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  1. I know this point has been brought up already, but come on, the Currency exchange is completely useless right now, 10 pages of 10 gold at a rate of 1:30 selling for 30 nccoin. I put up 7g for like 21 nccoin.. its no where to be seen...or its on page like 8 or 9, and its the same for anything else i put up... Now, how TF am i gonna sell the gold if no-one can see it? cant you guys make a npc that buys gold for hmcoin or something...because my gold will never sell this way. Seriously NC$oft, don't say "players control the rates" when you guys non stop keep putting in these "specials" that floor the rates as soon as they start to inch back up... It's common sense the rates will sink when you do this, a small child could figure it out. No point in selling gold anymore.
  2. Just Delete currency exchange already...

    I've been waiting at least 9 hours for my gold to sell, to the point where i have split it up into smaller portions
  3. Yeah, not only will the BT bosses HP be nerfed, but the mechanics will too...severely..to the point where it'll almost be puggable....as far as VT im not really sure, but all boss HP will be nerfed as well, and im sure some mechanics will be lessened to compensate for the loss of 12 players, dont expect that to be easy either tho
  4. So this is just it NC$$$oft? Come on, really? Who ever messed up yesterday, and has been messing up before, needs to have their position at "NCSoft" terminated immediately. You guys really *cricket*ed up yesterday. You mean to tell me, if i was on yesterday when the shop reset, and if i was a "lucky" little whale, i could've got my bracelet finally? This is insane. I farm Naryu Sanctum, ALL DAY, EVERYDAY, and SEE NOTHING, but there are people who probably haven't even ever run Naryu Sanctum, and they already have their bracelets? Wow, and this business model you guys put up inst supposed to be "pay2win." Don't dare tell me, i could've got it "freely" through f10, either, because not only would it cost ~2,300+ gold at 1:3.0 rates to get the bracelet, i would've had to put it up on the currency exchange, and be forced to wait probably HOURS with all the others, thinking they're about to finally get a "lucky" break, just for you guys to "fix" it. Thank God i didn't, because if i would have, and then got preoccupied while waiting, and didn't get a chance to log back in, i would've have been SCREWED. 2,300+ gold GONE. And you guys, you say nothing, no revert, no apology, no compensation, nothing. And those who got "lucky" (whales OF COURSE) get to remain that way, and i get to start my next session of daily Naryu Sanctum runs, already as bad as it is, to do ANYTHING now with the damn server lag. And this is not even to mention the 6v6 ascendance stones... Real Great, Fantastic, Amazing, Job you guys are doing.
  5. Future Trove

    Yeah..not saying particularly you, but what i said is true, cant tell you how many hm6-7's ive seen with 900-950+(or maxed gear) at the time of a trove, and dont tell me its an "alt", because they do still mess up mechanics in dungeons. I honestly went a bit off topic, but it'd be nice to see people earn and work hard for their gear instead of swiping for it. And i know you cant swipe for a legendary drop in a dungeon such as naryu sanctum, but you can swipe for the gold needed to completely outbid everyone else once you finally see it...im talking thousands of gold...not a few hundred. And as you said, you can swipe for mats. I dont like saying this game is "pay2win", but it sure is "pay2progress."
  6. Future Trove

    Oh my God yes...all these people wanna do is sit behind their computer and swipe their credit card. People need to actually play the game. i get called an undergeared "noob" somehow (925AP), but it's these same people that fail simple mechanics like standing far or close...
  7. f10 really? They don't care...

    Yeah its very irritating, they did what was right, but it couldve been done in a better way...some people lost thousands of gold to the currency exchange.. And yeah, they are going for 2000-4000g for sure, i recently just got mine for 2500g...
  8. f10 really? They don't care...

    What you're saying is unfortunately not as easy, as you claim. My last bracelet drop went for 2,000 gold. The one before that, went for around ~1,500 gold. I have already asked my clan, they either already have it, hate the dungeon, and dont plan on grinding it out any more, anytime soon, or the people that are willing to go, don't have the bracelet and are fed up with the grind, and are willing to bid thousands of gold if it drops, obviously in a pug i wont get it for cheap either, this, "free" you mention is a fantasy for players in my position, people are tired. Maybe you lucked out and got yours for under 1k gold, but for me, i havent, and when it drops, im seeing it go for 2k+ gold, and for others around me the same, so "spending 2.3k gold" is not as far fetched as you make it out to be... If that were the case, the hundreds, of "lucky" people, wouldnt have cashed/used currency exchange to do the same.
  9. Draken Bracelet Nerf

