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  1. Loading screen delay/crash has been fixed?

    Wow really? Maybe you're just lucky, i used to not crash and Disconnect on loading screens as much as now, but ever since the update, specifically the event dungeon, multiple times I've crashed and had to re log about 4-5 times in a row just to get in.
  2. about xmas event

    December 7th, there will be an event dungeon, which gives items to purchase event rewards, also the merchant of wonders is coming back...also certain towns will be Christmas/Snow themed
  3. Right Now i'm getting called a leacher/troller/idiot...thanks NCSoft, fix your servers.... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B521rHu_zo0BMmItbEhxUkxXY1k/view Freaking hell man
  4. Well here it is...only if i would've learned quicker, it could've been me... Trick = Open all daily challenge boxes while doing Ebondrake Citadel/Pray to RNGesus/Get Lucky AF. It's always a summoner too...this dude basically got the ring too :v...that "lucky banana" PS: Proof of Existence many believe to be unreal
  5. You cant see the trick?!?!...oh :v here is link :) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B521rHu_zo0BTjhTeGEzeFczN0E/view
  6. Character deletion

    Yeah i understand you, cause ive made a couple of now un-fun useless level 50's (atleast imo...no i dont want to use them for extra gold/DC farming, etc...thats why they're getting deleted)...and i have to wait 22 hours+...but they do it for "security", i guess to give the acc owner some time secure their chars from deletion incase some angry acc theif decided to do such things. Id rather them require some randomly generated 8-10 digit pin thats linked to another email seperate from the email you used to create your account...that would instantly delete your chars...but hey acc theif's would ruin that system too wouldnt they :v
  7. Khanda Vihar

    Im not very sure if this is all it is, but from what ive seen, i think thats only a "24man dungeon"
  8. Hair Change Pass

    I dont know if this has been asked before, but why are there no hair change only passes in the hongmoon shop? i dont want to have to spend 1k nccoin for a character alteration ticket when all i want to do is change my hair style. It's kind of like real life; you would'nt pay $3,000 to get a haircut as you would for a boob job or lypo-suction or something...would you? :v
  9. Hair Change Pass

    It would only benefit NCSoft's pockets in the long run...but seriousy, this needs to be implemented :V
  10. Another nice outfit stuffed into a RNG Box again

    Yeah, these RNG boxes arent worth it, got 122 boxes, got absolute trash. you'd think buying 100 would be a guaranteed drop, but nope, i guess almost 6000 nccoin isn't enough, as usual NC$$$oft trying to squeeze as much juice out of you as possible, i would've rather brought the outfit for 5200 nccoin or something, but not this mess that requires you to spend +15k nccoin if you're an unlucky..duck. all that other stuff in the box other than the SPTS are useless, prices are constantly going down, so when you're selling it, you're only getting roughly 70% of what its worth - 5% (or 10%...don't remember) that goes to an NPC you'll never see or something. And speaking of percentages, apparently the outfit has a 5% drop rate, makes no sense, out of 122 boxes, why, not even ONE, would drop, "but hey that's RNG for you" as they say, i feel like they are purposefully multiplying the RNG percentages with the actual drop rates (there are only 4 purple items, so that's 25% x outfit 5% , resulting in an actual 1.2% percent drop rate). Probably gonna see some smart alec guy say something like "well its RNG!!! Duh!!!", saying some nonsense like i'd be if i angry brought 122 lottery tickets and didn't win the multi-million jackpot, as someone said something similar earlier, for one that doesn't make any sense at all, because the chance of getting the card with the "multi-million jackpot" is quite literally .0000000054%, and Two its not 1 out ~185,000,00 people, its a supposed 5 out of 100 for an outfit. If that guy doesn't appear, probably will see some dude saying "well they said there will be "other ways" of getting the outfit, don't be impatient, just wait", yeah i guess, but that's not coming anytime soon, why would i (anyone in the real world) wanna wait +6 months Lol...game might be dead by then, and tbh, that is very unfair to the people that got it, and had to spend themselves a hefty +15k nccoin when they're gonna make it a free event, or just put it in the shop for ~2100 nccoin, its not like the outfit deteriorated over time, but damn i guess my money did...these are malicious business practices, and NC$oft knows it.
  11. I know this has been brought up many times before, but for the goodness sake...whats wrong? anyone else having problems trying to upload profile pics? Because im constantly clicking it, and its not even telling me "failed" to upload or "profile pic registered", so is this due to lag? a glitch? or did they just lock it again for no reason...And if someone else comments and says its most likely lag, im sorry for this useless thread...if its a glitch/bug...idk, i logged out and re logged about 3 times, and im still getting the same problem? maybe it doesn't work in certain areas? but if its been locked by NCSoft, why the hell do they keep doing that??? Anyone else having problems with it?
  12. Broken/Laggy/Locked profile pic upload?

