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  1. BD DPS

    Hello would like to know if anyone can offer some insights; Currently I'm playing BD on 250ms > (from the SEA region) I would like some insights on people who are playing with this ping and has a melee character and how much DPS are you guys doing if you are playing with this ping. SO HOW MUCH ARE YOUR BD's DOING: IF YOU HAVE THE SAME PING AND ALMOST SIMILAR GEAR OR IF YOU HAVE LOWER PING (HOW LOW?) AND ALMOST SIMILAR GEAR OR IF YOU HAVE LOWER PING, LOWER GEAR, BUT BETTER DPS Let me know, but i'm mostly interested with ppl's whose ping are as high as mine. With my current gear and ping : which is riftwalk stage 5, BT accessories (st3), 8sec Soul (awakened), DT neck, NF Belt, Primal badge, Pulse Mystic Badge ; Ping 250 - 280 (sometimes above 300) My fight with "Training Room: Longgui" - Opening DPS - nearly 100k Due to ping issue - drops to at least 67k But as fight pulls on it will come back up to 84k Ended fight with 85k (in 4 min) IRONICALLY! When I was 970AP (WITHOUT 8sec SOUL) I finished the same fight in 4 min with 74k DPS. (maybe 20sec difference)
  2. Yea it's impossible to play now when u got 20 crims and 20 ceru battling in SSP. one trying to trash the other, Not to mention TONS OF FM and CATS!
  3. Then obviously I need your RNG luck! >.<
  4. God everytime I see people opening more than 50 boxes for that Aquamarine, I feel more and more afraid to gamble..
  5. Abuse in reporting players as bots?

    Ok just my 1 cent. I have a slow loading computer, and I have an alt summoner, I say to my team " Please wait for me, I got slow loading" Because I know there are tons of summoner bots. and people leave all the time when I had Oathbreaker weapon, pre Awakened Oathbreaker. Then again, there were those who, were stuck FOREVER in a loading screen (???) how could you still be loading while we are like half way to Minou! and suddenly moving when we are done with Minou and loading AGAIN! And there were those, who were "fighting" poorly but never spoke on the chat. Like summoner has a skill on 2 that needs to be near enemies by 10m or below. but the first mini boss in Lair of Frozen Fang, was running every where but he was always in one place doing all kind of skills. (Not everyone has their ctrl+F turned on) So I called him out and he was still doing the same thing! OR dying non stop in first fail on heat phase in Yeti is pretty obvious you dont have DB. When people call you out, you can just say you don't have Naryu coin or smth. If you don't want people to mistake you for a bot, just say smth on the chat. Like if u know u got some sort of abnormally long loading (NOT gold website or telling people to go redeem some kind of membership or a non official ncsoft site) What about one time, some guy loads in on Heaven Mandate and didn't ever teleport to the lower chamber where the group is? He was IN! but even after the whole fight. he was still standing there, we waited, called out to him. Its not most players are delusional, but even slow loading has some kind of limit.... If you are leeching, you deserve it. And I doubt Ncsoft ban people just based on like a few people reporting...
  6. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    I have 2 alt, a Summoner and a FM I play them daily after finishing dailies on my Main! My summoner is now, 503 AP HM5 while my FM is still lvl 40 at 230++ My main is 596 AP. I make all MTS and STS from my Main. and pass them over to my alt. (TBH i'm very lucky that I joined the correct gathering and crafting guild fr my main!) any breakthrough weapon/acc that can be mailed are farmed by my Main. I like playing different class, and at the same time I need alot of mats for upgrading my main, so having more alts means lesser gold spent!
  7. The Game is friendly, the Community is not!

    If u mean soloed all the dungeons like lakeside cache, those green dungeons. Guess what, surprise! Other than my main my 2 other alt soloed it. A summoner lvl 50 and a FM now level 34. My Summoner was luckier in a sense, darkglimpse was on xserver so i get groupies! FM soloed darkglimpse and died a few times in that dungeon but still managed to run it in one go :> pretty exciting, i'd say. LOL! My main was here when this game was prowling with new players in every place possible! My alt was here when even SF was introduced, Jadestone village is still a ghost town. Unless u mean u soloed Blackram narrow, then well, kudos to you. that gunshot i received when I was level 19 FM in blackram narrow, never healed. Well we switched from a dead clan to a pretty active clan. While the rest of the clans on my server are either super elitist OR Super dead OR Country based (INdo only, PH only) OR unheard of. This one we joined was advertising through Faction and clan recruitment channel and since me and my friend were pretty much the only 2 person online in our initial clan that time EVERY SINGLE DAY! We just decided to up and go.
  8. The Game is friendly, the Community is not!

