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  1. Every class has basically the same kit when it comes to pve resists/blocks. It only takes between 1 and 3 iframes to survive the ice phase.
  2. Didn't work when I tried it, other spots did, it seemed random. I was able to do it around 400 ap with bad ping.
  3. When will it be rewarding playing sin?

    Summoners out do assassin in utility any day.... daze/kd/stun all at the same time, taunt, pin, resist, big damage from range, res and dps at the same time, invulnerable ressing.... As a FM that tanks often I'd also take a destroyer with grab/fast reliable ccs over a sin any day.
  4. When will it be rewarding playing sin?

    1. It's only the general consensus among assassin players. 2. I'm in runs all the time where an assassin doesn't have it or it isn't up because they used it for focus regen. 5. You just said you're using it for blocking. 6. It's not noticably faster in a strong aoe group.
  5. When will it be rewarding playing sin?

    1. Prove it, from testing it does not have anywhere near the highest dps without hongmoon skills and near end game gear, and it takes more work than other classes to pull off. Dps meters exist. I have run into 1 assassin that I noticed did more than average dps and when I inspected him he had close to 800 ap and was pulling less than 2 of the FMs in the run with 650-700 ap. 2. If it's a dark build assassin it likely won't be up when the party needs it, FM/summoners are both better. 3. decoy/smokescreen? 4. 1 good thing about them that I agree with, rather have a kfm tanking and using it tho. 5. decoy? if you are using that every time it's up your party save goes out the window since it's on a 30 second c/d. 6. Useless unless in a group of assassin, cuz they have horrible aoe. 7. Can be nice. 8. VERY SLOW double cc's compared to other classes and ruins your builds if you have to double cc often. Cyclone sweep daze/kd, have to be in stealth and takes away your focus regen skill from it. Bolt strike, have to be in stealth and it's slow. Swift step have to use decoy/ss/shuriken/shadowslip before it's available, wasting an iframe or party save or not speccing into ranged resist/focus regen. Sidewinder stun, ruins perma stealth. Time bomb daze/kd, ruins poison refresh and takes 7 seconds to go off. Shadow slash kd, ruins dark build poison stacks. Lightning rod stun, ruins dark build focus regen or lightning build damage/focus regen. Spinal tap stun, if you have to use it as a stun you can't use it to lower shadow drains c/d. Landmine kd/daze, ruins poison stacking for dark build. Sneak attack daze, requires stealth. Lotus kick stun, good if you don't need extra iframes. I really enjoy playing my assassin, but they really are not as great as the sin fan club believes. I imagine most of them just haven't played other classes extensively.
  6. How to obtain moonstones?

    Farm items you can and sell them to buy your moonstones.
  7. I decided to get about 400 ap on my destroyer and try it. I have ping between 190-400, so a good 1-3 second delay and was still able to do it. Took a couple tries. (kill him again in this one but he bugs out at 1 hp and enrages and then I die....)
  8. My other alts I'm comparing to are FM, BD, Summoner. All of which are very consistent with fm having a short burst sometimes. You can make your own meter or use one of the ones already out there and they're pretty accurate for the user. Some are off when seeing party members dps. It's also pretty simple to kill a monster and divide the time taken by it's hp.
  9. I'm making my comparisons with the exact same gear/soulshields/hm levels. The alts don't have any HM skills tho, where I had to get them on my sin and it still does less dps. I'm not discouraged, but disappointed from what I've heard and what I'm experiencing. I've got the rotations down too, it's just straight up less dps so far. I'm still going to gear it up and see where it actually gets better tho.
  10. [new player] Moonstones?

    I wouldn't say that is a good example, that's more of an example of gear carry. All you have to do during that phase is iframe the pull in, the push, block his charge then iframe again for the ice drop and get behind him. Easily done once you learn the mechanics. I did it on my destroyer while near 500 ap, might have even been below that still for the 1st kill, don't remember exactly what gear I had.
  11. Destroyer dps in dungeons

    Are there more ways to get willpower other than typhoon and using execute to extend it? The only thing I can think of when I read this is you're using t3s2 wrath, which you can't animation cancel with RMB, unless I'm doing something wrong, and using it after typhoon gets you to 200 focus, then using e/3 wrath, Execute/wrath, RMB spam, repeat. In my experience Execute is insanely unreliable in that it will sometimes just stop casting and not do all of it's hits even with 200 focus, otherwise I might use it more. I also seem to do about 2.5-3k less dps using that version of wrath even with it being able to be used a lot more because it's so slow.
  12. Melee Yeti Duo Sin/BD

    Someone is underperforming if that's the case. You only need a total of around 19k dps throughout the fight to beat his enrage timer. With proper play any 2 classes can pull that off with those ap amounts.
  13. Ghost in the Shell costume

    I got mine from the chest you make by combining the pieces.
  14. I'm only around 570 ap, 55ish crit, 212ish cd. Still tons of upgrades to do. My kill time on mushin varies from 30-45 seconds.
  15. 90% of pug fms are pretty bad and do horrible dps. What numbers are you pulling on Mushins solo dummy with each build? Both my friend and I are getting over a 2k increase with auto detonate hybrid over burn because of the extra meteors. (Didn't check his links to see if it's the same builds, we just tested everything ourselves.)
  16. Get in touch with someone using a dps meter or find one of the working ones and you'll see that auto detonate is quite a bit more dps when solo. Even with 2 fm using it the dps was higher than full burn.
  17. I know bracelets can, I thought I used to have a belt that had it, but I can't remember what it was or if it even was a belt since I was still only a week or so into the game. If someone could list which items can have threat and the highest amount of it for me it would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Zaiwei Ruins? Does it drop from anything? Blue? Purple?
  19. BD very squishy

    Spec your tab into parry, when a monster attacks hit tab and you'll take no damage. You can also make your z button into 5 resists/heal. Your V button can also be turned into a resist/heal.
  20. Nobody knows if belts or anything else can have threat?
  21. On any of my characters that can attack without a target 9 out of 10 times when I close a menu they start attacking automatically until I click the button again. It's really annoying since it puts me in combat or makes me hit things after I change skills, it also cancels my wind walking. Has anyone else had this issue and figured out how to stop it?
  22. I'm looking for a few more players to join my guild, right now it's not a big guild, we have 3 very active players and we all play together. We help each other with upgrades and we do pvp/pve. I need a few more people so we can do more 3/4/6 man content together. PM TJx or Caustic Suda in game. We play to have fun, if you're an angry person or get mad when you die or whatever this isn't for you.