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  1. My dear do you work also? If so what are you doing here :)
  2. my dear i wasnt complaining i just felt a bitt of a let down still like i said for a free gift its not bad at least for my lyn...
  3. I log in and a few minutes baaam i get the disconected warning am i the only one? this never happened like this so quick...
  4. it looks cool in lyn ive tried it on mine i just dont like the wig there is a mucher cuter one but we have to pay it but i would like the originl one much better
  5. wasnt it better if it was like the original work from the winner of the contest? '-'
  6. well it would be super cool if it would change in every race like in the picture just my opinion though i was expecting it XD still not complaining mine is a lyn too
  7. well, actually im not complaining, its good that it will be free but... its kinda of a let down i mean its nothing like the work i saw on the contest jin,gon,lyn and yun there is no diference between them all the same design Y.Y i knew there would be changes on the outfit but still....
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