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  1. that part there (underlined) is the main issue - if you do not have a massive clan to take you on your first raid or have geared out in legendary where ppl will accept you based on stats then it is highly unlikely you will get to do the content. people are asking for top lvl AP (even though AP isn't everything it is what ppl demand) or about 2 hours after the dungeon is released ppl are demanding 10+ run achievement - someone who is casual (non-top tier AP) or doesn't run in a massive clan will be highly unlikely to find a party to do the content. think before you write
  2. good video - they only nerfed sin - i feel 10x loss aversion... there are no additional options available :(
  3. the stealth evasion nerf sucks though... haven't really tested it to see how much it affects things but that was one of the huge benefits... low def/hp melee char that had the stealth to compensate (this is pvp and pve).... cd increases suck. turning leaf was a stun now it is a half stun. after re-reading it it isn't sooooooo bad - but seriously, other than fixing existing issues we only got nerfs.
  4. what happened to the spacing in my title.... ass ass in!!!!!
  5. so... all changes to assassin were nerfs - everything became worse. NCSoft to assassin playerbase: *fat middle finger* go quit your class.
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