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  1. Why does the bid price sometimes randomly jump to a ridiculous high amount? This guy got screwed over https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B521rHu_zo0BeWlDWEVGQ3Vpd1U
  2. Fix the Bidding System lmao

    You guys are probably right, cause after that the guy sat there for like 3min and then went offline, sounds like a ragequit to me xD
  3. 97mb Update

    I think there's something more than just optimization fixes or lower drop rates, when Soul Fighter came out it was roughly 100mb, including the class itself, weapons for the class (bracers), this unsealing charm event, new outfits that can be crafted, new outfits in Hongmoon Store, and other things i cant remember at this time. This "maintenance" was ~97mb, there's got to be something more, that of course NCSoft isn't telling us yet.
  4. The AP/Grinding Problem

    you're always gonna get people that say "create your own LFP, prob solved" knowing you only have ~400 AP, and knowing most are'nt going to join that, or "stop whining, that wont solve anything", such trolls right? Don't worry though, cause those are the same people that either cashed their way to the top, or no-lifed the game until they got where they wanted, and of course dont want you (us casuals) to have it any cheaper/easier than they did, and are angry you even asked. I agree, the upgrading system to get your AP up, can be a major turnoff, especially to people with not a lot of time to play, all i can say is make a high dps class such as FM/Summoner and gear it to atleast 425 ap, because even though thats not want everyone wants in their party, the dungeons are still do-able, and are more willing to do it with such classes as those, due to their dps. Don't worry about refarming dungeons over and over again either, thats way too time consuming, and not worth it when you have to bid x amount of gold for everything good you need, just focus on completing daily challenge, especially paired with this unsealing charm event, thats where i get most of my gold (through selling ofc), i get a daily profit of 20g-60g atleast, and thats only like 1hr-2hr of gameplay, also you have a chance of getting 1g-1kg (ive already got the 100g myself, and its not impossible to get the 1kg because ive seen multiple people in my clan and in faction show it off) Lastly, dont listen to this rotten community trying to insult you for wanting change for the better, these are the same dumb jackassess that told me b.s. like "you need atleast 500 AP to run through blackram supply chain successfully". These dungeons are sooo do-able with 400 ap (even yeti -ive done it with 400 ap myself mostly with a group of 400-450 AP), only exception is asura and sundered nexus im not sure about. Pay these trollish fools no attention, just keep searching through LFP, and eventually you'll find a party even with 400 AP, but are'nt idiots at the same time and know what they're doing.
  5. Might aswell buy the book and farm all that gold back + some, you could get 100g-30kg (statistically, ik extremely low) through daily challenge, and this event with the pouches in a month,wow, have gotten already 500g-600g doing only dailly challenge and opening pouches (through selling) alone, since the 22nd of june
  6. Blight bracers

    All i can say is, if you think blackram narrows weapon farming is annoying and irritating....wait till you get to dark glimpse/tainted lab/skittering tunnels/croak kings court/brightstone ruins/any other weapon farming dungeon....wow, especially something like skittering tunnels since barely anyone runs it or croak kings court, since the entire sapphire basin region is EMPTY/UNPOPULATED...save your "brilliant keys"
  7. Not only is this a horrible idea, it makes no sense...why would they make an ultra low drop rate item account bound/untradeable? Just as Brand X said, we'd never get it...also if you think about it NCSoft makes $$$ off of things like this just as you're title was supposedly about...p2w...but then again its still not pay to win b/c you your self could get it if you really needed it, this game is more pay to progress more quickly...especially with this dropping currency exchange rate...
  8. Yeah i agree, it's extremely frustrating, and i see people saying "well, just run in and solo before you go in cross server", and i agree, i guess thats a good idea, but who the hell wants to do that, i wouldnt have so much a problem with it if my comp would load quickly, but no, i have to deal with waiting on loading screens (20sec-2min), already paired with the probability of disconnecting me from the server(not my isp lag, but the game itself), and doing all this is not 1-2 times, its like 5 times... +1 if you count loading into the cross server lobby/getting to te actual dungeon in zawei or whatever..why "solo" and it take like 8-10min through loading screens, when i could just ask these people to wait 20sec-(possibly)2min, unlike this selfish scrub here, And, NO!, im not running a "commodore 64", its not the best computer for games like this, but its also not some low end crap $200 comp
  9. Yeah, i agree, its extremely frustrating...on all 3 of my chars so far (the most recent soul fighter - still haven't gotten the bracer) i have had to run it at least 15 times... They really need to improve on this system, at least make it to where you can skip through all that other stuff and just fight the last boss, it already doesn't help i get loading screen disconnects literally before the boss room. Yeah and i know exactly what you mean by those people that will continuously bid for something they cant use nor need... you'd think that if he/she thought they could "sell it" on the market, they'd look to check for the weapon first on the market...and find out that way, they aren't trade-able...

    Unfortunately, it's most likely they won't be coming anytime soon, until atleast next summer, since they just gave us 2 summers worth of outfits...

    Yeah...me being a lover of female gons...i hate it as well, you should atleast be able to take that thing off

    Lol...thats an actual summer outfit on the other servers like kr...but since certain people couldnt get it, they modded it
  13. Patch Notes

    Omg NCSoft is biased towards soul fighter! >:(
  14. Patch Notes

    Yeah...about the outfit...i couldve swore we were getting this one...ik this is from someones char creation...but this is also the exact outfit here in this vid thumbnail ...posted by NCSoft...and here...in a more detailed description of soul fighter http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/game/classes/soul-fighter/ on the BnS website.... Was really looking forward to this outfit, why would they troll us like this! D:
  15. Patch Notes

    So...that's it...? I feel like they are not releasing everything yet...i was expecting to see events...if we dont get an outfit for soul fighter...wow :v
  16. Free chararacter slot???

    So i see when warlock came out ncsoft gave everyone a free char slot, and i know i am late...very late (i know, this might sound like a stupid question), but are those still available or were they removed from the game? Because i cant find any info on it if they were....yes...im new to the game, been playing for about 1-2 weeks, so forgive me. Also, anyone have an idea, of how much longer it might take for soul fighter to come out? Thanks
  17. Free chararacter slot???

    Ah ok thanks :/