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  1. Courage Soul Badge

    But to activate the effect you have to use Thunder Slash, not lightning strike
  2. Courage Soul Badge

    Hey. What ya think 'bout the new BD soul badge(violet)? I have no idea if it's better than Primal Force(green) that resets the cd of Flaming Scourge by 1s with every Lightning Flash... If u got one and you tested it out if it's gives more dps than green badge just share your impressions.
  3. Badges for light build BD

    Magnum is good badge when you're not at end game level coz it's not too hard to get it until you can farm these from tower, but force primal for flaming scourge cd reduction is a lot better. Magnum's good without 8msp set but of course it has full potential with these shields, it's only the burst but always something. Primal is doing a lot more constant dmg what is awesome, when i changed my badge for primal it gave me around 6-8k constant dps, but the only way to get it is to buy fury tokens from f5, 10g for each, for example I had to buy 80 of these coz i had 10 already, and I paid around 800g for it, coz my premium ended at this day :(. So it's must have but idk how your gear look and idk if u should buy it right now, but for first u need decent gear and then care about badges.