    Was the legendary bracelet chest drop in Naryu Sanctum nerfed? It seems this way, because, when the dungeon was released, i remember getting a drop on my 3rd run, then later, around the 7th or 8th, run, and another one around my 18th or 19th run, then i took a break from Naryu Sanctum to farm celestial basin for peaches, and the special triumverete chest event, for about a week or two, and now here i am a roughlt month later, where i got a bracelet drop on either my 63rd or 64th run, and i now have 100 clears, and havent seen one since...Also, within that week of the Sanctum release, i saw tons of other people getting the bracelet drop as well. I know rng can be rng, but i also remember other legendary accessories dropping quite often from Naryu Foundry/Desolate Tomb/Ebondrake Citadel within the week Naryu Sanctum was released before maintence after that. Now since then i havent seen any legendary drops from those dungeons either. Ofc you dont them dropping like candy, but it seems like the rates were dropped by a substantial amount.. Has anyone else had similar issues?
  10. Draken Bracelet Nerf

    Yeah i really agree this aswell, that is why im posting, what you said is what i experienced, i saw a legendary acc every 5-10 runs, when the dungeon to get them was released, than 1-2 weeks later, i started seeing them every 40-60 runs... And this doesnt make it right, but wouldnt it make more sense to nerf the drop rate since after 100 HM/200 NM runs you can get it guaranteed...
  11. Draken Bracelet Nerf

    I see, it may just be me being very unlucky. yeah, that is all i do now is NM, i do a few HM runs when people are willing, i have almost 40 clears in a row now, since the last time i saw a drop doing nothing but naryu sanctum for the past few days. and i understand since 'im' not seeing it drop does not necessarily mean the rates have been nerfed. I suggest they might've been, since others around me havent seen it drop either, but i remember when it was first released it dropped all time for everyone else, and me aswell...then exactly, "whales" were complaining about the drop rate being too high, so its possible, especially if a 'player' is suggestin the rates are too high, those are just the type of things ncsoft is looking for, to "fix"
  12. Game wont load

    Anyone else having problems getting game to load up? I load the game from the launcher, and the client kills its process, i load the game again from the launcher, except this time the client doesnt kill the process, and the loading splash icon appears, then it just sits there, and the process gets larger and larger (looking through the task manager) and nothing happens...game was loading just fine yesterday before maintenance. Im using the 32bit client btw
  13. Issues/Bugs: 1) When i use ctrl + f to hide characters, i see a lot more of their skills than before, and now they're in HIGHER quality even on graphics set to 1 for EVERYTHING. 2) f2 is NO LONGER AVAILABLE in the f8 dungeon lobby... 3) The Allocated HM points for def/attack, DONT SHOW UP when you view yours or anyone elses profile (in KR they DO!) 4) With Graphics set to 1, some of the mob/boss skills show up in MUCH HIGHER QUALITY than before. 5)Some Legendary Soul Shield Stats are not shown in f2.. (Broken...AGAIN) 6) In the new designed HM Store Details on things are NOT displayed. 7) There's probably A LOT MORE. Other: 1) In the stream we were promised 8 extra slots of inventory space, i see no way to obtain that (Unless i'm just blind) 2) Each day we are supposed to get 3 cloud tokens for 1 nccoin ONLY?... not for hmcoin???
  14. Female Gon Profiles

    How you get that outfit :O...Nice F Gon btw :)
  15. Yes, i see there are many post in the forums about 64-bit issues, mine being, after the launcher is finished loading, the launcher minimizes, and then nothing happens. Yes i see where it says "if 64-bit doesn't work, use 32-bit", and 32-bit works just fine, but my question is, will this be fixed or will it stay like this forever for the people who have problems loading the 64-bit version...? And yes my OS is 64-bit
  16. Just as the title states, why add it now, especially when the servers are still trash? Apparently the needed DPS for Black Tower is between 25k-30k. Yes, some players can do this..but probably 70%-85% of the player-base can't.. even if these players are geared, simply because the connection needed to do this amount of DPS needs to be insanely good, like 50 to 150ms MAX. I do 4man for every dungeon except foundry, and i'll join a party with everyone 700AP- 750AP+, other than me, and maybe one guy, MAYBE, will be doing 20k-25k DPS, while the other 2 are doing 13k-20k, WITH SB/Blue Buff/Restraint, and EVEN with boss buff's from like ken and gen or the lightning charges from Last boss in Tomb. This happens in about 90% of my parties. I ask these guys their ms, and the one guy doing the amount of DPS their class is supposed to do with this gear, has about 50-100ms, while the other 2 have 150-300ms. I am Soul Fighter sitting at 706AP, have 60% crit and soul stage 6, and i can hold about 13k-16k without SB/Blue Buff, and about 15k-18k with them, mainly because i get around 150-220ms due to the laggy servers. I've been in parties and get out DPS'ed by someone with 630AP... I ask them their ms, they tell me 60-100ms... My connection is NOT trash. I play other games and get about 60-90ms. So this means, that if i actually had 50-150ms, my connection in these other games would be 20-50ms... So Why are they adding something the MAJORITY of the players can't do, because the servers are trash. Right now it looks like i'll have to "farm" another 100-150AP to do Black Tower... Another thing...in KR BnS, they have this system, where depending on your Hm level, you get to choose a stat to upgrade (Attack Power is one, i dont rememer the other...), and at hm10, you get about 200AP....why are they not adding something like this with the feb 8th update...
  17. Why add Black Tower with laggy Servers?

    i tried long ago, there was a small to medium increase in connection speed..
  18. Why add Black Tower with laggy Servers?

