timers. Take a few minutes/seconds of each fight to actually pay attention to what's happening in them and you will find out there are ways built in to deal with anything you need. 1st boss, forgot to show gear on this one, but it shows in the other 2. Total cost of gems was an amazing 20 silver for the defense diamond! 2nd boss. Last boss.
  13. Combat and Dodging

    Yes, you will still sometimes get hit even if you shouldn't.
  14. THE DAMN tormented weapon drop rate

    Get that 100 4 man yeti runs ap achievement then open all your boxes.
  15. New character extremely weak

    You want tomb of exiles again or blackram narrows? If it's narrows you'll have to make a dummy account and level it to 20 for me, any class is fine. You can set whatever restriction you want. I'll stream it when you're ready.
  16. New character extremely weak

    If you kill the wolves that spawn no ads come. If you let a few ads come and kill them and the wolf you get a bomb do to big damage to the boss. Mechanics! GASP!
  17. New character extremely weak

    A new player can afford to buy a 400+ defense gem and use a life steal amythest and have a much easier time than I gave myself.
  18. New character extremely weak

    I solo'd it as a destroyer and a fm as a brand new player a year ago, it all depends on the person playing and if they will dedicate time to learning it.
  19. New character extremely weak

    Of couse I died, I'm learning how to play the character as I go. I died on my other ones learning to solo it too. The gems hardly do anything, kills come slightly faster and there's no enrage. There, done again. I also used the silver deva weapon that run instead of the infernal just for less dps.
  20. New character extremely weak

    Doing it again right now, will post screens when I'm done I guess. Just because you can't do it doesn't mean other people can't.
  21. New character extremely weak

    I started a new one yesterday to see how it was, so far I've been perfectly fine. Was able to solo blackram narrows at 20, all greens before/after. Just finished soloing tomb of the exiles at 36. I haven't noticed much of a difference leveling before/arfter personally.
  22. mouse going out of the game when 2 monitors

    I had to switch to full screen window mode for it to stop happening.
  23. Dungeon requirements discussion

    The downtime and buffs/debuffs don't change the dps requirement, they just change your total uptime.
  24. Dungeon requirements discussion

    Here are the "requirements" for most purple dungeons that don't have self damage mechanics. (Counting for 5 stacks of bleed to stop regen.) Avalance Den: Angler Yeti: 400 seconds to do 5,700,000 = 14,250 dps required. Divide by 6 people and the dps required is 2,375 per person. Lair of the Frozen Fang: Bloodscale Naga King: 210 seconds to do 3,930,000 = 18,714 dps. Divide by by 6 people and the dps required is 3,119 per person. Tetralisk Queen: 170 seconds to do 3,150,000 = 18,529 dps. Divide by 6 people and the dps required is 3,088 per person. Awakened Necropolis: Scorpion Queen: 185 seconds to do 3,440,000 = 18,595 dps. Divide by 6 people and the dps required is 3,099 per person. Sundered Nexus: Drill Sergeant: 360 seconds to do 5,180,000 = 14,388 dps required. Divide by 6 people and the dps required is 2,398 per person. TE-1138 Heavenpiercer: 480 seconds to do 8,450,000 = 17,604 dps required. Divide by 6 people and the dps required is 2,934 dps per person. Gloomdross Incursion: Baruk: 360 seconds to do 8,729,500 = 24,249 dps required. Divide by 6 people and the dps required is 4,041 per person. The Shattered Masts: Scarlet/Cobalt monstrosity: 360 seconds to do 3,300,000 = 9,166 dps required. Divide by 6 people and the dps required is 1,528 per person. Aoe dps. Kuwajin: 300 seconds to do 5,490,000 = 18,300 dps required. Divide by 6 people and the dps required is 3,050 per person. Taikhan: 540 seconds to do 10,828,000 = 20,052 dps required. Divide by 6 people and the dps required is 3,342 per person. (He has 11,028,000 hp, but at 200k he jumps the the middle and you pretty much win.) Sogun's Lament: ken/gen: 420 seconds to do 5,947,000 = 14,160 dps. Divide by 6 people and the dps required is 2,360 per person. Aoe dps. Iruga: 300 seconds to do 12,600,000 = 42,000 dps. Divide by 6 people and the dps required is 7,000 per person. 12 stacks of Wrathful Spears and a shield throw does around 1.8 million damage each time to him, lowering the dps requirement even more. Asura: 500 seconds to do 11,210,000 = 22,420 dps. Divide by 6 people and the dps required is 3,737 per person.
  25. Dungeon requirements discussion

    Ap raises crit and non crit damage.