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  1. My guess is that the recent patch contained KR's boss values. And like I said, I was previously able to take her out during phase 2 before the 2nd poison. Now I'm not able to even with more damage. Just putting this out there so the team is aware, cause there's still some cosmetics to farm in there...

  2. Before this patch I was able to solo Ebondrake Lair Boss 1 with around 800k dps before getting 1shot by the 2nd poison. But now even when I do 1M dps, I can't do it anymore.

    Samisa currently has 184M HP. I also noticed the 2 SF mini's took a lot longer to kill.

  3. After all that’s happened, especially just before the 4th year anniversary, I hope you guys can take all our feedback into your meetings, sit down, and have a long serious discussion about some key issues that need to be addressed immediately:

    1. Actually play the game – Blade & Social does not cut it; veterans know if you play the game by simply looking at your gear, how organized your inventory is, and how well you execute mechanics.
    2. Understand and engage with the community – This is a serious issue that we have found to be seriously lacking. Not just community managers, anyone in the company is capable of keeping us in the loop. Talk to us and respond to us!
    3. Understand the state of the game – If you played the game, you would understand the game. Implement QoL changes! Fix bugs! Stop egregious monetization and stop nickel & diming your player base. If you keep your customers happy, even free to play players will kick you a few bucks.

    Humans are social beings; we understand each other best through communication. The recent chaos was caused by people who love the game very much see their cries of help being ignored and shoved aside. With the company continuing to release broken patches, unfavorable system changes, recycled events, and the upcoming PvPvE map, we feel the company has completely lost touch with its entire NA/EU player base throughout 2019. The hackers were making a statement, and the recent ban wave was exactly what they wanted, you played right into their hands!


    Alas, maybe the events that have transpired can be considered a blessing, and a reminder that perhaps the whole NCWest division needs to wake up! Here are my suggestions for what to do with feedback:

    1. STOP forwarding community feedback directly back to Korea (you are not the middleman)! Instead, take them into your meetings and discuss the issues amongst yourselves.
    2. Once you’ve identified the issue, come up with a solution that would seem fair to the community (understand the game, keep us in the loop)!
    3. Write up a report detailing the issue and the changes YOU wish to happen, THEN forward that to the Korean devs.

    Feedback should be though you, the company, and it should resonate with what the community wants! NCWest, you have in your hands a magnificent gem of a game, please don’t tarnish it. And please, we don’t want to see this continue through 2020 as well.

  4. I Just want to bring attention to the 3 raid buff items players receive from opening the Haunted Pumpkin Cache.


    Skull Candy, Snack O' Lantern, and the Coffin Drop


    The stats of these items are from when they were 1st introduced into the game; after some point, they were changed to higher values.

    Compare these to the 3 raid buffs (Elixirs) players receive from the Weekly Challenge Reward Chest and you'll be able to see the difference.

    The Elixirs have the updated higher values, while the Halloween ones retained the original lower values; therefore, making them kind of useless.

  5. People at NCWest who test this game do not play it because they are akin to developers. They are able to generate any item or spawn any enemy they want by typing in some code. There is no incentive for them to progress in any meaningful way unlike us players, who have been playing this game for years, have grown accustomed to certain standards, and how things should work. When they receive patches, they do not know the scale of some of the changes it can impact, unlike us. This is why they are constantly requesting feedback. Only players are able to provide that feedback because we essentially live within this game's mechanics.

  6. On 5/6/2018 at 3:14 PM, RyVerseLy said:

    I watched the first stream and got on April 28 an email that I won the costume and I received it immediately :o I just logged in to my NC Account and in the "Apply a Code" section in the BnS Tab was already the name of the costume and I just had to click on it to add it to my account :o

    I also got the costume the 1st time. Thing is, I got a 2nd email for winning the finals contest entry as well, but upon checking the apply code page, there was no code there.

  7. I entered for the contest twice and got 2 emails saying I had won. Once on April 27, and the 2nd time on May 2. There was a code to apply for the 1st email, but there was no code for the 2nd email and did not see it in my received items.

    Just to confirm, this is normal right? You can only get the costume once, no mater how many times you win?