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  1. instead of using the trash localization name thought up by your team use the original name please and thank you. If you're wondering what i'm talking about when you press F2 and look at the profile of someone who's using a legendary ele accs it has the original name but if you look in the ctrl I you'll see the horrible name they wanted implemented. [Removed image displaying a player name] maybe the other ones aren't originals either i'm sure i can find out.
  2. I guess it's safe to assume it was done just to spite us. It's obvious that the seraph skin looks better than the baleful why switch the leg stats i would've loved having the seraph sword with it's skill dmg modifier the sword looks so good that a skin isn't even necessary. But now i have to go baleful and skin it's ugly ass and i'm sure everyone who use any class other than the wls and lightning lbds who knows what the original stats were for each weapon is a little tilted about having to go baleful to avoid losing tons of dps. If it would've stayed the same only the w
  3. Why were the weapon cool down reduction and dmg modifiers switched on the baleful and seraph weapons i understand why all the effects minus the additional dmg from ap and skill resets were removed but switching the cd and modifier makes no sense........It's not like you can even make another leg weapon and skin your main leg weapon either if you wanted to.
  4. Rip no response. Which means localization is just better even if the translation is official in their mind. But naryu foundry really hells furnace sounds so much cooler and it makes sense you've seen the end boss area and not even going to mention the other cool names that were axed because i did already xD
  5. I see. I may not agree with it emotionally, but logically it makes sense thank you.
  6. to each there own i suppose. I just was just curious as to why they would change names so drastically or at all, it seems to just cause confusion if you're talking to people who've played the kr version and know the dungeon as hells furnace and you call it naryu foundry when asking questions about it or if you want to know certain things about your class but in the kr version the name is fissure but in na it's sundering sword then you have to go about describing the skills animation or key setting just seems unnecessary¯\_(ツ)_/¯. It also seems my best bet to ask why they change things for no r
  7. well i was thinking about the translation comparison between NA and a KR youtuber who put the dungeons he ran in english for instance shattered masts is called ships of silence, sogun lament is snow jade palace and the latest naryu foundry is called Blast furnace of hell. He did change yeti from cave of snowman to avalanche den though. But that's the only drastic name change i've seen which is why i'm wondering why the names are so vastly different.
  8. bloodshade harbor is supposed to be bloodshark harbor that's just one example
  9. Why are the dungeon names changed somewhat or completely every time we get a new one? Or the areas,weapons and shields for that matter? I'm just trying to understand the point of doing it.
  10. killed 3 magmas in a row no mites an hr later got magma no mites another 2hrs later 5th magma i get mites is there any chance you guys could change the mite daily to the mushrooms instead since they're consistent it took me 4.5hrs just do the mite daily :/
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