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  1. Feedback over the new patch

    XDDDDDD, did you just say I'll eventually get the gem through fragments?LOL, first off I want the outfit aswell, so that's now 650 fragments, I can either run 650 dungeons that specifically drop the coralite(like 12 or 15 a day)...LOL, or buy 650 coralite...LOL, or do mixture of both...LOL, yeah i'd like to see you get your gem and outfit through fragments... You'd be better off buying a different outfit using Hongmoon coins, and buying the gem through raw gold
  2. Average F2P player reaches 450+ AP now

    Lol, theres always that few group of people that try to argue games like this have no cash grab mechanics...the game isnt necessarily "pay2win", but instead pay2progress...don't most F2P games have some sort of revenue system lol? No1 just spends $100m-$200m on a game like this and expects to get back nothing ...you ask where they are? 1) currency exchange - yeah one of my guides just started this game about 1 and a half months ago, already has +600AP(and no she hasn't been sitting on 600AP)..Yeah there's no way you'really getting to +500AP that fast...unless you grind(and even then...you still won't get that high in a few weeks like she did)...which she isnt...and no she hasn't been getting extremely lucky either, such as 1kg drops from daily challenge ...she was literally gaining 50-100AP every 2 days 2) Old trove event (main reason currency exchange gold rate prices are so low)...many people cashed on that...got many ultra needed materials..upped all their gear. Now you got these people farming SSP everyday, getting richer and richer everyday, while the weak/undergeared poor get poorer You can just tell some of these people are hardcore cashers, therefore they are ahead...how can you tell? 1) legendary weapon/very high geared accessories = like 80kg in mats to get lol...very high AP aswell i guess...yesterday..saw some guy in lfp's, looking for 700AP+ only...dont tell me out of the probably 6 people that joined...not one cashed in 2) Many cosmetics(not just old...i mean recent) 3) use of premium - people say its so dumb and such a waste to get it...but i still see many user with them Not gonna say this is the case for everyone with high AP...but sometimes it obvious And the average casual isnt at 550AP+ lol...obviously you've played the game for a while...i get on everyday, do all the dailies i can...sell eveything i can/get lucky from past events such as merchant of wonders or that unsealing charm event...and im just now breaking 500AP (511AP)and I've been playing for 3/and a half+ months now...yeah i admit, SoulFighter is my main now...and i did make 2-3 alts(now alts)...but lol, i still got on those everyday aswell and tried to gear them...i was weak and poor, and once you get to your oathbreaker weapon...you are greeted with a pretty high grind wall...costed me around 600g-700g to get my SF to an extra 100AP, when I first broke 400AP, and now it's about to cost me 2kg-3kg to get another 40AP-50AP...Lol
  3. Oceanic weapon keep failure

    Yeah, "you dont HAVE to do it"...i understand...its just really hard not to when there are items in the shop you really want...ive waited so long for this swimsuit to come out...but its sooo out of my reach i guess....ive wasted 450g-500g aready on this event (160g transformed into hongmoon coins)..havent gotten a stage 6 yet...have gotten 5-6 stage 5's...they all were a "Failure"..i now have about 83 fragments....which sounds like a good thing, but b/c of real life i might not be able to get much more... This event is very cruel to those who are "unlucky" and "poor/low level"...the only reason im able to keep getting coralite is because im almost HM6 with 511 AP, along with other decent stats... Dont attempt this event and expect to get something quickly if your a low level/undergeared low level, because this event will deplete your resources and you wont be able to quickly gain them back
  4. Tidal Treasures = TRASH

    What kind of stupid event is this??? All i want is the *cricket* outfit...got to stage 5 three times...ALL FAILED, this has costed me ~450g....this is the same exact shit as that damn summer time gift box in the hongmoon store....and before you tell me "well just wait and you'll save..BLAH" or "dont buy them for 6-9g, duh...BLAH", well i cant wait because i have important rl things to do, and i bought them for 4.5-5g each, with a few being 6g...this is ridiculous....what kind of rng makes you fail on stage one...fkin trash event, gg NCSoft, when you could of made actual profit by putting it in the store, you took the idiot path and made it an rng event And if you're gonna say "its rng what do you expect"....im completely sure the many people that spent +$500 on that summer time gift box and got NOTHING...completely understand
  5. Tidal Treasures = TRASH

