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  1. As of right now it takes me something like 3-4 days to get level 50 hm 4/5/6 with full pinnacle and True ivorymoon level 10 on alts. If they're making it easier I imagine it'll take a day or 2 less.
  2. 2 KD EC 1st boss

    Get to the wall before he does and z/4 or z/v slightly before you feel like his cc bars will open. Even with a small delay like that you should have plenty of time.
  3. can you pls give us party buff?

    I'm hitting for 10k with much less ap/crit damage than that.
  4. Feeling Stuck on Foundry

    You can grab Acrimor, I personally volunteer to drive most runs, because I don't like to rely on other people, also because of how fast destroyers can get around. You have nothing to worry about with your 400/500% defense spin. You can also leap/charge in to stun or grab when available. You should be fine to tank if you spec your kick for threat. Destroyer is 100% the most survivable class in the game, we have more life leach than any other class and a 400/500% defense spin that can be used with no cooldown.
  5. Summoner solo Desolate Tomb - Amazing

    Destroyer one too, seems mechanics change a bit when it's a solo.
  6. doing ec without sin/sum

    It's actually not if you have people that are competent, we rarely run it with stealth in my group anymore. Just have the person that's marked get hit by the circle and nobody else. Then use a party iframe or solo defensive skill if you don't have party saves and continue on like any other dungeon. Stealth is mostly for the bosses self damage mechanic.
  7. Do this & Soul Fighter will be useful again

    I have done BT on my SF, it's pretty simple to stay behind bosses in raid, and every dungeon. Even if our SB skill isn't the strongest soul fighter dps is still high up there. Heal useless? I have saved countless people in and out of raid with it. Little video of the soul fighter rotation, you shouldn't be using dragon fist as it does a bit less dps, pre BT soul shield bonus, but if you run out of focus often it might help you keep your focus up.
  8. Do this & Soul Fighter will be useful again

    I haven't noticed any of the issues you're talking about with my SF. It's damage is great, it's heals with 3 stacks of golden dragon are AMAZING, the res is WAY better than a summoners as you don't have to die to do it and it pulls everyone to your location and it bugs out less often. I haven't noticed any focus issues as long as I attack from behind like you're supposed to.
  9. Badge question

    The green badge continues to be better because of resets, You are guaranteed an extra meteor cast every reset. The Blue badge loses out on all the casting you've done and becomes useless if you get a reset before it reduces your cooldown enough to cast again.
  10. Why isn't a Destroyer a Real Tanking Class

    Other classes give party buffs too, that doesn't make destroyer grab any less amazing. I'm interested in seeing you or anyone prove this, I can currently solo almost every dungeon on my destroyer in 5-30 minutes. DT/EC/NF are the only 3 I currently can't, and sogun's takes some super RNG to get Iruga down solo, but that's it. Show me proof that every single other class can solo every dungeon in the game without a Critical/True soul or raven weapon faster than I can. I never said KFM or BM aren't real tanks, I simply pointed out that a destroyer also makes an excellent tank. I know I have no problems holding threat or getting it back right after I grab over someone doing double my dps.
  11. Today I entered masts solo as a destroyer and ignored all the mechanics because it's impossible to die and I have enough dps to solo it.
  12. Finally got my 8 soul shield set from msp. Decided to try masts. 1st bosses. 2nd boss. Last boss.
  13. Yeti 6p 650+ Fast run

    I did, but I actually only had 635 ap. My 3rd time ever playing the character, didn't even understand a few things about it that I do now. :P
  14. Please oh please give it back

    I wouldn't personally care if they left them in the game for people, but other than salvaging for jewels they are a waste of money now. Elemental ring/earring are better/equal and cheaper to max out. Possibly harder to get for a person with no friends, but that's an easily solvable problem.
  15. Yeti 6p 650+ Fast run

    I'm the guy that solo's everything to learn every single mechanic in the game because I find it fun, give me any class with 650 ap and pinnacle accessories and I will solo the yeti in 4 man.
  16. Yeti 6p 650+ Fast run

    With 2 people at 650 or 6 people at 500 ap there are hardly any mechanics on yeti, haha.
  17. I wanted to try it, turns out I did it. 802 attack power, 54% crit rate, 228% crit damage.
  18. Destroyer solo 4 man Sundered Nexus.

    Shadow is only better for aoe, the burst in earth makes the overall dps higher. My ms is around 200-300 usually, ping on wtfast always said I had 110-150 or something. Can't remember exactly since it didn't help, I unsubscribed. Should be able to be close to it, I have 200-300 usually.
  19. We already currently have that skill but not quite as good as that one, right now it's a 30 second cooldown that reduces 25% damage for 3 hits or the HM version with 45 second cooldown that reduces all incoming damage by 50% for 8 seconds.
  20. Which class is the best ?

    This, summoner can cover every role in the game and carry hard.
  21. New badges x Destroyer builds. What's better?

    This guy has 860 ap and pulls about 83k on Acrimor.
  22. Why isn't a Destroyer a Real Tanking Class

    Grab is an amazing party buff that can be used in 90%+ of the games content. They can get enough dps to solo every single dungeon, and our taunt kick + insane defense buffs and life leech make us an unkillable tank in 95% of the games content.
  23. Winter trove Bugged

    Haven't seen or heard of anyone getting an oil, but I saw white seductress probably 15 times in my first 150 keys.
  24. Rumblebees Stage 1 and Soul Burn

    Even without HM lmb/rmb you shouldn't have focus problems with sunflower if you manage your 2 F skills. All you really have to do is use them 8 seconds apart from each other if you want, or you can manage them better for super sunflower procs. Video with no HM skills.
  25. I like watching people do solo crap, so I figured someone might enjoy watching me.