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  1. Ugh can't wait for it. Don't really like to play as Lyn, i want Yun!
  2. @SilverFoxR thank you. I found out i could run easy dungeons for the weekly quest right after i suffered the whole way through the whale battleground :D
  3. I am a returning player and i was chocked they force us to do 6 weekly quests for a remnant either win a whale battlegrounds or pray for a carry on raids. Both are stressful... Jesus Christ.
  4. This was reported almost 1+ year ago. They didn't do a thing about it. So..
  5. ...depending on how much they spent into the game. I guess that's f2p and p2w goes for? That's the reason of this thread. I mean they are not fair to all customers prefer one over others.
  6. Wow, are you sure you see only this? Because picture says something more.
  7. All their resourses used to make you the best x-mas trove guys. Who needs decorations...
  8. Also stuttering after the last update.
  9. Kinda agree. BnS degradated way too much for the last year... Vanilla BnS for the win.
  10. Fantastic, because mine is still untradable.
  11. This is funny how they increased lvl 50 content up to lvl 55 with the same lvl 50 loot. Just why?
  12. - Can't see any LFP messages in cross-server and can't type in zone chat. - When i exit game a crash report appears every time.
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