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  1. Been getting this error for the past 2 days. I tried repairing the game,reinstalling it 2 times,and nothing. Still getting the same error. Can you guys help out somehow until support answers my ticket? -.-
  2. I have a KFM alt and I'd like to know the pros and cons of both Flame and Wind builds.
  3. Didn't think I would ever live to see the day someone would complain about WLs being OP. The air combos are annoying but WLs are very easy to kill once you get to them.
  4. I really hope it's a bug and not a permanent thing
  5. I have a bit of a problem.. When I try to buy ncoins I select my native country but instead of showing my country's regions it shows states from the US..how do I solve this?
  6. :( But I don't wanna make 10 rooms because of some idiot that keeps entering..
  7. Since the update I can't right click on players in the lobby..so how am I supposed to kick/view their profile?
  8. For how long do the outfits stay in F10? The update on the 12th of this month is coming and I was wondering wether the current outfits will be taken out. Will they stay for a while after the update too?
  9. (Strictly talking about the appearance of the razor) Compared to the other classes,the warlock doesn't use his razor at all. Why does a range class need a melee weapon? I think the warlocks should get a weapon that actually suits their class. For example,some chains. They use them all the time in a multitude of skills,so why not change their weapon's appearance to that?
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