    The community is extremely unfriendly ! I totally agree, and I seen people who I know in real life personally who says: "LOOK AT ALL THESE 400s! Lets leave." and guess what, I pug Yeti and Necro, with my main or my alts, and with a full party of 400s made it, one run, no problem. I pug necro, because it is an easy dungeon, tbh, there's no hard part. and 2 person on every post is enough to solo a post. and people still 9999AP for 6 man... why? u trying to clean the dungeon of mobs??? or Kill the scorpion queen within 6 hit? One day my 450+ Summoner alt, was looking for party in Awakened Necro, (LFP random not Premade rooms) I was waiting a loooong ass time, some guy joined and he was the party leader, He immediately stopped the party search and selected TOE and some other low end dungeons and left. HOW EFFED UP?! AND TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE THIS ONE HECK OF A EYESORE IS IN THE SAME SERVER AS MINE! This is my thought, people get cocky, they think they need 99999AP to do every dungeon available. if they joined a 400s for yeti, they leave immediately.. why are u even pugging if u are picky? Enuf said, people in these community are quite trashy. Me and my friend couldn't do Asura, and its not like we didn't even try, like after joining 6 premade room with varying requirements, still fail! (and we tried 2 to 3 times each run drained 100 antidotes into nothing) We tried asking our clan for help, and the replies we got? "We done it once, you should already know how" Yasss we know how, we got mechanic, DOes mechanic kills boss within enrage time? GUess not -.- It's not like we dont ask when we need help, when we ask, either no one replies or people get cocky and call you a noob, like they were born "Jaesung" or smth.
  9. DPS UI in KR

    I heard some servers you can't see people's AP, why not NCSOFT makes it so that we can't see each other's AP but introduce this DPS meter. It'd be fun to watch people go crazy.
  10. DPS UI in KR

    Sounds great pls post your skill tree for me ??? I keep losing aggro to my FM friend and he's so pissed because he dies so quickly! xD My ping runs around 300+ whats yours?? I feel really sad I rolled this class TBH but i have spent so much time on it, I want to perfect it. To mention My AP is 40> then my FM friend. but once he put a certain boss on burn and start using his skills, he gets some aggro that is almost impossible to bring back..BECAUSE he will be running all over the place trying not to die and dps. While I go on a wild goose chase. =.= Yes that idea is even better! top 3 dps only. and doesn't show the lowest dps etc. Could lessen the meanies; boost the elistist's ego without them flaming anyone else.. Are you a FM? If you are i think 400 AP and that kind of crit could easily out damage that HM8.
  11. NCSoft Incentive WTF?

  12. WHAT ! 699 AP and can't get 2 boars?! i just had to quote this one, because in my server; Junghado.. for some reason people camp in SSP and i seen twice amount of that people u show in SSP.. and if u see it you'd never believe it because Terror Health drops quickly! It is also the reason i stop doing SSP with my Melee Main. My friend 460AP FM, Got 2 boars! No matter if there were more or less people, he always gets it! But what Provois says is right, you should show us Grindtooth.. Since OP said IS quite the hint that its GT..
  13. AP requirements

    It depends on the dungeons really, normally Yeti dungeons are good for 420+ atleast (?) with some decent crit i'd say. TBH, some 500s retard don't even want to get ice during ice phase causing 6 crux and atleast 2 wipes on the team. then, guess what? Not enough damage so byebye. It is more retarded when I'm the only one alive with 2 DB while everyone is splattered all over the ground. With that being said, YES I HAVE CLEARED YETI 1 TIME with a full team of 450+ average. While I sometimes tried multiple damn times with 500s High profile retards. who just keeps DPSing non stop during ice phase. (Then blames it on every one else why they are dead) Necro can easily be runned with 400 or lesser, i seen people who is 390 and has like nearly full Necro SS. Big deal. just need to work together and some iframes. BSH and BSC, if u see those 500. They are stupid retard -.- You only need 500+ AP if u want to solo that 2 dungeon. Naryu Lab, isn't hard. The last boss fight is really about the team being alive, because if u are dead you dont do dps and u cant kill the boss. if its some dungeon like Sogun Lament or Sundered Nexus. you'll definitely get berated. (enrage timer ftw)
  14. I didn't one hit all the monster while leveling my main, what? did u think I was playing on God Mode or Developer Mode? It's just I had more fun on my main, more people to grind with, I played BnS when it was the next hot thing. Jadestone village packed with people! blackrams killing bamboos Giganura? Dead, everytime it spawned Party finder infront of lakeside cache ? NO need just /s Party? and u go in with 6 people. It was fun back then, it was challenging, but fun it's challenging now and no fun almost like Dark Souls. Going to Golden Deva who have 200K life? no problem tons of people farming. Now? like a desert it is. I'm just saying, instead of dying ALONE in a dungeon. maybe we can have some people to die with and laugh about it... -.- how many times i thought while playing my FM that someone could come finish up this last 5 percent! But all is good though :-] I have 2 lvl 50s now. One i had fun with, the other.. Not so much. thats all i can say. Peace. :]
  15. Yea, you can either quickly get past the dungeon or solo it for nearly half an hour which happened on my alt FM running around trying not to die to a stupid boss which my main could have easily 1 hit the damn boss.. -.- its really no reason for newbies to solo such pointless dungeon its not like it drop awesome loots that they have to solo it. -.-