    Nope none of that :/ Yeah i think they locked it, what is the problem? i wish they would be more transparent with things like this, instead of patching it up, knowing this is a nice feature in the game, that almost everyone uses...they need to work on getting info to us more frequently..
  13. Profile photo doesn't work

    Yeah im having the same problems as well, why the hell is this feature always having the most problems
  14. I hate to be that guy, but im going to be that guy...i don't understand the point of making it unbalanced? It seems like a very cool idea, but it's completely ruined when you unbalance it. I really want to like to 6v6 mode, but when you're going up against a team full of summoners/assassins, and they all have +750AP, while im stuck with a team of, 2-3 450AP's, 3 500AP's and 1 600AP guy, who do you really think is going to win? Don't tell me "Git Gud" or "skills" or "gear up" even, because this requires literally no skill if you can just 1 hit everyone else on the battleground, and believe me, i have been, i've jumped right down from the spawn area to see them camping below and then get instantly stun/grabbed by a cat, and DPS'ed by an assassin. And gearing up is not as easy as some people make it sound, i know that in this patch they've basically reduced costs of upgrades by like 50%, but lets be real, that still can take a while to be "geared" enough to actually participate in the 6v6 mode and actually win. This event, yes the top 3-4 prizes are nice, and i know they aren't meant to be easy to obtain, but that's not the point, for people that are just hitting hongmoon 1 with like 400AP (at best if they're starting off new), thats not very fair...that's what also kills potential long time players, because they think "i can't do anything fun like Whirlwind Valley, until im geared as hell, and to become geared as hell, i must farm like hell",and you literally have to be at the top of the AP ceiling to be good and win for majority of the matches. And NO!, im not saying gearing up is "still toooo hard" after they just decreased weapon upgrade costs by such a large amount, and have given out oceanic nebula stone, im greatful of that, and i personally think it shouldn't be lowered any further, but my point is, i dont have time to gear up when this event ends in like 10 days, and i have 536AP. i barely get 1 hit in, then after that, i get 1 hit...i actually want to win as well, wouldn't you?. Lets be honest, who would happily want to play a game/event where they got rekt every time they played/participated? It makes absolutely no sense why it is unbalanced, and who's genius idea was it to make an event out of it??? Imagine me going with my 536AP and bullying level 16's in jadestone village with like 100AP on the opposite faction for "fun", would not i be disliked and called a scrub jackass?, because that's exactly what Whirlwind Valley is...what kind of pvp is unbalanced wtf... This is the very reason i never did, and im sure many others didnt do whirlwind valley,
  15. Whirlwind Valley is Broken af

    I really hope so, because this is B.S. :(
  16. Summer Dance is alright...Dive Team is pretty good...Still waiting on Summer Waves...but when we gonna get this summer time re-skin...that trimmed floral on the Female Gon version is very to my liking... P.S. : http://bns.plaync.com/promo/bns/160720_summervacation = Proof of my findings on the official BnS Kr website...
  17. New New New Swimsuits? (it's an obsession)