    Yeah...i just said that you're gonna be doing that much DPS with Insanely fast connection speeds... And SF is not one of the Worst DPS classes...It's one of the worst to use with a connection speed of 150ms+ And this Stat of where 70% of people on server is laggy, ik its not factual probably to everyone in-game, but about 70% of my runs, the people doing low dps with High stats were laggy...and a lot of people complain about lag, so :L
  19. 64 Bit client = 30Gb+?

    So 64-Bit client is confirmed for the February 8th patch This might be a stupid question, but however my question is...will it be like a "hot-fix" basically or will we have to re-download the entire game? I've never played a game that has done something like this before, so i can't really guess what'll happen.
  20. 64 Bit client = 30Gb+?

    Ah okay, thanks, good to know, i was about to freak out Lol.
  21. "Return to Server" from crossserver dungeon

    Yeah, it makes absolutely no sense why this has'nt been implemented into the game yet
  22. Formosa....

    I think the outfit looks great, but as you said, there are issues concerning the leg's on female Gon (from what I've noticed, shading issues), And they are more noticeable the darker/tanner your character is. And as you also said, the default idle pose (on the left) doesn't make anything better until the transitioning poses kick in (the right, it is still noticeable, but not as bad as it was)
  23. New RNG box they need more money!

    Hmm, when it comes to this RNG box, this time they did it right imo. I think they did this, yes because they need money, but so people with cash(unfortunately) and those who are able to farm the gold(geared F2P) are able to upgrade their souls w/o wasting thousands of gold on it. Yes, the boxes are pay to win, but i have yet to cash on this game, and i opened up 20 boxes and got 5 oils, and an outfit,(2 oils and outfit from first 10 boxes, and a few days later 3 oils from 10 boxes) and for most, things have been similar, indicating the drop rate for the oils are pretty decent. I just saved my self 1500-1800g on oils, and had it not been for me spending ~400g on these boxes, i would've never even considered to upgrade it, but now i only have to get another 300-340g and ive gotten an almost whale item (stage 6 soul). Now once you get past 650AP, i think it's safe to assume that ~400g is almost nothing, especially to those F2P's who know how to maximize their daily gold input. Now the last RNG box, that was ridiculous...but these, they actually looked at the feed back from us, and were understanding, as they have been in the past. AND YES, i know it all depends on RNG, but the 2 most important items from the boxes were the oils, and +7AP amy's---and probably the SPTS...and i guess the outfit too?--- (and for the majority, they were able to get multiple of these items)
  24. Female gon needs fix?

    Yes i have the same problem with my Female Gon, for i have also made her thick, thicker than yours, and it is definitely more noticeable. The issue is, Female Gon's posses are poorly designed, this does not apply just to the character creator, this is permanently an issue once you're actually playing the character. Her hands slipping through her hips is not the only problem, i've also noticed that sometimes approximately 1/5 of her arm will be inside the side of her upper body on her normal idle pose. Another problem i've noticed is, if you make her with larger breasts than those presets, 2 things will happen: 1) Depending on the hair you choose (an example being the one with the bangs in the front, and the hair that comes off to the sides of the face on the front to the chest) the hair will phase/overlap into the breasts, and will completely ruin how they look (on any outfit)...Another issue ive noticed with certain hair types (cobalt widow wig) sometimes they will go through the characters back.. 2) Once again depending on the type of weapon an example again being gauntlets/bracers, do to her default pose, certain parts and extensions of the weapon will stick through her breast, causing them to look like they have just been stabbed But as far as your main problem being stated as her hands slipping through he hips, this becomes very annoying (imo) when you want to skin a weapon like (pumpkin gauntlets/braces) because half of the pumpkin head will sink into her hips and will partially show through her stomach at ALL times during her default idle position ( but of course not when it changes...it will then sink down into her mid thigh) Female Gon's pose, just needs to be completely reworked
  25. As the title states...You guys, "NC$oft" owe us so major compensation...this is ridiculous...if its not the servers lagging, or me getting disconnected in loading screens, it's this BS here!