    Finally someone who understands...
  6. Tidal Treasures = TRASH

    Yeah well how else am i going to get the outft :/
  7. Tidal Treasures [Your Feedback]

    Yeah ill never get that lucky in a game like this...by the time it finally does happen this event will have came and gone about 5 or 6 times...
  8. Tidal Treasures [Your Feedback]

    Yeah...exactly what im thinking right about now after wasting my small(not really) fortune of 400g-450g...its not worth it...got to stage 5, 3 times thinking maybe ill get atleast 1 stage 6...nope. all i want is the damn outfit, extremely stupid NCSoft , who tf comes up with these events im hearing many others say its a gold sink...exactly what it is...ofc i want the other stuff....but i put cosmetics 100% before everything else sometimes...and this stupid event has ruined mei think i have 10-20g now, GG NCSOFT, i heard in other regions that had this same event and it was stage 5 you got the outfit, not stage 6 where your success rate goes from 50%-55% to like 10%...absoutely ridiculous...everything else under stage 6 is trash...maybe the oceanic nebula stone...thats it. I did indeed think about getting that summer party outfit....but my main is a nice and thick f.gon which i love....and that lazily designed/glitched/what ever the hell the problem is, outfit shrinks my gons legs and makes them look like pencil's...its not a pretty sight...i dont want it...not even for the coralite (cant buy it anyway now :D) Yeah, Asura ember...good luck, best you'll get from this RNG rigged event is stage 6 once out of 30 attempts in a row if your lucky I feel like the rates are: Stage1=70% success (what kind of game dev thinks failing at stage 1 is necessary) Stage2=65% success Stage3=60% success Stage4=50% success Stage5=45% success Stage6 and above = 25%-1% You want the actual gems or embers?...might aswell buy them from the market for their current price cause spending gold to get them with this event is like buying 1 frozen stinger for 302g....you're going to wind up heavily overpaying I understand its not supposed to be easy, but wtf is this shet event, who thought this would be "fair" -_-
  9. Your new event sucks, please fix the failure rates!

    Yeah i thought i was gonna buy that swimsuit until i realized it makrs the legs on my f.gon look like penciles, no point in buying glitched/lazily designed trash, thats gonna make my char look like a damn dining chair even for the 50 coralite....i couldve swore on the stream, they said there will be coralite you can buy from the store....guess not...right when you thought BnS was pay2win...good thing i guess right...
  10. Is Summer Grove outfit bugged?

    Yeah i was also going to make his topic....not only do i also max my f.gons thighs...i shorten the legs, make build size maxed and a couple of other things to make them extra larger...and now they look like default yun wtf....i thought this outfit was gonna be nice...wow wrong...even tho it comes with 50 standard coralite...im still not gonna get it...
  11. July 20 Changes

    As far from what i can tell...you need warrior tokens to upgrade your accessories after getting them to either awakened siren or true siren...you will need a lot(you'll need them for mats for the actual evolution and/or if you cant get the evolution accessories to drop from mushins tower floor 4-7, you'll need to buy them from a vendor for 200), so keep them, and the siren/pirate emblems you'll need to buy evolution accessories (both siren and pirate from each vendor) if they dont drop from the dungeons them selves which are blackram supply chain/E.Fleet/bloodshade harbor/nightshade harbor...those are the only uses ive encountered so far for them
  12. Ok, so im hearing from others, that a few hours ago, while i was afk, there was BnS TV stream, and in it were the mentions of new swimwear being added after the july 20th update, but you wont be able to buy it from the store...there will be an event tied to it and you'll have to farm it, kinda like the fated bond mushroom vipercap event...is this true or is someone just trolling me lol?. If its true thats very stupid because i specifically want to buy it...i dont want to wait like 2 and half to 3 weeks to get it like faded bond, school will be starting back, people will be going back to work, getting off vacation, etc, and wont have time. Yeah its a nice way to give it to free players, and im fine with that, but that wont make any sense for them to make a 1-2 month event knowing people have been demanding new swimwear, and ofc arent going to want to wait +3 weeks to obtain, there is no reason why it shouldnt be in the cash shop, atleast a reskinned/recolored version...afterall isnt that hurting NCSoft's pockets?...
  13. Link to livestream on july 15th

