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  1. Nice, thank you once again. Last question; what soul-shield set should I be going to? I'm on a Warlock, level 50 (HM 6). Rather poor. Currently using a set of 7x Scorpio, 2x Be Ido. In my inventory I see I saved up the following; - 4x Be Ido - 5x Yeti - 3x Twisted - 3x Asura I've no idea what I was going for in the past and what I should be going for now.
  2. The quick reply is appreciated. Could you enlighten me regarding the accessoires part? I should not salvage my current ones, but still get different ones from dungeons? Currently I have the following: - Awakened Siren Necklace. - Ivorymoon Bracelet. - Ivorymoon Earring. - Awakened Siren Ring. - Ivorymoon Belt.
  3. Hey there, I've stopped playing for over a year and recently came back. I have this weapon 'True Oathbreaker Razor - Stage 10' and remember that when I quit, I was able to upgrade this weapon. However, now apparently I'm unable to upgrade this weapon? What should I be doing? Thanks in advance!