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  1. Something like this happened to me before, in the tainted lab story quest. Isn't there somebody waiting somewhere near the dungeon portal that should say something like "Oh, are you ready to go in now?". That's what solved my problem. Otherwise, this is probably a bug.
  2. Yeah. The problem isn't that people want to go through the dungeon fast, it's the fact that they trip mobs and don't kill them, leaving everybody that's in combat mode forever in combat mode. So when 2 people are lagging, left behind, or whatever, they have to kill all the mobs that are targeting them by themselves, which often leads to tripping more mobs, which keeps them in combat mode until essentially all mobs in the area are dead. Common courtesy, you know?
  3. Yeah... it's old news, and nothing that's possible to get rid of. At least sometimes I can find a party that do kill the mobs that they get targeted by. But it really gets under my skin when there are just morons in the party that ruin it for everybody.
  4. Step one: go in as level 45. Step two: run and jump over all the enemies, being sure to get targeted by at least one, but not fighting anything. Step three: complain when everybody doesn't catch up to you because they're stuck in combat mode. In a more serious note, I'm sick of people that are undergeared skipping over the dungeon and not killing the enemies that are trapping everybody in combat mode. I know that's how most of the people run these dungeons, and this isn't going to change anything, but man is it infuriating. The only way I have around this is getting my HM
  5. I feel like gold is slowly inflating in game, from the prices of rare gear going down to having to spend less NC coin in the currency exchange, and I'm wondering if this is going to be a major problem or how bad this might be to the in-game economy. I also wonder about the measures NCsoft will put in place to slow any damages before they become too severe.
  6. I'm sorry, but I would rather not have to gather 2,000 zen beans and grind the Awakened Necropolis/Mushin's Tower (both areas that you are obviously going to need soulstones to upgrade weapons and accessories to the point of being effective to even attempt) just to get a bag containing 25 soulstones. Buying frozen stingers wouldn't really make that much sense as that's an oddly specific item and that's not related to factions in the slightest. If we applied that logic to every rare item in the game, there would have to be an army of people just to sell you items through prestige points.
  7. I really don't think soulstones should be restricted to faction PvP and that alone, considering it is used in almost all late game PvE crafting. The misty woods and soulstone plains dailies aren't an excuse for this, as both require a faction outfit and the quests are done in a faction area, swarming with players of the other faction. I'm crimson legion in a server dominated by crimson, and even though the faction is in my favor, I don't find it fun, and I can only imagine how it must be for players in an underpopulated faction. What I would suggest is more daily quests, like the tomb of the e
  8. I hate this too. Considering I need 70 soulstones to upgrade my Razor to start the Siren path, I shouldn't have to deal with PvP and hongmoon level 6-10's attacks just to get 14 soulstones DAILY. I hate these quests as CRIMSON, and that should tell you something, because on Yunma, crimson is the dominant faction! I can only imagine how it must be for cerulean, and how they need to grind for hundreds of gold just to buy some precious soulstones to upgrade their weapons. They really need to add a PvE system to get soulstones, say, running the Brightstone ruins and getting 1-3 each run. Just some
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