    So would i, we got absolute garbage for this last current rotation...id especially love that "doo doo brown recolor" w/o that floral crap on my f.gon for sure
  18. So i was completing some story quest along with dailies in twisted grimhorn wilds with a random party, and then while attacking a mob, this yellow tagged (Wont attack unless you do) monster spawned, everything happened so quickly and i wasn't really paying attention, so im not sure if this is its actual name: "Twisted GrimHorn Treasure Hunter", he looked like the other grimhorn mobs, but he was very pale, had a backpack on, and was running around extremely fast, also he had roughly ~442HP. I asked some people and they said they knew nothing about it, and 1 guy even "researched" online and found nothing about it, so im asking here on the forums cause i also heard there is a "gold treasure chest key" that drops from mob(s) and it unlocks something, im guessing very expensive and rare. Im guessing he's something similar to the rat that drops the pouches in BeastBog, Zaraxxi i think? Anyway, have any of you ever encountered it, killed it, or know what it is and what it drops? P.S. : i would've taken a picture of it, but he spawned when there were quite literally 10 mobs attacking me (witch doctors, poison dart mobs, slicers, and the 600k HP great fighters, i think they're called), and as soon as i died he disappeared.
  19. Found Him again, ofc while dead.
  20. Ah ok, yeah...that is a pretty trash "treasure hunter"...i get naryu silver for free....thought maybe it was a special mob, with good drops, guess not.
  21. Your favorite swimsuit?

    You forgot dive team, it looks hella good on my thick f.gon, but i like Summer time, summer wave, and dive team -f.gon
  22. Yeah the rng in this event is stupid...i was "farming' broke fragments, especially using the 15 standard coralite + 100 soulstones...and ofc im at like 140 fragments, with just enough coralite and gold to get 10 more for the outfit...and then all of a sudden one of the weapons wouldnt fail...i kept upgrading it and then BOOM...stage 6...yeah it sounds like a good thing...but i wasted all my hongmoon coins and other resources, and basically have 150 useless fragments (unless i want to get the outfit a second time, and there is no point in paying 30-50 fragments for a oceanic nebula stone because getting stage 4, atleast for me is easy)...because there is no way im saving up 500 fragments for the gem...its impossible for me at this point...yeah you might say, "well why didnt you just try upgrading to stage 7-8" well, i pretty sure it wouldve failed (i used 6 standard coralite in a row, without switching weapons - which have a higher chance at failing it seems), and i didnt have an extra 8g to get to stage 7...and was lagging bad so couldnt farm gold, also i didnt know when my connection would become more stable, and was impatient so i just went ahead and used the stage 6...the rng gods of course want to bless me with what i needed like 130 fragments ago...
  23. Average F2P player reaches 450+ AP now

    Lol, "end with you" I understand what you're saying about the event, but the events are gone now, thus they are providing no help to the current/previous playerbase before/after they were released, vipercap/nebula stone, ended almost 2 months ago now, this unsealing charm pouch event, just ended a few days ago, and we might not have something similar for a while now. So my point is still valid about eventually encountering a grindwall at a cerain point in the game And about you gaining 170AP, i was thinking that youve gained that 170AP after you hit 400AP+, and im like what the hell are you doing that im not, because i spent allsay completeing the daily challenge on 2 chars, doing all level 50 heroics on my main SF, and basically farming the merchant on all 3 of my chars through mandate/cold storage, depositing all my gained resources intp my SF main, and in what you're saying i should also be around what you have, but im like 40AP-60AP short. And what you said about the currency exchange, idk what you're talking about, i see people i know in the game all the time, buying nccoin > buying gold using the nccoin > buying expensive mats > doing it all over again. And there are 2 reasons the currency exchange rate is so low: 1) as ive heard from many sources, the Trove Event, everyone rushed to buy hongmoon coins to get the keys or what ever they were to open the chest, the exchange rate was like 30g-60g:1, and by the time the event ended, the rate was around 10g-20g:1 2) everyone is desperate to get stuff off the cash shop such as new costumes or those summer time rng boxes, so they sell for cheaper to get their stuff to sell quicker, which many others fall victim to, and the rate went from 15g:1 to now, 6g:1, yeah i hate that the rate is soo low, its ridiculous
  24. Average F2P player reaches 450+ AP now

