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  1. Hi, here is a server for EU openworld, cross-server dungeons, battleground 6v6, and arena chat. For finding groups. Join : https://discord.gg/PKDbKp9 or type PKDbKp9 in the "+" section on the left side of the discord screen.
  2. Yes, maybe have the 6V6 dailies and weeklies award keys ?
  3. so I have 60 000 Battle Points.. The problem is even if I do all purple dungeons, the amount of keys I get is non-existant. It would be better if the keys were more available. Either with alternative means of obtaining keys, or boosted chance of dropping keys in pve, or by removing the RNG to obtain them. Or perhaps envisage a removal of keys, and perhaps an increase in the Battle Points required to obtain chests. Let me know in the comments below which suggestion you think suits best, and if you have other suggestions !
  4. Clean up your PC ! Just did, and holy shit it was infested with dust. PC works better, more silent, and will have a healthier life. Cheers !
  5. You underestimate the power of social media. It all begins with one person. Then a massive flood that cannot be stopped. Heard of Arab Spring ? If they can pull off such great things, we as a community can pull this off easily.
  6. When I buy french fries, and have to pay for ketchup, while my neighbor gets the ketchup for free, I don't buy that ketchup. Like you said I can, but I won't. And someone with common sense won't ask me why I don't just buy that damn ketchup. I bought the french fries with no ketchup for a year now I'm fed up. No free ketchup no money for french fries maker. Does french fries maker give a *cricket* ? Hell no ! But he will start giving a *cricket* if other people do the same.
  7. A reminder to you all that ALL regions have free wardrobe. My inventory is full of outfits, buying further outfits is impossible. Stop buying outfits until NCWest realizes it's more profitable to hang out free wardrobe for everyone. Many people would like to buy outfits, but do not wish to buy premium, and thus cannot buy more outfits. Since NCWest has shown no signs of willing to treat the playerbase like ALL other regions treat them, let us fight for our rights by simply not purchasing more costumes. As for premium benefits regarding costumes : make premium users not
  8. hi digital would fit more in this case I think.
  9. f2p when : -No RNG box -No Trove -No F10 item bundles (CTRL+C not P2W because gold is farmed by players). P2w when : (interfere with in-game economy with production of mats and items out of thin air) -Trove Event -f10 RNG box -F10 mats bundles Conclusion : This game was p2w at only certain "event" times, and with the business decision NCWest took, adding f10 bundles pretty much every week, in addition to frequently releasing RNG boxes and Trove events, is going more and more towards a p2w game. P2w = Swipe for Mats/items that have not been farmed (f10 bundles, Trove, RNG boxes)
  10. Exploit when you do **** you don't lose points.. People exploiting it for high rank, anything done against them ?
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