    Ah thanks so much, im on a phone right now so things are much more difficult to find lmao
  14. Link to livestream on july 15th

    Does anyone have a link to the live stream like 1-2days ago?
  15. Swimwear after july 20th update??

    Yeah i can see what you mean, im fine with pve aspect i guess...im just hoping it doesnt take like 40 weeks to get -_-
  16. Swimwear after july 20th update??

    Tomorrow ill have +50 on my SF, and i think i have 70-80 on my FM...hopefully ill be able to enjoy that outfit aswell, along with those gems :)
  17. Swimwear after july 20th update??

    Ah ok...you guys make it sound easy...knowing my luck...the weapons will break on stage 1
  18. Swimwear after july 20th update??

    Lol, wait till you see how we'll have to get them, you'll complain too :v
  19. Swimwear after july 20th update??

    I never trashed them...i was thinking you would need them for legendary up the line(not what we have now, but in future updates) i just made a SF ofc and now i dont have as many as it seems i should due to them being char locked on my FM And it looking easy...thats what they want you to think...there's no way, it looks to be the same price of those sparkling hexagonal gems....theres no way it will be a 1-3day thing D:
  20. Swimwear after july 20th update??

    WTF...why....and collecting feathers....that is in no way an easy thing 1) OFC they arent account bound 2) very little drop 3)you can only enter heavens mandate once a day 4)NO-ONE has ivory dragon scales, making almost impossible to do the dungeon 5) only way to get the feathers is from mandate 6) i dont want to wait, and dont tell me im impatient, because others dont to eithe 7) dont expect to be able to collect mass amounts of feathers from the event in a short period of time (1 week = short period) 8) Dont expect for you to already have enough feathers when it comes out 9) some other B.S. that will just make it more difficult and irritating Well just saw your post....im sure that white feather will be some b.s. rng drop that will only take 4 weeks to get with luck bestowed upon us from the gods '-'...thats even more irritating because thats the one i specifically want....
  21. Upcoming swimsuit!?!

    I really need that swimsuit for my Thick legged female Gon soul fighter....why have they not added them, they said "keep an eye out", whats that mean? D:
  22. Why is it that, out of 10 LFP's i'll do in 1 day, 2-4 of them have a summoner with stats/gear like this https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B521rHu_zo0BLVdMWkFsUzc0MnM Yeah...i thought they were bots too, but then they started talking, and complained that i even called them one...Just yesterday (linked picture) i joined a Awakened Necropolis lobby and that summoner was the party leader and i tried to leave but they had the auto LFP on, and when other people joined, i didn't leave because that party had pretty decently geared people in it. I went asking "1 are you a bot?",thinking they would respond, and others even commented and said the same thing..but ...then party leader responded and said "No"....i dont understand how these people are +HM9 with a profane weapon and dropped accessories....So what is this, some sort of special event for summoners...or what?
  23. Summoner undergeared event?...or what?...

    Yeah he was definitely one of the better undegeared summoners , but i have been in multiple lvl 50 purple dungeons where a summoner (mostly summoners for me) has had around 360 AP with those same gear drops, and were also +HM8, and yeah I could understand people having "alts" like those, but why are you trying to queue up for dungeons like yeti or cold storage knowing you're stats are majorly lacking.... and I know people say they are able to do "mechanics"...but below 400 AP in dungeons like those isn't helping the party
  24. Summoner undergeared event?...or what?...

    Ah ok, so they are basically bots, i was wondering because i run into so many of them lol
  25. Upcoming new 2016 swimsuits in Korea

    If F.Gon has any type of rear coverings like that gold cape on summer nights or that partially see through veil on summer beach, i'm not interested.