    Oooohohoo 2 people...lol, imm sure there are more but the same thing can be said about the wallet warriors, lets no act like there are none, because if so this game would be dead and gone, you think them watching us play for free is funding them? Lol..its non sense its common sense, as i said most f2p games have a system that alows cashers to get by quicker than f2p players...its obvious through the currency exchange...lol tell me how my guildie gained about+100 AP(already at 500AP) in 2 days and shes only been playing a month an a half? Tell me how? Hardcore grind non stop for 48 hours? Idk man, she has all the new costumes and premium aswell, maybe its just me. And you talk about 4man'ing dungeons, which ones? 4man blackram narrows? Lets get real no1 is 4man'ing yeti or necro with someone with barely 450AP, you can barely find these dungeon in 6man with a 450AP+ requirement. And SSP? Lol, especially with this server merge? Already paired with the usual 30+ 600AP+ Players dps'ing the bosses, good luck, id like to see you reroll a destroyer or blade master with barely 450AP and try And i mentioned nothing about your farming habbits, i pointed out since you have 570AP+ you've had to be playing for a while, dont tell me you got a 170AP or more jump just from doing daily challenge only just for a month, thats b.s. if it were true id have all my barely 400's to atleast 460AP+ now, i was doing daily challenge on 2 chars and mandate/cold storage on another farming just merchant, and on my main doing all the lvl 50 heroic dungeons only to transfer all the resources to one main...just broke 500AP lol, please tell me what im doing wrong Im not understanding why when the argument over whether this game is pay2win/pay2progress or not, you people that disagree that it is, cant even point out th currency exchange or trove event. You're gonna tell me the currency exchange isnt pay2win? You are literally buying gold using nccoin, kinda like how the gold sellers spam chat about their OGQ or what ever it is b.s., because they know when someone illegally buys something from they make a real life profit, if they didnt, you think they'd spam chat like they do now? NCSoft is literally doing the same thing, its as simple as: Step 1: Player swipes credit card to buy nccoin Step 2: NCSoft profts Step 3: Player buys gold through currecy exchange to lessen the grind on their gear You're gonna tell me thats not pay2progress? Cause if its not, what the hell is??? You're probably thinking its small and not important, if it wasnt the system wouldnt be in game, think about it, for Like $5 you can get i think 50g-70g. Youre gonna tell me the people that "opened over 500 summer time giftoxes" had them all gifted to them or brought them using their "grinded" gold only? Thats like 20kg. You're gonna tell me that people that brought 300-500 giftboxes would never, not once think about using the currency exchange to up their gear? You think if they have the $$$, and want to spend it on boxes with the possibility of getting +6APgems are gonna skip over the fact they can get 500AP-700AP in a few weeks by exploiting the currency exchange? Thats dumb thinking (not calling you dumb). Sorry if it feels like im specifically targetting you, but so many people that "hardcore grinded" their gear seem to have this mindset, that just because you can do it, everyone else WILL do it. I just dont understand why its so hard to acknowledge the currency exchange and what its doing for people that use it for their benefit, both f2p players and cashers. I dont think the developers of this game all sat at round table and said "so this game will cost $100m-$200m to make, hmm, somewhere around max level, lets add a unskippable grindwall, lets not even add a way, where if players wanted to pay to get theough it, they could" Doesn't that sound like a very horrible buisness plan to you? Ofc through hours upon hours of grinding you can get through the grindwall, but dont get mad people want to post forum topic after forum topic titled "GG NCSoft, the game is dieing and its your fault" or "is it worth coming back?" with one of their main talking points is on the grindwall, ofc they arent asking the devs/gm's to "give them everything free", thats a stupid freaking idea, and f2p players dont even want that because it, well you guessed it!, KILL THE GAME. My Dear Lord, people keep coming up with these dumb statements that make anothers statements look dumb and idiotic just to get their stupid point across...not coming after you, cause you did none of these things near the end of my message, but so many others do, and its just...wow...
  25. If I could rule NCsoft...

    Finally someone with brains. I made a thread ealier on this shit rng event and all people could say was "you dont HAVE to do it" or "Lol you expect to get it easily" or "use fragments"...i bet the people that posted those replies either got what they wanted on their 1st-3rd try or arent even going to do the event at all...ofc they're acting like its "fair"