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  1. [Guide] Mastering Lyn Bladedancer by Think

    The damage of lightning is much higher than the damage of wind, you can do fine with either. The damage every class in this game does is far higher than we need.
  2. How exactly did they mess anything up? 30% less crit damage and no skill reset? So what, the dps every class does in this game is so high that overall it doesn't stop anyone from doing anything they could before. The animation will likely be fixed as soon as they can and the buff duration and cooldown are on your bars.
  3. What gear should i get for more dps ?

    You seem to under estimate how good ap is. Going from 10-12 on my weapon was a 7k dps increase or around 10%. You have a lot of stuff you can upgrade without even raiding. Weapon to 12, ring to pyro/destiny, necklace to 9, belt to 6/10, bracelet. Primal force soul badge, skyrift mystic badge. The biggest non raid dps increase for you right now is probably going to be the badges. Then the bracelet. After that the weapon, then neck/belt.
  4. Riftwalk vs Raven destro drama thoughts?

    Most your questions are answered already in my response and that thread. You get to spam rmb because at that gear level your soul gives focus recovery, your pet can give focus recover, mighty cleave gives focus recovery, and weapon reset procs give focus recovery.
  5. Riftwalk vs Raven destro drama thoughts?

    That thread has some comparisons of people using both weapons and raven is doing 30% more. When you get to raven/riftwalk you hardly have to use lmb at all, I just watched OCDs comparison videos and he plays far from the highest dps rotation. If you look at the damager per cleave in his videos riftwalk is doing 26-36k cleaves while raven is doing 35-50k cleaves. Raven is the clear winner currently if you're playing for maximum dps. As an example, I have 0 BT gear, no bracelet, and using the enigma mystic badge I can pull between 80-90k. OCD has a lot of room for improvement. I use riftwalk btw, since I don't care to raid.
  6. I had my shadow earring on during the Seraph parse. Decided to make the Riftwalk weapon today. At the moment I'm thinking Dawnforged would out do the Riftwalk. Seraph parse(with shadow earring, oops ). Baleful parse. Riftwalk parse.
  7. Baleful 10 vs Seraph 10 vs riftwalk 1

    I'm finding it easier to do more dps consistently with the enigma badge than the skyrift badge currently. (pre bt, no bracelet yet.)
  8. It's TOTALLY not their fault for people who get no packet loss, have high speeds and then somehow get 10-30% packet loss at the very last hop which is the ncsoft server right? /sarcasm off.... The ncsoft servers are simply not that good, some people just don't get it because they're the lucky few who rarely experience what many others do. I've never seen so many complaints about ping/lag/bad ms as this game gets. Here's an example of a good day to play for me, with a day where it's useless to even try.
  9. Baleful 10 vs Seraph 10 vs riftwalk 1

    Got all of the mystic badges recently and decided to do a comparison with my current gear. The earth ones could possibly be slightly higher with the Yunsang badge, I haven't finished farming for it yet. I actually usually get almost the exact same dps using the skyrift and enigma mystic badges, but the skyrift seems to have a higher max. Skyrift mystic badge. Enigma mystic badge. Pulse mystic badge. I was at 91k dps, but I got knocked back twice during the last little bit. OOPS!
  10. Baleful 10 vs Seraph 10 vs riftwalk 1

    Interesting to see, do you by chance still have your msp set? I'm curious to see the dps difference from bt8 and msp8.
  11. Baleful or Seraph

    What are you trying to say right here?
  12. Destroyer PvE Shadow Rotation - Patch 3.0

    Nope, no raid gear. That isn't the combo he recommended with that set tho.
  13. Destroyer PvE Shadow Rotation - Patch 3.0

    I noticed in your video you say to do just rmb/f during fury after getting the pulse badge, but I'm getting more dps using lmb/f. 85k using wrath vs 78k not using it.
  14. Baleful 10 vs Seraph 10 vs riftwalk 1

    It was earth build, I just accidently used my shadow earring on the Seraph parse.
  15. Eradicate bugged?

    Using Eradicate adds the additional damage to it and turns it into Repulse, if you add the 2 damage numbers from Eradicate you get the damage number of Repulse. Violent Wind is Galeforce, just another messed up translation.
  16. Problem with using Emberstomp

    This bug happens to me every few minutes, just have to take a step and then everything is usually good again.
  17. Eradicate bugged?

    The first hit is eradicate, the 2nd hit is named repulse and the damage gets added onto that hit.
  18. Earth vs Shadow after patch

    1. I have both an earth and a shadow earring. 2. It gives it a very small benefit if you use wrath during fury, which really doesn't seem to be any better than just using eradicate.
  19. Earth vs Shadow after patch

    Shadow and earth aren't far off from each other and both have their pros. Earths burst is WAY higher than shadows, but shadow does more sustained damage and you can move. The badges for shadow seem better than the ones for earth right now, and I think for solo play it could be slightly stronger if you had the BT mystic badge and the magnum soul badge. Here's the comparison with my current stats, I did get a pretty large lag spike during the earth parse that dropped my dps down by 2k. My earth build also has the advantage of the badges helping it more than they help while using shadow.
  20. New badges x Destroyer builds. What's better?

    I don't know what you're thinking, but sb+bb doesn't give more than 100% damage increase. I'm pretty far off from his gear and I can hit 35k without that.
  21. hows destroyer atm

    I don't regret maining destroyer in the slightest. Our aoe with eradicate is good and comes with massive life steal. I can solo 3 terrors at the same time in SSP no problem since we have so much defense and survivability. It can take a little bit to kill them, but it's not hard work because of our kit.
  22. Ranged?

    Right now ranged stance is about a 40% dps loss over melee.
  23. There are a few guides and videos of it being done already.
  24. I do play a lot, and sleep less than most people, but it's mostly prioritizing your game time to leveling instead of doing random things that make it so fast. I would say it doesn't take me more than 20 hours total to do every blue/yellow quest that isn't a daily. Not trying to hurry or anything, just doing them casually while I watch Netflix on my 2nd monitor.